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Rating: PG-13 (some hints of violence, also some romantic situations)

Author's Note: Takes place after A Parental Visit.

Summary: Well, I really don't want to give one at this time, because if I do I'll give away the entire story.

"Are you certain thereís nothing I can help you with?" CJ asked Toby who was packing a suitcase.

"No, Iíve got everything, I think." Toby said. "The flight leaves at nine tomorrow morning, so youíll take Meghan to daycare? Since she is feeling better." Meghan had been ill with a ear infection for the last two days, and was starting to get well.

"Yes, thatís a stupid question." CJ said.

"Yeah, I know it was, Iím sorry. I guess Iím just trying to keep from thinking."

"Youíre worried about your father?"

"Yes, why has he called David and I to see him? And why does he want us to go alone? He doesnít want you and Meghan, or Davidís wife Melanie to come."

"Youíll have to wait until you get to Jerusalem to find that out." CJ said.

"I know that. Still I wonder. You know I donít know how long Iíll be gone."

"Yes, I know."

"This is just to say that I donít know if Iíll be back for our anniversary." Toby said.

"Are you planning to give me my anniversary present now?"

"No, if Iím still in Israel, then Iíll tell you where it is."

"Oh, okay." CJ said in a disappointed tone.

"CJ, come here." Toby said.

"What?" CJ said. She sat down on the bed after Toby had moved the suitcase.

Toby sat down beside her. "Iím going to miss you and Meghan while Iím gone." He said as he took her hand.

"Weíre going to miss you too. I especially will miss you." CJ said and kissed him.

"You wouldnít be planning to show me how much youíre going to miss me." Toby laughed.

"Yeah, I was." CJ said as she kissed him again.


Toby looked at the clock when he woke up the next morning. It was five thirty. He turned and looked at CJ who was sleeping beside him. He got up, careful not to wake CJ, and went to check on Meghan. She had an ear infection earlier in the week, and was just starting to get better.

When he went into the nursery, Toby found that Meghan was awake. He walked over and picked his year and a half old daughter up.

"Hey angel. What are you doing awake. Is your ear hurting again?"



"Daddy." Meghan said. "Daddy go."

"Yeah, Daddy has to go today."


"Because my daddy wants to see me."

"Mommy go?"

"No, you and Mommy are staying here. Are you going to take care of Mommy while Iím gone?"


"Good, you want some breakfast Meghan?"



When CJ got up she found Toby sitting with Meghan in the living room.

"How long have you two been up?" She asked.

"About an hour." Toby answered. "She has already eaten."

"So, all I have to do is get her ready?"

"Iíll do that. It will be awhile before I get back." Toby said.

"Okay." CJ said and kissed the top of Meghanís head and then kissed Tobyís cheek.


An hour later CJ was ready to leave with Meghan.

"Give me your car keys." Toby said to her as she was getting ready to go out the door.

"Why?" CJ asked.

"Because youíre using the Lincoln while Iím gone."

"I am?"

"Yes, you are."

"I ask again, why?"

"Because I think the Lincoln is safer." Toby replied.

"You do? You think your Lincoln is safer than my Grand Cherokee?"

"Itís our Lincoln."

"Okay, fine."

"And yes, I think itís safer."

"But I like my vehicle."

"I know that. But Iíd feel better if you were driving the Lincoln."

"And you donít want to leave it in parking at the airport?"

"No, I donít. David said he would have his cab pick me up."

"Okay, then why do you want my car keys?"

"Okay, then you keep the car keys." Toby said.

"Oh, I planned to." CJ laughed.

"Okay." Toby said and walked away from her

"Hey," CJ said walking closer to him, "I love you."

Toby turned and put his arms around CJ. "I love you too. God, Iím going to miss you."

"Itís not like youíre going to be gone forever. Youíll be back soon." CJ said as she laid her head against his shoulder.

"Yeah, I know. Itís just it will probably be the longest weíve been apart."

"Yeah, thatís true."

"You should go. Youíre going to be late if you donít go."

"Yeah, I know. Promise me youíll call." CJ said softly.

"You know I will. Are you going to stay up that late?" Toby asked.

"You know I will." CJ replied.

"You should go now." Toby said and kissed her. "I love you, Claudia Jean. Take care of yourself and Meghan."

"Love you too."

"Youíre going to take care of Mommy, while Daddyís gone?" Toby asked Meghan as he picked her up.

"Yes." Meghan replied.

"And youíre going to be a good girl for Mommy?"


"Okay, I love you Meghan." Toby said as he handed Meghan to CJ.

"Call me when you get there." CJ said and kissed him.

"I will."


"Hey, CJ." Josh said.

"Good morning." CJ said. "How are you this morning?"

"Iím fine. How about you?"

"The plane hasnít even left Dulles yet and I miss him already."

"Oh, youíve got it bad. Donít you Claudia Jean?" Josh laughed.

"Youíve just now figured that out?" CJ said.

"No, Iíve known it for a long time. Josh said.



"So do you think weíll keep from killing each other while weíre there?" David Ziegler said as he sat down next to Toby in the first class section of the plane.

"Letís see, you want to get back to Melanie, and I want to get back to CJ and Meghan. So, Iíd say thereís a good chance we wonít kill each other." Toby said.

"Youíve got a point there." David said.

"I do?"


"And youíre admitting to that?"

"Yeah." David said.


"You know youíve changed a lot in the last few years." David said.

"I have?"

"Yeah, Iíd say a happy marriage and fatherhood agree with you."

"Itís obvious that youíre very much in love with CJ. And as for Meghan sheís the proverbial Daddyís girl."

"Yeah, I guess she is."

"She really is. Itís good to see you happy."


to be continued...


I Know Why The River Runs - 2



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