Mae sat across from her brother, a smile threatening to come out. "So, whatta ya want?"

"Well, I want you to stop running up my phone bill calling Quinn," Toby mumbled. "But, how would you like to double date."

"Double date? With you and C.J.?" Mae asked. "I should've seen this coming. Of course I will!"

"Good, I want to meet this guy."

"And I told Quinn about this."

Confused, Toby asked, "About what?"

"Your overprotectivness. I think it's cute and so does C.J. But Toby dear, not everyday."


Swinging her legs, Nora glanced around the room and at the pictures that adorned the walls. Swallowing slightly, she gasped slightly as the door opened.

"Mrs. McGarry."

"Doctor Russell." She returned the smile. "I'm ready. Just...tell me."

Hesitant, the she shook her head softly. "I do have to say that I'm sorry to say this. You're not pregnant dear. Now, I'm not sure what you were hoping for. But I am sorry."

Nodding, Nora fought the tears that were about to fall. "Thank you."

"Eleanora, just keep trying."

"We...will," she choked out.

As she walked out of the office, Nora started to shake. When she first thought that she was pregnant, dread had filled her. It wasn't something she thought she was ready for. And now, now that she found out she wasn't...

Grabbing her cell phone, she dialed Wilson's number with shaky fingers. At the busy signal, she pressed end and thought for a moment. Dialing a new number. Sighing when that person picked up, Nora asked, "Mama, can I come over?"


Fingering the pillows edge, Nora glanced up at the little group that had joined her and her mother in the Residence. Jain was there, yelling into her cell phone that she was busy. Zoe was nibbling her lip, sitting next to her. And C.J. had just walked in, finished with her final press briefing for the day.

"You're not pregnant?" Zoe finally asked. "Oh Nora..."

"Hey, I'm fine about it. Really." She smiled at the women. "You all really shouldn't have come up here just for me."

"What else is there for us to do?" Jain asked, sitting on the floor, her back resting on the couch. "We all lead boring lives."

"Oh yeah, real boring," Eleanora said, rolling her eyes.

Shrugging, Zoe told her, "I didn't have anything else to do today."

"And I'm finished for the day," C.J. spoke up. "Though, I do have plans for tonight. So, we'll have to get drunk another night."

"With Toby?" Nora asked, her eyes twinkling.

"And his sister." Checking her watch, C.J. wrinkled her nose. Getting up, she went over and hugged her friend. "Call me later or I'll call you. One of the two."

"I will." Sighing, Nora grabbed a phone. "I should really call Wilson. He's probably worried out of his mind."


Whatta ya think so far?

Dani Beth


Dancing With Fate - 7



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