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Rating: PG

Summary: He wondered when he had become so used to her
presence in his life

Pairing: Hints of CJ/Toby

Author's Notes: This story is from Toby's POV, there
will likely be a second story written from CJ's POV
posted in the near future.

I've Grown Accustomed

He wondered when he had become so used to her
presence in his life. Maybe it happened slowly, or
maybe it happened almost as soon as she entered his
life. He wasn't certain which it was. All he knew was
he had grown accustomed to her presence.

Now, when he walked into the apartment, the first
thing he noticed was the smell of her perfume. It
inundated the air of the apartment. It was a soft,
musky sandalwood scent. It reminded him of her each
time he smelled it.

When he opened his closet door, he found her clothes
next to his. Her suits and blouses added color to his
mostly drab wardrobe. At first there had only been a
few of her clothes in the closet. Now if he opened
garment bags, he would find several of her ball gowns.
He especially liked the red ones. If he opened one of
the dresser drawers he would find the soft silks of
her nightgowns and pajamas. He was almost certain
that almost half of her clothing was now housed in his
closet. The closet floor had been taken over by her
shoes. He only had a few pairs of shoes. There were
only so many pairs of dress shoes that a man could
own. She, on the other hand, owned multiple pairs of
shoes. He was certain there were no shoes left in her
apartment, and teased her unmercifully about it.

If he turned the comforter down on his bed, he was
certain he would find at least one strand of her hair.
Actually, he would probably find several strands of
her hair. It was all over the apartment. He had
started to notice it clinging to his clothes. One day
Sam had pulled a piece of it off his shoulder, and
teased it about how there was no way it could have
been his hair.

The smell of her perfume was also strong on the bed.
It lingered, even when she hadn't slept there for a
few days. It permeated the sheets, and he found it to
be a comforting scent. A small reminder of her, when
she wasn't physically present in his bed.

The refrigerator was filled with foods she liked.
Yogurt, he had no idea why she liked it, but she did.
Now there were multiple containers of yogurt in his
refrigerator. None of them were plain, simple yogurt,
she liked the fruit flavors. Strawberry, raspberry,
blueberry, and he had quickly discovered her favorite
was strawberry-banana.

He wondered if he was taking her presence for
granted. If he believed she would always be there.
Perhaps that was true, he had almost forgotten what it
was like to wake up without her sleeping peacefully
beside him. This complacency caused him to wonder how
he would react when she was no longer there.

The End.