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SUMMARY: The White House prepares to send a comprehensive, best of the best
gun control package to the hill, and they're going to do everything they can
to make sure it passes.

"Okay, let's see. Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. Let's get
started. We have a lot to talk about today." CJ said as she took her place at
the podium. Immediately hands started shooting up and she could already hear
her name being called by every single reporter in the room. "Well, that
didn't take long. Can I get through this, or do we really need to start this
"Now it is. Arthur." CJ called.
"Does the White House have any comments on the current massive veto
polling on the gun-control bill?" Arthur asked.
"Well, since you asked." CJ said with a smile. The press room
chuckled. "The White House's initial reaction to the polling was that of
surprise. Obviously we thought that such a bill could please all sides, but
clearly we were mistaken and we're trying to remedy that. Someone told me to
say "The day is still young" and no, I will not tell you who told me to say
"Is it true that gun-control lobbyist Levi McClane has been brought in
to work for the White House in securing more votes?" Danny called. CJ nodded.
"Yes, Sarah Levi McClane has joined the team working at the White
House in favor of this legislature. McClane is a graduate of Harvard and
Yale, as well as a decorated officer of the United States Air Force. She
resigned from the Air Force seven years ago. She's been living in Washington
D.C. ever since, working as a free lance lobbyist, particularly in the areas
of gun-control." CJ exclaimed reading the bio card she was given.
"Does the White House have any reservations about the hiring of
McClane after the incident seven years ago with Senator Swain?" Helen called
"What happened seven years ago was a combination of many things that
no longer exist today. Miss McClane is as fit as ever and the White House has
no reservations whatsoever about her or her job here." CJ replied sharply.
"Does the White House believe that her presence on the team will
actually make a difference in the vote?" Steven asked.
"Yes, we do." CJ answered smoothly.

"You know, some times I think about so much, my brain feels like it's
overloading." Jed Bartlet mused as he stared into his glass of water. Across
from him on the opposite couch, Leo McGarry chuckled and nodded.
"I'm not surprised, sir. I know the feeling." He replied softly.
"She's still mad at me, Leo." Jed said suddenly. "Every day, I come to
this office and everyone calls me 'sir'. The only people that don't call me
sir are Abbey and Zoey, and the other kids when I talk to them. Levi comes in
and it's still like when we first met; It's like I've accomplished nothing
more in her eyes. The only reason I don't smack her for disrespect is because
"You feel guilty." Leo suggested. Jed sighed and leaned forward.
"I don't if that's it. Hell, you've known her longer than I have. Why
is she still angry with me?" The President asked. Leo paused.
"I don't think she's angry with you, sir. I think she just doesn't
know what to do around you. She doesn't know how to act or how to be. The
reason why Abbey and the kids don't call you 'sir' is because they know you
personally and they've known you since before you were President." He mused
aloud. "Levi is in that same situation, and she doesn't have the same freedom
that they do. She just doesn't know what it is she does have."
"Is it up to me to tell her?" Jed asked.
"Well, you could be a little tougher with her. I'm not saying smack
her, Mr. President; that would be a fiasco. But don't let her push you
around. Don't let her make you feel guilty. She's a big girl and she needs to
learn a thing or two about respect for others." Leo exclaimed. Jed smiled
"That she does." He said. "But if you knew that, why did you suggest
we hire her? She might wind up pissing off more people than she does
convincing." He added. Leo shrugged.
"It was the first thing that came to my mind." He replied with a
smirk. "In the long run, Mr. President, she's the best there is. Every once
in a while, she'll shove her foot into her own mouth, and then she'll usually
climb out of it and find a way to make things right. She's good at making
things right."
"She hasn't with me yet." Jed pointed out.
"You haven't made her." Leo returned. Jed nodded in consent.
"Touché." He replied. "You think she's going to clash with anyone on
this staff? Stuff her foot into her own mouth and all that?" Leo shrugged.
"She might. She and Toby might butt heads on a few things, but Toby
butts heads with everyone. If she and Ainsley get into the guns thing..."
Leo trailed off. Jed smiled weakly.
"It could be World War Three, ya think?" Jed asked.
"Josh told me about a time once when Ainsley said that it's not that
we care about public safety, it's that we don't like people who like guns."
Leo said after a pause. "The problem is for Levi, that's more than definitely
the truth. She has such an anger inside her, that if someone mentioned that
they liked to go out back behind their house and shoot bottles, she'd beat
them up."
"Is that what Swain said?" Jed asked. Leo glanced at his friend and
then shook his head.
"No. You don't know?" He asked. Jed shook his head. Leo paused and
then continued. "Swain mentioned that despite any statistics that Levi could
produce to him, the "gun threat" was really not all that catastrophic. He
also mentioned that anyone who was stupid enough to shoot their own family
member should be shot themselves." Jed winced.
"Ouch." He murmured. Leo nodded.
"That's something similar to what he was saying a second later. I'm
not saying it was right, but he deserved what he got. That was a damn stupid
and cruel thing to say, especially to Levi." He added.
"You know one thing she told me that I believe?" Jed said softly.
"What's that?" Leo asked.
"Everybody's biased. That's the nature of democracy. That's the nature
of arguments." Jed said as he smiled weakly at his best friend. Leo chuckled
and nodded.
"She loves talking about arguing. Arguing, she's slightly partial too,
but *talking* about arguing, discussing the nature of it, that's where she
gets obsessed." He muttered.
"Leo, how did we get this old?" Jed asked suddenly. Leo glanced at him.
"Speak for yourself, Mr. President." He replied. Jed chuckled.
"Sorry. How did *I* get this old?" He said. "Is that better?"
"Much." Leo replied. "You're not old, Mr. President."
"That's right. I'm *seasoned*, right?" Jed returned. Leo chuckled.

"With all due respect, Mr. President, you're none of the above. You're
the President of the United States, and that's about it." He said.
"Right, because the President can't be old, now can he?" Jed retorted.
"No, sir." Leo replied. "In fact, why don't you head on upstairs and
ask your wife just how old you are."
"She'll say I'm four." Jed replied.
"No, you'd be sixteen, probably. Right around that age where a boy
starts to--" Leo started.
"Don't you dare finish that." Jed said with a grin. Leo raised his
hands in defeat and stood up.
"I'm going home for the first time in days, Mr. President. I'm sure
your wife is indeed waiting for you." He said. Jed nodded and got to his
feet, stretching slightly as he put his muscles back to good use.
"Tell me that the next few days are going to be easy-going and okay,
Leo." The President said suddenly. Leo paused.
"Mr. President, the next few days are going to be a smooth ride;
easy-going and okay." He said.
"I hate it when you lie to me." Jed muttered before exiting the room.
Leo chuckled and headed for his own office, eager to go home.

TBC... .

~ D.C.

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