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DISCLAIMER: They're not mine, except for Levi McClane and Dante the dog.
SUMMARY: The White House prepares to send a comprehensive, best of the best
gun control package to the hill, and they're going to do everything they can
to make sure it passes.

"What the hell is going on out here?" Jed asked as he moved out of the
Oval Office. He stopped in his tracks as he met the gaze of a Jack Russell
who was in mid-munch with what was obviously one of Mrs. Landingham's
cookies. "Well, hello, there little demon spawn." Jed said in a baby talk coo
as he knelt down. Dante yipped happily and continued crunching on the cookie.
"I'm pretty sure he'd resent that if he understood a word you said."
Levi said as she finished signing the papers that Leo had out for her, the
light trace of her Boston accent floating in her voice. Jed didn't take his
eyes off the dog as he rose to his full height again.
"Why'd you bring the demon spawn with you?" He asked.
"Because I figured he'd want seconds. You're a President now. If he
bites you, he gets front page headlines." Levi retorted.
"Secret Service will take him down before he gets within six inches of
me." Jed said with a fake smile.
"Mr. President, how dare you talk about such a sweet little critter?"
Mrs. Landingham exclaimed as she knelt down and gave the dog another cookie.
Levi glanced at her.
"Don't give him too many now. He'll get fat." She muttered.
"Good, then he won't be able to move at all." Jed mumbled.
"He'll be fine." Mrs. Landingham replied.
"It's been seven years, Mr. President. You still haven't forgiven poor
little Dante for his little vicious mode?" Levi asked casually.
"Just get a hold of him and get into my office. The others are on the
way." Jed growled and went back into the Oval Office. Levi smirked and
glanced at Leo who was sighing.
"I told you to leave him home." He muttered.
"Dante and I are a pair." She retorted as she picked up the small dog
and headed for the Oval Office.
"Keep that mutt away from me!" Jed called just as she crossed the door
frame. Leo glanced at Mrs. Landingham.
"This may be a long day." He said softly.
"It was your idea, Mr. McGarry. You'd better get in there before they
burn the house down." She replied. Leo nodded and went inside to find Josh,
Toby, and Sam all staring at the dog that was sitting on the President's
desk. Levi had made herself comfortable on one of the couches and was looking
around for some sort of introduction.
"Boss, you wanna stop staring at him like he's gonna chew up your
artery?" She asked. Leo smirked and came in.
"I see Dante has made himself comfortable." He exclaimed. "Where's
"Right here." CJ exclaimed as she came up behind him. Leo jumped
slightly and turned to her. "I know, I know. I should wear a bell." She said
before he could and then glanced at the dog on the President's desk. "I think
someone has turned the President into a dog."
"Ha, ha. Very funny." Jed exclaimed. CJ smiled and moved to take a
"At least one person on your staff has a sense of humor." Levi
"I resent that." Leo exclaimed as he took a seat in one of the
armchairs. "I have an excellent sense of humor."
"When you want to." Levi retorted. CJ studied the newcomer as she
found a seat on the opposite couch. Levi had done as Leo asked; she'd taken a
shower and put on something more presentable, just not as presentable as he'd
figured. She sat on the couch in khaki pants, a white button up blouse, and
to everyone's surprise, a red tie hung loosely around her neck.
"Guys, sit down. Levi McClane, this is Toby Ziegler, Sam Seaborn and
CJ Cregg. You've already met Josh and of course, the President." Leo
introduced. "Everybody, this is Levi McClane."
"Hello." Everyone murmured as they found seats.
"And that's Dante, who I specifically told you not to bring." Leo
directed the second part of his statement at Levi, just so Jed could hear
that he really had tried. Levi shrugged.
"What was I supposed to do with him on such short notice?" She asked.
"Leave him home?" Josh suggested.
"Thrown him into highway traffic?" Jed muttered. Everyone looked at
him in surprise except Leo and Levi, both of whom were quite used to the
President's homicidal tendencies towards Dante. The dog just jumped off the
desk, trotted a little ways and then found a comfy spot next to CJ on the
couch. CJ pet him and laughed as he rolled on his side and let her scratch
his belly.
"Can't wait to tell the world that the President's mortal enemy is an
eleven-inch tall dog." Levi exclaimed.
"Take it through CJ first." Leo exclaimed.
"CJ, be careful. That dog is vicious." Jed warned.
"He seems sweet to me." CJ cooed. Jed held up his hand and pointed to
a small, almost invisible scar on the edge of his hand.
"He bit me and did this." He pointed out. "Is that cute?"
"What the president is neglecting to mention is that he and Abs were
taking care of Dante for two days and when the President found Dante
harmlessly chewing on his loafers, he kicked the poor little fellow." Levi
"You kicked him, Mr. President?" CJ asked, horribly aghast.
"He was chewing my $600 shoes!" Jed exclaimed.
"The really stupid part though is that after kicking my dog, he
reached down to get his shoes. Naturally the first thing you should not do
after kicking an animal is to put your hand within biting range of said
animal." Levi exclaimed.
"She's right, sir. That is pretty stup--" Sam started, but ceased to
speak when he saw the look that the President was giving him. "But that was
then and this is now. He doesn't seem to be biting anyone."
"Give him time." Jed muttered.
"Someone please tell me why I'm here. If it's so you can talk about my
dog, I'm gonna be really disappointed." Levi replied.
"We're going to set you up with an assistant. You're gonna work with
Josh and Toby on who to see and when. Don't worry. We won't have any phones
near ya." Leo added with a dry smirk.
"Which one's Toby?" Levi asked.
"That would be me." Toby said, raising his hand slightly and feeling a
slight hint of déjà vu, thinking back to the campaign trail when the
President continuously asked similar questions. Levi nodded and waved
"Nice to meet you." She murmured. "So who am I meeting?"
"The senate is currently at 66-34. House is evenly divided. We want to
fix that." Josh started. "We need to swing 17 votes over to our side."
"We're lucky that we've got the 34 that we've gotten. A lot of people
don't think that this bill can do everything it proposes to do." Toby
"46 of the nay votes are Republican." Sam started. "The rest of them
are just Democrats who don't believe the bill is worth a thing. We have a few
Republicans voting for the bill, that amounts to eight."
"So what's going to happen is this: You're going to go talk to Ainsley
Hayes and go over the specifics of your contract here." Leo exclaimed. "And
then we're going to send you to the hill with guns blazing."
"Sounds like a plan to me, though I'm not sure the metaphor is
appropriate. Do these kids know my tactics?" Levi asked, gesturing to the
members of the senior staff.
"They'll learn fast." Leo assured her.
"Tactics?" Toby asked.
"Kids?" Sam asked.
"Don't worry about it." Leo retorted. "You need anything?"
"I need a list of the voters. A simple list giving me name, state,
what their party is, and what they're voting for. I also need access to a
computer. That's it. The rest is easy." Levi replied smoothly.
"Easy?" Toby asked. "You call swinging 17 or more senate votes and 3
or more House votes on a bill that determines the fate of gun control in this
country... easy?" He asked. Levi glanced at him and shrugged.
"Trust me, Mr. Ziegler, things tend to get quite simple when you have
no rules to adhere to." She replied. "Leo, where can I find this Hayes lady?"
"She's in the steam pipe... uh, whatever the hell it's called. I'll
have someone show you the way." Leo replied.
"Is it legal to put someone in a steam pipe room?" Levi asked as she
got to her feet. Dante jumped off the couch and trotted to her side.
"She's a lawyer and she hasn't sued us yet." Jed retorted.
"I'll have to ask her about that." Levi muttered. "Can we get moving
now? I get bored very easily."
"I know you do." Leo exclaimed.
"Nancy!" Jed called. Soon the blonde woman moved into the room.
"Nancy, could you show Miss McClane down to Miss Hayes's office?"
"Yes, sir." Nancy replied before looking at Levi. Levi smiled and
waved before looking at the others.
"See you when I'm done." She said with a smirk and then followed Nancy
out of the room, Dante quick on her heels. When the door had closed, Jed and
Leo glanced at their staff to gauge reactions.
"She's nice." CJ said.
"She's nuts." Toby muttered. Sam just shrugged.
"I think she's perfect." Josh said with a smirk. Leo grinned and
looked at his boss. Jed sighed and took a seat behind his desk.
"You're turning the best ones against me, Leo." Jed exclaimed.
"Like or not, Mr. President, she's good at what she does." Leo
"Is she? What was this about tactics?" Toby asked.
"Do you remember the education package that flew through congress six
years ago, the one that no one said they were going to vote for?" Jed pointed
"Yeah, it passed with twenty votes to spare." Josh recalled.
"That was Levi on the hill scaring the crap out of certain members of
Congress. By the time she was done, every person she'd seen was ready to vote
for whatever she endorsed. She's good at what she does because she doesn't
care what she does or how people react to how she does it." Leo exclaimed.
"There's a different congress now than the one she dealt with then,
but not profoundly different." Jed exclaimed. "Within the next few days,
she's going to start going up there and she's gonna start doing what she
does. Her tactics, as she calls them, basically consist of telling the truth
in such a way that no one else will tell it." He added.
"Plus she uses some pretty intense facts, examples, visual aides, and
a few other things that are kind of offhand." Leo added.
"So in a way, she's the color-outside-of-the-lines type." Sam
"Exactly. And within the next few days or weeks or whatever, she's
gonna get us the votes we need." Leo replied.
"Sir, are you telling us everything?" Toby asked quietly.
"What do you mean, Toby?" Leo asked.
"I'm getting the feeling that there's more to this woman than you're
telling us." Toby replied slowly. Leo paused and glanced at the President.
Jed returned the glance cautiously. Leo looked at his hands.
"You're right; there is more than what we're telling you. But if you
need to know it, you will." He replied as he looked up at his workers again.
"In the long run, just trust us and we'll get the job done." There was a
pause before CJ and Sam both got to their feet.
"What should I do if the press asks about her?" CJ asked.
"Tell them that she's here to work for us and other than that, there's
no information to give. Levi and I are gonna sit down with you later, CJ, and
go over some important stuff." Leo exclaimed.
"Is there anything else?" Sam asked.
"No, we're done." Jed announced. The staff slowly got to their feet
and left the room. Toby lingered a few seconds and then left the room as
well. Leo looked at Jed and waited for his words.
"I hope you're right, Leo." Jed said softly. "Goddamn, I hope you're
right. She better not fall apart."
"She's not going to fall apart, Mr. President, and you know it." Leo
replied before heading back to his office.


~ D.C.

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