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"Embrace the cold."

That stopped Josh and he looked over at the two women, one old, one young,
walk out of the department store next to him.

"Excuse me?" he laughed.

"I said, embrace the cold," the young one said, her eyes twinkling. "'Cause
once I get in the car, my glasses are gonna fog up and my legs are going
to feel all tingly from thawing out and all that other good stuff."

Nodding, Josh smiled at the older one. "Good shopping day."

"Sunday? Game day?" the older one laughed. "You can say that again. But
I'm surprised that you're here."

"The Redskins aren't on until three, it's only one-thirty."

The young woman rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'll never understand men
and their sports."

"You sound like my girlfriend," he told her.

"See Grandma, I told you he wasn't single!"

"Shush child," her grandmother grinned.

"Wait a minute, have you two been following me?" Josh's eyes twinkled.

"Only since Sam Goody," the young woman laughed. "We had a bet if you
were single or not. I said you weren't for you have too many bags."

Lifting them up, he smirked. "I'm actually waiting for my girlfriend."
Cocking his head to the door, he told them, "She found something that
she just had to have and told me to wait for her out here."

"Maybe she's buying something for you."

"Doubt it."

"You doubt what?" another female voice asked from behind them.

"God, you should take Leo's advice and wear a bell," Josh grumbled.

Taking in the other women, C.J. looked between them and Josh. "Cheating
on me, baby?"

"Trying to," he shot back. "But you always seem to come up behind me."

"You're....you're..." the young girl tried. "Grandma, I told you he looked

"No, I told you he looked familiar, you said you needed a little something
more," her grandmother replied calmly.

In a stage whisper, C.J. wondered, "Have we been spotted?"

"I think we have. Should we run?"



"Can I have your autograph?" the young woman called out.


"Your's Miss Cregg. I remember watching you a few times on CNN last year
in Government class. Man, my teacher loved you guys. Democrat, so's my

"And you?"

"I go with the flow."

Raising an eyebrow, C.J. looked at her and asked, "What's that supposed
to mean?"

"In two years I'll be able to vote. Right now I'm in a stage where I'm
looking at the big picture and seeing what everyone has to say on everything.
Republicans have some great ideas as do the Democrats. But, yall have
your faults too. Both parties."

Shrugging, she smiled nervously. "But, I mean, why do you care? You guys
are the Democrats that are in the White House. And yall have probably
the best and sleep deprived jobs in the country. Well, not the country,
but something of the sort."

"Do you have some paper?" C.J. asked, getting out a pen from her purse.
Shaking her head as to clear it, she caught Josh's eye and flicked them

"Yeah, right here. I can't tell you how happy I am that you're doing
this. My relatives are gonna be so jealous." As C.J. handed the paper
back, the girl held it in front of Josh. "Can you sign it too? I read
your article in George, so I can put it with that."

"You read George and you watch CNN. I swear C.J., if she was twenty years
older, I'd leave you in a second." Eyes crinkling at the edges, he kissed
her cheek. "She's a woman after my heart."

"But I know how to cook," C.J. smirked. "And I know all of your favorite

With a long sigh, he nodded to the girl. "She's gotta point. Sorry."

"Thank you both so much." The girl's eyes looked giddy and she held out
her hand. "It was very nice to meet you both. And I hope in two years
you may have a victory." Then with a quick flash of a Mona Lisa smile
and putting her arm through her grandmother's, they were gone.

Standing there for a moment, C.J. leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Happy
that you have a new groupie?"

"Nah," he shook his head. Beginning to walk to the car, he looked at
her. "When you were sixteen, were you worried about politics?"

"Only when I heard a heated debate about them at the dinner table at
my family get togethers," she replied, leaning into him for warmth.


"All right, what's up?"

"Nothing, I just was thinking about what the girl said about looking
at the big picture. Looking at what everyone has to say," Josh told her.

"I think it's wonderful what she's doing."

"Even if it means she likes the Republicans more than us?" he wondered.

"Even if," C.J. laughed. "We win some, we lose some. It's how things

Pressing her up against the car, Josh kissed her lips lightly. "What
is it about you that I love so much?"

"Is it because I can cook?"


"Because I'm a Democrat?"

This caused him to laugh. "No."

"Hmm. Why then?"

Shrugging, he kissed her again. "Maybe it is because you can cook, who
knows. All I know is that I love you."


And that's the end. Hope you liked.

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