*********************One Year Earlier*************

As winter turned to spring, C.J.ís mood began to improve. It had been nearly a year since Danny had left. It was time for her to move on with her life. It had certainly surprised her when Toby had asked her out to dinner. She was afraid to ask if it was just as friends. In fact, she was not really sure if she wanted to know the answer right now. They had decided to go to an Italian restaurant in Georgetown. She looked at the clock and realized that he was coming to pick her up in ten minutes. As she walked into the living room, she heard the doorbell ring. Well, he was early just, as she had expected.

"You were early, just as I thought you would be." She said to Toby as she opened the door.

"You did." He said with a small smile.

"Yeah, youíre always early to work, so I was certain you would be early for..."

"A date." He said quietly.

"Yeah" She said with a smile.

"Are you ready to go?"


"Okay" He said as he held the door for her.

********************Present Day***************************

"Do you have a minute?" C.J asked as she walked into Tobyís office.

"Yeah, whatís going on?"

"I just needed to talk."

"The briefing wasnít bad this morning."

"He was in my office when I came back from the staff meeting this morning."

"How did it go."

"Not as bad as I thought it would. He seemed the same as before. I guess heís no longer angry at me."

"Did you tell him..."

"That I have gone on with my life."

"Among other things."

"What other things would you be talking about?" C.J asked with a smile.

"Oh, maybe that you and I are dating."

"The way things ended between Danny and I, there is in my opinion no chance of him wanting me back. I didnít handle it well, and you know it. Hell, you were there. Anyway, you have nothing to worry about."

"Iím not worried."

"Yes, you are. I saw it in your eyes when I told you that he was coming back."

"How many times have I told you that I am not worried?"

"You are denying it too much. It obvious to me at least that you are worried because of Danny coming back. And, I believe that I have told you everytime we have this conversation, that you have nothing to worry about. Iím happy and I donít want any part of my life to change. Iíll talk to you later, okay."

"Okay" Toby said as he walked over to where she stood. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and kissed her cheek.

"I love you." C.J whispered before she went out the door.

After C.J left the office, Toby walked back to his chair and sat down. He sat staring out the window thinking. He knew that C.J was right when she said he was worried. He didnít know what Dannyís return would do to his relationship with C.J. It wasnít that he was unsure of how she felt. He knew that she loved him. It was the way her relationship with Danny had ended. He wondered if the circumstances had been different, if C.J and Danny would have still have been together. Well, there was only one way he could find out.


It was nearly seven oíclock when C.J was finally able to call a full lid and go home. It had been a very long day, and she was looking forward to going home and relaxing. As she walked through her door she wondered why she even bothered to keep her apartment. She spent most of her time away from the White House at Tobyís apartment. She changed and then left to go to Tobyís. It was a little after eight when she got there.

"Toby" she called as she came through the door.

"In the office."

"Okay, what are you working on."

"One of the speeches the President will give in Texas." Toby said as he saved the speech, and turned off his computer. "But Iíll work on it at the office."

"Why donít we order some Chinese."

"Okay , I guess you want the usual."

"Yeah." C.J says as she walks out of the room. After ordering the food, Toby joined her in the living room.

"You were right earlier, you know."


"In my office when you said that I was worried." He was standing near the bar that separated the living room from the dining room. C.J walked over to where he was.

"What exactly are you worried about?"

"The way your relationship with Danny ended."

"The tape on Hard Copy. Thatís what you think ended it, right?"


"It was the catalyst. It ended because we could not stick together through the hard times. Thatís the reason it ended. I do not want him back. And if he wants me back, then Iím afraid that he is too late. Iím in love with someone else. Itís not like it is a secret that we are together. Heíll find out soon. And hopefully, heíll be happy because I am happy."

Toby reached out and embraced her. "I love you." He whispered in her ear.

"I love you, too" She whispered as she put her arms around him.





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