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Disclaimer: The fabulous characters of the WW belong to the wonderful Aaron Sorkin. But all the new characters, they belong to me.


Pacing the lobby of the restaurant, she glared at the suit-clad man sitting down on a couch in front of her.

"They were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago," Mae told him.

"And they probably have a good reason for being late," Quinn told her her with a smile.

"They better," she grumbled.

The doors flew open and in walked the two people that the couple had been talking about. C.J. was walking sideways, trying to fix Toby's tie while he tried to brushed her hands away.

"Finally!" Mae cried, rolling her eyes and throwing her hands up. "Where in the hell have you two been?"

"Stuck in traffic," her brother told her.

"Is that the only place you two were stuck?" Quinn asked quietly from the sofa.

At the glare that C.J. shot him, he lowered in his seat. "Just thought I'd ask."


"So you had a pregnancy scare?" Jenny asked from across the table. "Why weren't we notified in the beginning?"

"Because we wanted to make sure," Wilson told his mother wearily.

"It was okay to tell Abbey though?"

Glaring softly at her mother-in-law, Nora said, "She found out on her own. I wasn't planning on telling anyone until I met with the doctor. But now that nothing has happened, well, there's nothing to tell."

"That pretty much sums it up," Leo announced from the other end of the table. "You had a scare..."

"I wouldn't call in a "scare" Dad," Wilson told his father. "I, personally, was hoping that she was pregnant. And now that she's not, we're going to keep trying."

"I would hope so," he answered. "I want grandchildren."

"Oh you do?" Jenny asked.

Glancing at her, Leo nodded. "Yes, I do."


"Hey, what are you still doing here?" Zoe asked Charlie as she walked into the office. "Shouldn't you be at home?"

"I wanted to say goodnight to you before I went," he told her with a smile. "We weren't able to go to lunch. Here." He handed her a small box.

"What's this for?" she wondered curiously.

"Our anniversary." At her protest, Charlie held up a hand. "It's no big deal. I mean, we've only been going out a couple of months, but I still thought I'd get you something."

Opening it, Zoe smiled at what she saw. Taking out the bracelet, she kissed his cheek before telling him, "Put it on me. Please."

"Of course." Then, looking into her eyes, Charlie asked, "You really do like it?"

"I love it."


Dani Beth





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