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Author's Notes: I'm sorry that this one took so long
to get out. Unfortunately real life, in the form of
classes and a trip home interferred. There may be one
more story in this series, I haven't completely
decided yet.

Summary: CJ and Toby meet again. (Sequel to Sometimes
Love Just Ain't Enough)

Your eyes and my eyes haven't talked in quite a while
Seems like a lifetime since I walked beside your smile
There's a dark cloud that's hanging above
Memories never lie
Still we talk about the way that it was
And I think we both know the feeling hasn't died

He was trying to ignore that she was sitting across
the room from him. He had thought he would never see
her again, and perhaps it would have been better if he
had not seen her. At least then he would have been
able to pretend his love for her had died. Seeing her
again had only made it clear to him that he still
loved her. He knew then how much he missed her. They
had spoken for a few minutes earlier in the evening.
There had been such a bittersweet feeling to the
conversation. It was as if neither of them could say
what was really on their minds. He knew he was still
in love with her, but she wouldn't want to hear it.

Your touch and my touch haven't spoken for some time
You say we've both changed and your always on my mind
I can tell you that it's over and done but I would
only lose
Being close to the want that I want
So go on and ask me if I'm still in love with you

Every few minutes CJ would look up and notice he was
still standing there. Talking to him earlier had been
very strange. It seemed that so much had changed, yet
nothing had really changed at all. She had been
shocked when he had told her he missed her. The look
in his eyes as he said that had surprised her. It had
made her think again that Toby was in love with her.
She wanted so much for that to be true, but deep down
she knew it wasn't. She wouldn't lie about her
feelings if asked though.

There was no need for you to ask - please don't ask
You oughta know by now, ooo babe, I want you back

She was standing on the balcony with her back to him.
He knew he should say good bye to her, but he didn't
know if he could find the words. As he walked towards
her, he wanted to touch her like he would have a year
ago. He knew how she would have reacted then, she
would have turned to him saying that he shouldn't have
done that. But her eyes would have betrayed her, they
would have told him she was enjoying every second of
it. He didn't know what she would do if he touched
her now. In truth he
didn't want to know. He was certain she would flinch
away from him and he didn't even want to imagine what
he would see in her eyes. Still as he walked toward
her, his hand reached out as if under its own volition
and touched her.

She turned swiftly when she felt his on her back. She
knew it was Toby, there was not anyone else who had
ever touched her like that. She closed her eyes for a
moment. It felt so good to be this close to him again.
There was a slight smile on her face as she turned to
face him. "Yes?"

"I wanted to say good bye."

"You're leaving?"

"My flight leaves early tomorrow morning."


"It's been good seeing you again." Toby said.

"You too." CJ said quietly. She felt him turn to

When he reached the door, he stopped to look at her
again. He noticed she was clutching the banister
tighter than she had been a few minutes ago. He walked
back over to her. He stood next to her, leaning
against the banister. "Where did we go wrong?"


"No, I need to know. Where did I go wrong."

"You didn't I did."

"CJ, I..."

"No, let me finish. I should have told you the
truth." CJ said. "I was in love with you. I was
already a little in love with you when we got
together, and well it just grew."

"You were in love with me?" Toby asked incredulously.

"Yes, I still am. Not that it matters."

"CJ, I was in love with you too."

''You were?"

"Yes, I can't believe how stupid we've been."

"I know." CJ said softly. She covered his hand with

"I'm still in love with you."

"I'm still in love with you." CJ said.

"You think we can figure out a way to make this


Toby's arms gently encircled her. He looked deep into
her eyes for a moment before kissing her. Her arms
went around his neck in an attempt to get even closer
to him. "Stay with me tonight?" She whispered.


"Toby, please."

He shook his head, with his arm tightly around her
waist they left.

The end.