" Why does he insist on leaving at this hour?" Toby remarked as he locked the door to his apartment.

"Probably to torture you." C.J replied with a smile.

"Very funny. It's two fifteen in the morning, how can you be in such a good mood."

"I'm a morning person. Are you driving or am I?"


"You're certain?"


"Okay." C.J said warily. She went to the driver's side of the car as Toby put the luggage in the trunk.

"What is that on the radio?" Toby asked after a couple of minutes.

"Music." C.J replied.

"Only by the broadest definition of the term."

"I remember asking you if you wanted to drive."


"You do realize that we have this conversation everytime I drive."

"Yes we do. When Sam and Josh wonder why I am in such a bad mood this morning, I'm going to blame you."

"You always do." C.J said with a laugh.

"Yes, you and your choice of 'music'."

"I think that Sam and Josh would agree with me that this is music."

"They would."

"Are you finished talking about my musical taste?"

"Don't you mean your lack of musical taste?" Toby glanced at C.J and smiled.

"Do I say anything about what you listen to while you are driving?"


"Don't you think it would be nice for you to return the favor."

"No, this is too fun to tease you over."

"Very funny."

"I thought so."

When they arrived at the White House, C.J and Toby were still talking about the music on the radio.

"Good morning, Toby." Josh said.

"What is so good about it."

"Okay someone is in an excellent mood today."

"You can think C.J for that."

"Trouble in paradise." Josh laughed.

"Why don't you ask her. She seems to think you will agree with her."


"Toby," Leo said as he passed by Toby and Josh, "you and Sam will be riding to Andrews with the President. Josh, you and C.J will be in the other limousine."



"So, C.J, what did you do to put Toby in such a rare mood this morning?" Josh asked as they were on the way to the airport.

"I assume that was asked with sarcasm."


"Well, I drove this morning, and we were 'arguing' about the music on the radio."

"What was the music?"

"I usually like to listen to Bryan Adams at this time of morning. The first song was 'Heaven'."

"You were in a car with Toby, listening to rock music."


"Do you know what I would have given to see the look on his face?"

"It was very funny."

"I bet it was."


"Good morning, C.J."

"Good morning, Mr. President."

"I assume that the press is in it's normal mood."

"Well, it's three o'clock in the morning, so I would assume that the press is not in that great of a mood."

"I noticed someone else is not in a good mood this morning."

"I assume that I am getting the blame for it."

"Yes, you are."

"What else is new."


"Josh agreed with me." C.J said as she sat down beside Toby on the plane.

"That only proves that he also has no musical taste."

"Okay, you're the only one here that has good taste in music."

"Yes, I'm right and you're wrong. I thought you already knew that." Toby looked over at C.J and smiled as he spoke.

"You're impossible. You know that, don't you?"

"It's part of my charm."

"Very funny," C.J said as she laid her head on his shoulder, "You know why I was listening to that music this morning?"

"To make me miserable."

"No, so I wouldn't do this." C.J said as she closed her eyes.

"Sleepy?" Toby whispered.


"Go to sleep, I'll wake you up before we land."





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