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CJ stood back for a moment, watching Abbey play with Meghan. She wondered how she could hide what was going on from her daughter. But, CJ, also knew that Meghan would find it strange if she didnít see her mommy today.

"Hi Abbey." CJ said. At the sound of CJís voice Meghan stood on Abbeyís lap and held her arms out to her mother.

"Hi, precious." CJ said picking Meghan up.

"Daddy?" Meghan asked as CJ sat down in the chair with her.

"Daddy didnít get to leave when he thought he would. Heíll be home soon." CJ said with a confidence she wasnít certain she really felt.

Meghan stood up in CJís lap and touched her finger to CJís earrings. "Ring." Meghan said.

"Earring." CJ corrected.

"Earwing." Meghan said touching the earring. "Daddy."

"Yes, Daddy bought Mommy the earrings." CJ replied. "She does this a lot." CJ explained to Abbey.

"I thought so." Abbey said.

"Birthday." Meghan said.

"Yes, Daddy bought the earrings for Mommyís birthday. Do you want Mommy to read you a story, sweetheart?"

"Yes." Meghan replied.

"Then go to your bag and bring Mommy back a book." CJ said and sat Meghan down to get a book.

"How are you?" Abbey asked.

"Scared, worried, tired. I didnít sleep well last night." CJ said as she watched Meghan get a book from the bag.

"No more dizzy spells?"

"No." CJ said as she picked Meghan up. "You want me to read that one?" She asked Meghan.

"Yes." Meghan replied.

"Okay." CJ said and opened the book to read it to Meghan.


Toby could have sworn he saw movement outside the plane. It had gotten dark about an hour before. So he knew that if anything was going to be done, now would be a good time to do it. He looked out again and saw the shadows move, and was certain something was about to happen.


Jed was looking out the window when the phone rang. He picked it up on the first ring. "Hello. Moshe, is it over? Good, good. How many casualties? I see. What about the terrorists? Okay, so I should expect another call soon? Good. Yeah, Iím glad it ended this way too. Goodbye."

"Mrs. Landingham." He shouted. "Inform the staff I want to see them in ten minutes."


CJ was reading another book to Meghan when Jed walked in.

"CJ." Jed said. "I need to talk to you."

"Okay." CJ said handing Meghan to Abbey.

"Why donít you walk back to the office with me?" Jed said.

"Yes sir. Whatís happened?" CJ asked.

"The hijacking is over. The Tunisians stormed the plane a little while ago. Tobyís okay." Jed explained

CJ stopped and grabbed ahold of the railing on the stairs they were walking down. "Heís okay?" She whispered.

"Yeah, heís fine." Jed said taking ahold of her arm. "Miraculously, no one on the plane was hurt."

"The terrorists?"

"They were arrested. I should tell you that Iím expecting a phone call in a few minutes. Although, I donít think Iím really the one heís going to want to talk to."


"Yeah, why donít you go to your office and Iíll have the call transferred to you as soon as Iím finished talking to him. I promise I wonít talk for long."



CJ walked into her office for the first time that day and turned on the light. "It's over and heís okay." She thought. "Oh, thank you God." She sat down in the chair and waited. Then the phone rang.

"Hello." She said.

"God, itís good to hear your voice." Toby said.

"Yours too." CJ said trying not to cry.

"I can hear the tears in your voice you know." He laughed.

"You can?"


"How are you?"

"Iím fine." Toby replied.

"Youíre not just telling me that?"

"No, Iím fine. You can see for yourself in about seven hours."


"Josh and the President know what time the plane lands. Iím going to try to get some sleep. Iíll talk to you more when Iím there."

"Okay, Toby?"

"Yeah, CJ"

"I love you."

"I love you too." Toby said.


CJ was pacing around the waiting room in the airport. She was trying to ignore the press that had gathered. Josh and the others had thought it might be better for her to wait at the White House, but she had overruled them. She *had* to see Toby the moment he got off the plane. It was only then that she knew she would really believe he was all right. She looked at her watch for what must have been the hundredth time. The plane should land in twenty minutes.


Toby looked out the window of the plane and could see the lights of Washington in the distance. It was over, in a few minutes he would be home.

"Theyíre good to see arenít they." Mrs. Rubenstein remarked.


"The lights."

"Yes they are."

"You said your mother was from Lublin what was her name?"

"Leah Rosenwitz."

"Leah Rosenwitz, I think I might have know her." Mrs. Rubenstein said.

"Really where?" Toby asked.

"We emigrated on the same boat."

"Small world."

"Yes it is."


Toby started looking for CJ the moment he stepped into the terminal. Finally he spotted her standing near the window. She hadnít seen him yet, but he saw Josh tap her shoulder and she turned around. CJ immediately started to walk towards him and when she reached Toby she threw her arms around him.

"Youíre really okay." CJ whispered against his shoulder.

"I told you I was." Toby said.

"Yeah, but I had to see you to believe it."

"Okay." Toby said holding on to CJ very tightly.


It was a couple of hours later, when CJ and Toby finally got home. Jed had wanted to talk to Toby for a few minutes. They had also been told that under no circumstances were they to come to work tomorrow. Toby carried Meghan, who was asleep, into the apartment. Then he sat beside CJ on the couch.

"Are you okay?" Toby asked.

"I am now that you are home." CJ replied. "I was so scared."

"So was I. Thinking about you and Meghan was what got me through it."

"I thought about you a lot too." CJ said.

"You did?" Toby asked.

"Yeah." CJ said and kissed his cheek.

"You know I havenít kissed you since I got home." Toby said.

"I think you should." CJ said.

"You do?" Toby said and kissed her.

"Yeah." CJ whispered after he kissed her.

"I love you, CJ." Toby said.

"I love you too." CJ whispered and then kissed him passionately.

to be continued...


I Know Why The River Runs - 9



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