Author's note to this part: I used the card game Rook because I cannot play poker. It has been five years since I have played though, so I may have forgotten some of the rules.  Now for part 2

Summary of last part: Danny and C.J. breakup. He leaves Washington. It is two years after these events, and Danny is returning to D.C.

See part 1 for disclaimer

*****************Present Day*********************

It had been three weeks since the credential request had come across her desk. It was fairly routine for her to receive requests, but the name on this request had really thrown her. When he had left two years before, Danny had said that he would never be back at the White House during her tenure as Press Secretary.  Well, it looked as if he had been wrong. She wondered if it was his choice, or if his editor thought had ordered him to return. When he left, everything between them had been so raw. She hoped that he had been able to go on with his life, as she had. She guessed that she would find out today. C.J looked at her watch, and realized that she was late for the senior staff meeting.

Leo was talking about the trip to Texas which was scheduled in three days when she came into his office.

"Well, C.J since this is the first staff meeting that you have been TEN minutes late for, I guess I'll overlook it this time.

"Yes, Sir." She said as she sat down on the sofa beside Toby.

"Okay, back to the Texas trip. Toby you can fill C.J in on the earlier part of the meeting later. C.J you can tell the press that Hoynes will be making the trip. Also tell them that we leave at Andrews at approximately 4 a.m. A time which I know all in this room are very delighted about. If no one has anything else to add, that's it."

C.J and Toby went to his office to discuss the parts of the meeting she had missed.

"Ten minutes late, that's not like you. Josh or Sam I would believe it of, but not you. What's going on?"

"I think that you of all people know exactly what is troubling me."

"That is today isn't."

"Yes, I really hope that he has gone on with his life."

"The way you have."


**********One and a half years earlier**************

C.J looked at her calendar, and realized that it had been six months since Danny Concannon had left her life. It had taken a while but she had won back Leo's trust again, and she had the respect of the press corps back. But, she didn't feel as if she had a life. It was not like her life was all that different now, it was just that there was no one to really share it with. She had her friends among the White House staff, Josh, Sam, Donna, Toby, and even Leo. But it wasn't the same. The was no one in the pressroom who was asking questions so everyone else would understand what the hell came out of her mouth. There was no one to come by to see Gail. Every sad song she heard on the radio made her cry. That night she wasn't alone, though. The entire staff was on Air Force One returning from a state visit to Germany. It was late at night and everyone aboard the plane was asleep except for Josh, Toby, Sam, and C.J. They were playing the card game rook. It was Josh and Sam against C.J and Toby. Josh was dealing.

"I bid 100" said Sam.

"I pass" said Toby.

"Me too" said Josh.

"110" said C.J.

"115" said Sam.

"120" said C.J.

"Take it" said Sam. C.J picked up the cards in the middle of the table. She organized the cards and named red as the trump color.

"You know this is really better than playing poker with the President, but don't dare tell him I said that." Sam said

"You realize that we all have something to hold over Sam's head now. What are you going to give us not to tell the President about that very incriminating statement, Princeton." Toby replied with an evil grin.

"Okay, I quit, but at least we are not being quizzed about inane and useless trivia right now." Sam said.

"C.J., weren't you going to drop kick him into a fjord the next time we were in this part of the world." Josh said.

"Yeah, but since we are not really flying over Scandinavia I don't have the chance this time."

It was two hours later when Sam and Josh finally gave up on playing cards and decided to get some sleep.

"You've become just as much as an insomniac as I am." Toby remarked to C.J. They were walking over to the other side of the plane, so they wouldn't disturb the other as they talked.

"I am."

"Yeah. How are you doing?"

"Well, the tabloids have finally decided that I have a boring life. They are leaving me alone now. I feel like I am starting to get my life back. Listen, I want to thank you. You have been such a good friend throughout this entire ordeal."

"That's what friends are for. You would have done the same for any of us. Just don't let the part about me out. I have a reputation to maintain."

"Very funny. I promise that I won't tell anyone that you wear your heart on your sleeve."

**********************Present Day***********************

"C.J," Carol said as C.J walked back into her office after the staff meeting.

"Yeah, Carol."

Carol glanced towards C.J.'s office without saying a word.

"Is he in there?"

Carol nodded.

"Thanks" C.J said, while thinking 'I might as well get this over with.' She walked into her office.

"Hello, C.J." Danny said as she walked in.

"Hello, Danny."





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