"Do you know how much I hate these fundraisers?" Toby asked as he walked into C.J.ís hotel suite.

"I believe that you have mentioned that several million times." C.J. Replied.

"How did things go with the press today."

"They complained that the van drivers were playing too much country music. Theyíre in Texas, what do they expect the drivers to be playing?"


"Your in a better humor than you were this morning."

"Yes, and I was even forced to spend the day with Hoynes."

"That must have been fun."

"Give me the President and his inane trivia any day. Itís much better than Hoynes and his stupid remarks. Weíre supposed to meet everyone else in the living room of the Presidentís suite in fifteen minutes, are you ready?"

"Yeah, I just have to get my wrap."

Toby picked up her wrap and placed it on her shoulders. He then put his arms around her. She laid her hands on top of his, and leaned against him.

"You look beautiful." He told her.

"Flattery will get you everywhere." She whispered.

"I know." Toby said as he kissed her.

"We should go." C.J said after a moment.


It was a warm night so the fundraiser was held outdoors. The press was kept in an area just a little bit away from the party. They could see what was going on but could not go to the party, unless they had $10,000 a person. Danny stood near the barriers watching the party. As he was watching he saw Toby and C.J walking towards a secluded area of the property. Since he had returned to Washington, he had heard rumors that they were dating. But no one seemed to know anything for sure. Or no one wanted to tell him.


"Donít you think we are far enough away from the party, Toby." C.J asked.

"I wanted to talk with you alone for a minute."

"Well, I think that we are alone now." She laughed.

"Okay." Toby said as they sat down on a bench. He turned till he was facing C.J., and took her hand.

"Do you know what tomorrow is?" He asked.

"Friday." She replied with a smile.

He glared at her.

"Iím immune to that look." She said as she brushed her hand against his cheek. He moved and kissed the palm of her hand.

"What look?"

"The one you were just giving me. Okay, tomorrow is Friday, June 14."


"Hold on, wasnít our first date on June 14, last year?" She said with a laugh.

"Yes, and I believe you knew that all along."

"I did."

He glared at her again.

"Youíre giving me that look again." She said.

"And you are not letting me say what I want to say."

"Okay what do you want to say?"

"I was thinking that, if there are no catastrophes, we could go back to that restaurant tomorrow night."

"Okay, that sounds good to me."

"Good." Toby said as he leaned over and kissed her.


From where he stood, Danny had seen the entire conversation between C.J and Toby. I guess that the rumors I heard were true he thought as he watched them walk hand-in-hand back to the party.

to be continued...





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