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"Whatta ya think?" the woman asked, putting her hands on her hips and biting her lip.

"Yep, looks good on ya Nora," the man said, not looking up at her.

"You are such a male!" Eleanora Renee Bartlet stamped her foot and yelled, "Damn it Wilson McGarry! We may have just gotten married but you could at least act as if we're happy."

Getting up from the chair and walking to her, Wilson grabbed her waist and told her, "Woman, I am happy. I just don't understand why I had to come with you to buy a stupid dress when all I want is you out of that dress, right here, right now."

"Sorry there baby, no can do. It's my mother's birthday tonight and I wanna look good." Spinning in his embrace, Nora smoothed out the imaginary wrinkles and sighed, leaning into her husband. "What do you think our fathers are going to say?"

"Not much, I hope."


"So, who's all coming again?" Jed asked his wife.

"Your daughters, Leo and Jenny, their kids, your staff..." Abbey paused and smiled. "You really want me to go through the list again?"

"No, it's just you look all sexy when your in your business mode."


A knock interuppted them and Zoe walked in with Charlie in tow. "Did I hear right? Nora's coming?"

Grumbling something inaudible, her father nodded.

"Great! Charlie, you're going to love my eldest sister! She's so cool and fun and..."

"God help me, Zoe, if you say 'and' one more time," Toby called out, coming into the Oval Office.

"Toby, is that anyway to speak to my daughter?" His boss chided.

"No, I'm sorry sir. And I'm sorry Zoe."

"It's 'kay Toby." She grinned. "Charlie and I are going to lunch."

"Have fun!" Abbey called. Turning to Toby, she grinned. "Now Toby..."

Groaning, he waved at her. "Yes ma'am, I am coming to the party tonight. And don't worry, I do have a date. Kind of."

"What do you mean, 'kind of'?" Bartlet asked, raising an eyebrow.

"My sister is in town and I promised her that I'd take her out. When she heard that Nora was in town and that she'd finally be able to meet the President, she begged me to take her." Pulling on his tie, Toby coughed. "Can I go now? All I wanted to do was give you this." He handed the President a packet and left quickly.


C.J. Cregg hung up the phone and put her head in her hands. Shaking a little, she tried to control the laughter that was bubbling up in her.

"C.J., you okay?" Carol, her assistant, called, walking in.

"Yeah, but it seems that Thom can't make it to the party tonight," she said between hiccups.

"And that's funny why?"

"I didn't want to go with him anyway."

"You're weird C.J. I mean that in a good way though," Carol said quickly.


Fidgeting, her assistant made a noise and told her, "You could ask Danny..."

"Nope. I will not. I'm so over him, as my niece nicely pointed out. Anyway, I thought of not even going. I know the President will kill me tomorrow, but I'm..."

"And not to mention that I'll have someone hunt you down," Abbey said, coming into her office. "Hello Carol."

"Mrs. Bartlet. I'll be outside," Carol told them, closing the door behind her.

"You have to come anyway and make my party seem all nice for the Press tomorrow," Abbey pointed out.

Snapping her fingers, C.J. nodded. "Forgot about 'em for a moment there."

"You will come tonight Claudia and you will have fun, whether you want to or not. If you need a date, just ask Sam or Josh to escort you. I'm sure they're free."

"Nope. Sam's with Mallory and Josh is with Donna. Maybe I'll ask Toby."

"Sorry dear. He already has a date." Opening the door, Abbey gave her one last smile. "I'm sure you'll find someone. See you tonight at eight."

"Yeah, eight," C.J. echoed, a hollow feeling creeping up inside her.






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