RATING: PG, for whatever language and slight thematic issues that occur
DISCLAIMER: I don't own The West Wing or any of its characters. I'm just
having fun with them and using them to stretch my creative juices. Hopefully
I'm doing that satisfactorially. The characters Levi McClane and Dante are my
original characters, so they belong to me.
NOTES: This is just another one of those random stories that popped into my
head while I was sitting around my house doing nothing. Hope you enjoy it.
It should be noted that certain ideas and expressions of politics are named
in this story, and if you disagree with them, I apologize, but it is the
nature of opinions. Statistics used in this story are not factual since I do
not know where to go to get the facts or the statistics. I've made them up,
and I suppose I made them scary for dramatic purposes. I'm sincerely
apologize for any and all misrepresentations.
SHOUTOUT: To AJ my beta (thank you, dear saint, for helping me with the typo
deman and the many other various monsters of writing) and to Dallas, my
critic and my fan, who's helped me tweak some parts of this (such as the
story) and also helped me write some of it, even if I was a little annoying.
:) Thanks you two.
SUMMARY: The White House prepares to send a comprehensive, best of the best
gun control package to the hill, and they're going to do everything they can
to make sure it passes.

"You know you're going to have to bring someone in. We don't have
enough time to do this all by ourselves." Leo exclaimed as he followed his
best friend towards the Oval Office.
"I have faith in my followers. Besides, I don't know who we can bring
in." Jed replied as he entered the Oval Office and found his senior staff
waiting for him. "Hey, guys. I hear we've got some angst about our latest
bill. Who here has reservations on passing a comprehensive anti-guns,
handguns and firearms bill?" Jed watched as everyone raised their hands.
"Okay, well, we can start there."
"Sir, what we have here is a bill twenty times better than the last
one we sent to the house, but the problem we had with the last one is the
same, and much worse this time around: no one's gonna vote for it." Toby
"The Republicans think it's a waste of time and the democrats are
questioning its influence. Can we really do what we say we're gonna do, and
that kind of stuff." Josh added.
"And then there's the question: Can we?" CJ asked with a slight smirk.
"Personally, I think we should bring someone in." Leo said as he sat
down in one of the armchairs.
"There's no one to bring in." Jed replied.
"Yes, there is."
"Who?" Josh asked.
"Levi McClane." Leo replied.
"No." Jed replied. "No, you are not bringing Levi in here."
"Who's Levi McClane?" Sam asked.
"Levi's an anti-gun lobbyist and a damn good one. That kid knows how
to get people thinking about guns." Leo replied.
"I'm not letting Levi McClane into this White House." Jed interrupted.
"With all due respect, sir, that's what I said about Lord Marbury."
Leo pointed out, trying not to smirk.
"And you were wrong. John did an excellent job." Jed replied.
"Exactly my point, sir." Leo retorted. There was a pause.
"Sir, if this McClane guy can help us, why not give it a shot?" Josh
"Levi is a woman, Josh, and she's a damn insufferable one." Jed
"But that's part of her charm." Leo added.
"Sounds perfect to me." CJ said with a grin.
"Me too." Josh added.
"Oh, God, Leo, you've got them plotting against me." Jed murmured.
"No, sir. I'm just trying to do everything I can to make sure that
this bill gets passed, because it deserves to." Leo replied. There was a
pause in the room as everyone glanced at their President.
"Leo, go get her." He said finally.
"Yes, sir." Leo said with a grin.
"Where can we get her number?" Josh asked.
"You can't. Levi doesn't believe in telephones." Leo replied as he got
up and headed for the door. "Come on, Josh. You get to come too." Josh nodded
to the President and then took off after his mentor.
"Hey, Josh, make sure Dante doesn't bite you." Jed called. Josh looked
at the president in surprise.
"Dante?" He asked weakly before getting pulled out into the hallway by

Levi stood up and stared down the hallway. "Okay, I know what you
want, but I have my needs too. No, don't look at me like that. No. No, I
said." She insisted in her conversation. Finally she sighed. "Fine, I'll give
you a bone. Would that be satisfactory?" The small Jack Russell tilted his
head in recognition of the word 'bone' and wagged his tail. "You're gonna get
fat if I don't gain some semblance of strong will." Levi muttered as she
reached under the counter and grabbed a small bone for the dog to chew on.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. She looked up and then at the clock.
"Come in." She called. She smirked dryly as Leo McGarry leaned in the door
with his familiar looking protégé.
"You leave your door unlocked?" Leo asked as he moved into the
cluttered hallway. Josh looked around at the assorted boxes and magazines
that were piled around the apartment.
"Sure, why not? If you're here to kill me, you're here to do me a
favor. If you're here for some other reason, why wouldn't I want you to come
in?" She pointed out. "What are robbers gonna take? A 1984 issue of Time?"
"Point taken." Leo nodded. "Hey there, Dante. What you got?" The older
man asked as he knelt down to look at the dog who was chewing happily on his
"That's Dante?" Josh asked incredulously.
"Hey." Levi said protectively. "Size ain't what matters. He can bite
your pinky off if he wanted, and that ain't the least."
"This guy bit the president about seven years ago. He still has the
scar." Leo said as he stood up again. "The two never seemed to take a liking
to each other."
"That son of a bitch never treated him right anyway." Levi exclaimed.
"Uh, to which son of a --" Josh started.
"We've stopped asking such questions." Leo interrupted. Levi smirked
and headed for her kitchen.
"Is there a reason you two are invading my territory and insulting my
dog?" Levi asked playfully as she opened the refridgerator and coughed a
little bit.
"Two days ago we began what looks to be a several month campaign for
the newest gun control legislature. It's the most agressive thing we've ever
written, and we wanna get it passed." Leo exclaimed.
"I've read it. The best way you're gonna get that thing passed is if
you gather all the women in Washington and get em to sleep with the
representatives, and then blackmail em." Levi snorted. Josh looked at Leo in
shock. Leo seemed unfazed as he crossed his arms and smirked.
"What's our second best choice?" He asked.
"I suppose getting me to bully around the representatives until
they're so petrified the only thing they can do is vote for your bill." Levi
said as she closed the fridge door and started to drink from the milk carton
she'd withdrawn.
"That sounds good to me." Leo agreed.
"How much you gonna pay me?" She asked.
"Well, judging from the fact that last time I checked, you had six
million dollars in the bank, so how does twenty dollars a week sound to you?"
Leo asked. Levi shrugged and looked around.
"My bills total about 120 a week. You wanna just gimme that?" She
"Whoa, wait a minute. You're willing to work on this for only $120 a
week?" Josh asked in surprise.
"Who is this kid and why does he know nothing about me despite the
fact that he's standing in my hallway?" Levi asked.
"Josh Lyman, meet Levi McClane. Levi, that's Josh Lyman." Leo
introduced. Levi paused and looked him over.
"You're the guy who got shot." She mused aloud. Josh shifted slightly.
"Yeah, so they tell me." He retorted. She stepped forward and held out
her hand.
"It's an honor to meet you, sir. Sorry you had to join the club." She
said as he shook her hand. She pulled her hand away and shoved it into her
pocket as she took another sip from the carton and faced Leo. "When do I
"Today, if you can. We can set up an office for you at the white house
and get you an assistant so you don't have to deal with any phones." Leo
added quickly. Levi smirked.
"Phones are an evil plot, Leo. You just remember that." She said.
"Well, I tried to get that phone ban through the house, but the
majority leader wouldn't stop laughing long enough to tell me when hell
freezes over." Leo replied. "You need a minute?"
"For what?" Levi asked as she stumbled into the living room.
"To get dressed into something more . . I don't know, public worthy.
Maybe take a shower." Leo replied with another smirk.
"Shower. Forgotten what those were. I'll tell you what. I'll be at the
White House bugging your people in an hour, okay?" Levi retorted.
"Okay. Don't bring him." Leo said, pointing to the dog that was
finishing up the bone Levi'd given him. Josh paused and wondered where the
heck the bone had gone so quickly.
"Why not?" Levi called.
"Cause the secret service might take him out." Leo retorted.
"Good point." Levi muttered as she picked up a baseball bat and
started heading back towards the hallway.
"Come on, Josh." Leo said as he pushed Josh towards the door. "An
hour, right?" He called behind him.
"You bet!" Levi retorted.
"You do have a watch, right?" Leo asked.
"Somewhere around here." She replied.
"Good." Leo said before closing the door behind them. Josh looked at
his boss with a confused frown.
"What just happened?" He asked. Leo smirked.
"You just met Levi McClane." He said as he walked back towards the
car. Josh paused and then chased after his boss.

To Be Continued...


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