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Rating: PG (for now later parts may be PG-13)

Summary: This is a sequel to Changes. It takes place about a year after Changes ends.

Author's Note: The title for this story comes from the Bryan Adams song "Please Forgive Me". This song is the property of Bryan Adams and his record label. No copyright infringement is intended with it either.

It was a Saturday afternoon in January. The President was giving the State of the Union address the next week, so Toby was busy writing it. CJ was sitting on the floor in the living room with Meghan, who was trying her best to walk on her own. Meghan had already started to walk a little bit, but she wanted to hold onto to someoneís hand, actually just the index finger would do. CJ had been walking with Meghan all morning and had finally gotten her to sit down and play for a few minutes. Meghan toddled over to where CJ was sitting.

"I guess you want to try again." CJ smiled as she got up and begun to walk Meghan around the room again. CJ walked Meghan for several minutes until finally Meghan let go of CJís finger and walked through the hallway. CJ followed close behind her.

Toby was sitting, typing away at his computer with his back to the door, when Meghan walked in with CJ following close behind her. He didnít hear CJ and Meghan come into the room. He turned around when he heard Meghanís voice.

"How did you get in here?" He asked.

"She walked." CJ replied smiling.

"I thought you were going to tell me when she begun to walk on her own." Toby said as he picked Meghan up and sat her on his lap.

"It happened so quickly, there was no way you could have gotten in there. She let go of my hand, and proceeded to walk in here."

"She did?" Toby asked as he sat Meghan back down.


"She didnít stumble?" "A little, but I was right behind her."

"I wish I had seen it."

"You did, she walked in here."

"I didnít hear or see her come in though." As he was speaking, Meghan walked over to CJ. "She really is walking." Toby said softly.

"Yeah, she is." CJ said as she picked Meghan up.

Toby got up and went over to where CJ was standing. He kissed Meghan and then kissed CJ softly on the lips. "I really want to finish this today."

"I know. Weíll go so you can finish it." 


When CJ walked back into Tobyís office around midnight, he was still busily typing. Again, he had not even heard her come in. She smiled to herself about his intense concentration on what he was doing.

"How is it going?" CJ asked as she sat down on the desk.

"You startled me!"

"I did?"

"Yes, and itís going fine."

"Donít you think itís time to take a break." CJ said. "Iím fine."

"And that would be the reason your eyes are strained."

"CJ I have to polish this." Toby said.

"Polish, so youíve already written all of it?"

"Yes." Toby said turning his attention back to the computer.

"You could polish it in the morning."

Hearing the tone of her voice, Toby looked at her again. "What did you have in mind?" He asked.

"Iím not telling." CJ teased.


"But if you decide you want to know, Iíll be in the bedroom." CJ said and then got up and left the room.

Toby watched CJ leave the room. He turned and saved the document and then shut down the computer. He then followed CJ.


"Good morning Claudia Jean." Josh said cheerfully as he came into CJís office on Monday morning.

"Good morning Joshua. So did you have a nice weekend?" CJ replied.

"Yeah, did you?"

"Meghanís walking."


"Yeah," CJ replied. "She started walking on her own on Saturday. She was all over the apartment on Sunday."

"I bet she was."

CJ had still been reading through the papers on her desk as she was talking to Josh. She picked one of them up and was reading it. "Oh you have to be kidding me!" She exclaimed as she was reading it.

"What?" Josh asked.

"You remember Mary Marsh?"

"Yeah. Whatís she done now?"

"Well, sheís pushing for the Ten Commandments to be posted in public schools. ĎMeet the Pressí is interviewing her on Sunday. They want someone there to represent the administrationís viewpoint."

"Who, not me again?"

"No, not you. Toby."

"Youíre kidding?!"

"No. Iím not. My paperwork says Leo thinks itís a good idea."

"Wonder if anyone has told Toby?" Josh wondered aloud.

"I donít know. I donít hear any shouting yet." 


Toby was pacing in Leoís office. "Absolutely not." He said.

"Toby youíve been the front man on this. You are the best one to do it." Leo said.

"That doesnít matter. Iím not going to go on a TV program with Mary Marsh. You and the producers of ĎMeet the Pressí can forget it. Iím not going to do it!"

"CJ, Sam and Josh can help prepare you for it." Leo said calmly.

"No, they canít, because Iím *not* going to do it!"

CJ and Josh came into Leoís office for the morning staff meeting. "Looks likes he knows CJ." Josh remarked.

"What did everyone in the damn building, except for me, already know about this!" Toby exclaimed.

"Calm down. I only found out this morning." Josh said. "Josh was in my office when I was reading the paperwork on it." CJ explained. "It shocked me so Josh found out about it."

"How long have *you* known?" Toby asked CJ.

"I found out this morning when I read the paperwork on my desk this morning." CJ said.


"Yeah." CJ said.

"Okay," Leo said, interjecting into what he feared was quickly turning into a fight. "I think that Toby should do it, and the two of you and Sam will prepare him."

"What?!" Josh said.

"Yeah, I think thatís what we should do. Toby you are going to do it. All of you can work on it once the State of the Union is over with tomorrow."

"Iíll do it, but I donít have to be happy about it." Toby conceded.


"Is it safe to come in?" CJ asked as she knocked on Tobyís open door.

"For you, yes." He replied, getting up and ushering her into the office, he then closed the door.

"For me? Then I guess itís not safe for anyone else?"

"No, itís not. If I snapped at you earlier, I didnít really mean it."

"Itís okay." CJ laughed. "But I think Leo thought we were going to get into a fight in his office."

"Which would have been funny..."

"Considering that we never fight." CJ finished Tobyís thought.

"Exactly. Why is it everyone thinks we fight?" Toby said.

" They know both of our temperaments, and find it hard to believe that somehow we hold our tempers with each other."

"How exactly is it that we do that? I know that you infuriate me sometimes." Toby said.

"I donít know. For the record, you infuriate me too."

"Really?" Toby said and then kissed her.

"Okay," CJ said a minute later. "The reason I came in here was that I ordered a sandwich for lunch. Itís too large for me. So I was wondering if you would share it with me?"

"Yeah, I assume itís in your office." Toby said as he took CJís hand and pulled her up from the couch. They walked hand-in-hand to CJís office.

to be continued...


Please Forgive Me - 2



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