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"Okay," Leo said once the staff was seated in his office, "we have some intel on the terrorists. They seem to be a renegade cell of Hamas. We donít know what their demands are yet. CJ, the press knows that Toby is on the plane, so I would say itís safe to assume the terrorist also know. Iím sorry, CJ I wish there was some way we could have kept them from knowing."

"Thereís nothing you could have done. El-Al would have released the passenger list anyway." CJ said.

"Yeah, youíre probably right. How are you holding up? Do you want to go home?" Leo asked.

"Iíd rather stay here. I want to know whatís going on. And if Iím here, I donít have to find a way to explain things to Meghan." CJ said.

"Does she know Toby was coming home today?" Josh asked.

"Yeah." CJ replied, getting up as she started to feel nauseous. "Iíll be back in a minute." She said as she left the office.


When CJ came back to Leoís office she found Abbey waiting on her, in the outer office.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Abbey asked.

"Yeah." CJ said.

"How are you holding up?" Abbey asked.

"Iím doing as well as you can expect."

"I see. I saw you go to the ladies room. Actually I was in there when you went in. Itís not the first time youíve been sick this week."

"No, itís not." CJ replied.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Iím okay."

"Oh, I understand now, youíre pregnant." Abbey said.


"I know, you want to tell Toby first. So you donít have to confirm it to me. But the look on your face tells me Iím right. Oh, do you want Jed and I to keep Meghan until this is over? Afer all we are her godparents. I can tell your really in no shape to take care of her."

"Thanks I think I can barely take care of myself right now."

"No problem."


"You will be able to get through to the President?" The lead terrorist, who one of the others had addressed as Ahmed, asked.

"Yes, the President will take the call." Toby replied.

"You understand what you are to say?"

"Yes I do." Toby replied.

"You wonít try anything?"


"Then make the call." Ahmed directed.


"Leo." Margaret came into the office ten minutes after CJ came back. "The President wants to see the staff in his office. He wants CJ to come in first."

"Okay." CJ said and went into the Oval Office. "Mr. President."

"CJ, they are using Toby to transmit their demands. I just got off the phone with the Israeli PM. We are the next call. Do you want to stay in here?"

"Yes, sir." CJ said.

"Okay." Jed said as the rest of the staff came in.

Josh sat beside CJ on the couch and she explained to him what was going on. He really didnít think it was a good idea for her to be in there, but he kept that opinion to himself.

After a few minutes the phone rang. "Hello." Jed said. "Listen Iím going to put this on speaker if thatís okay? All right." He said and put the phone on speaker.

"Mr. President, I have a list of the demands. Iím going to read them." CJ heard Toby say. She blocked out the rest of what he was saying. She was just glad to hear his voice, and know that for right now, he was all right.

"Refueling in Tunis?" She heard Jed say.

"Yeah, if it is done they will release all of the passengers who are not Israeli or American."

"And for the release of the Americans and Israelis?" Jed asked.

"Release of 800 Palestinian prisoners currently held in Israeli jails." Toby replied.

"I see." Jed said. "Iíll be talking with the PM."

"Iíd imagine you would be sir." Toby replied.

"How are you?" Jed asked.


"Thank God." CJ said aloud.

"CJ..." Toby said as the phone was taken away from him.

"This concludes the conversation." Ahmed said into the phone. "Another call will be made when we are refueled in Tunis."

Jed quietly hung up the phone. He glanced over at CJ and saw that her eyes had filled with unshed tears.

CJ got up and started to walk toward the windows. She started to feel dizzy just as she got up. As she started to fall Josh caught her.

to be continued...


I Know Why The River Runs - 6



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