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Toby turned and kissed CJís forehead as she moved her head against his shoulder.

"I fell asleep didnít I?" CJ whispered.

"Yeah, you fell asleep." Toby replied.

"How long?"

"Hour and a half."

"Iím sorry I fell asleep."

"Itís okay. It was nice to hold you again." Toby said.

"Maybe that was the reason I could sleep again,"

"You havenít been sleeping well either?"

"No, hold on a minute either?

"I wasnít sleeping well. It surprises me that you werenít sleeping too. Everytime I looked in on you, you were asleep."

"Everytime I looked in on you, you were asleep." CJ said. "It kinda made me a little mad that you could sleep and I couldnít." CJ laughed.

"We are fine now, arenít we?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, weíre fine." CJ replied.



"Iíve missed you." Toby said.

"Iíve missed you too." CJ replied.

"You think we should do something about that?" Toby asked.

"Yes, I do." CJ said sighing as she felt his arms go around her and pull her closer to him.

"So, do I." Toby said. Then he began to kiss her passionately. She kissed him back just as passionately.

As they were kissing, Toby pulled her up from the couch. Still kissing her, he led her towards the bedroom. "I canít seem to get enough of kissing you." Toby said between kisses.

"Do you hear me complaining?" CJ laughed and kissed him.


CJ stirred a little bit in Tobyís arms. She glanced at him and saw that he was still awake. She laid her head against his chest and smiled to herself when she felt him rest his chin on her head.

"How long have you had this planned?" Toby asked.

"Since yesterday." CJ replied.

"Was last night part of your plan?"

"When you kissed me?"


"No, that was a spontaneous decision." CJ said and lifted her head up to look at him. "I love you."

"I love you too." Toby said and drew her back down against him. "Go to sleep. I promise you, youíll be in my arms when you wake up."


It was late Saturday afternoon when CJ and Toby arrived at the residence to pick up Meghan.

"I guess things are back to normal with you." Abbey said when they walked in holding hands.

"Yeah." Toby said. "I hope Meghan wasnít any trouble?"

"No, she wasnít Toby. Sheís such a sweet baby. Sheís no problem at all." Abbey said.

When Meghan saw her parents come into the room she ran to them. Or rather she tried. Although she had mastered walking, she had not totally mastered running yet. She stumbled and fell before she got to CJ and Toby. Toby picked her up. "I think she missed us." He said to CJ.

"I think so too." CJ laughed. They sat down on the couch and Abbey sat down in the chair

"Do you want to show Mommy and Daddy what you did this weekend?" Abbey asked Meghan. "Sit her down on the floor, Toby." Abbey said.

Toby sat Meghan down and she immediately went for Abbeyís shoes. Meghan sat down in front of them and put her feet in the shoes, which were high heeled. Meghanís foot fit inside the flat portion of the shoe. "Sheís not going to walk in those is she?" Toby asked.

Just then as if to answer her fatherís question, Meghan stood up and started to walk towards him still wearing Abbeyís shoes.

"Sheís going to get into my shoes now isnít she?" CJ asked.

"Donít let it surprise you if she does." Abbey laughed.

"I wonít." CJ said.

"We should be going." Toby said. "Iíll get Meghanís stuff."

After Toby had left the room, Abbey turned to CJ and said. "I take it everything is fine between you two now?"

"Better than fine."

"Really?" Abbey said.

"Letís just say the making up was almost worth the fight." CJ said as she picked Meghan up.

"They usually are CJ." Abbey laughed.

CJ just smiled at Abbey as she and Meghan left. Toby was standing out in the hallway. "I heard what you said to Mrs. Bartlet." He said.

"You did?"

"Yeah, the making up was almost worth the fight."

"But I wouldnít want to go through a fight like that again to get to the making up." CJ said.

"Neither would I, CJ." Toby said lightly brushing her lips with his. "Neither would I."

The end.



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