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DISCLAIMER: They're not mine, except for Levi McClane and Dante the dog.
SUMMARY: The White House prepares to send a comprehensive, best of the best
gun control package to the hill, and they're going to do everything they can
to make sure it passes.

Toby walked into the meeting room, this time not really worried that
Levi was not there yet. He'd gotten the idea that she wasn't on time; that it
was part of the whole plan. He'd taken care also to wear a cheaper suit than
the other one, in case Dante got restless again. He didn't like the dog, but
he had to admit, he was getting used to it. On the other end of the room,
Josh opened the door and led three senators into the room. Toby took a deep
breath and tried to muster up a smile. He was never one to be nice to people
he really despised, but that was part of his job description, so he smiled.
"Welcome, senators. If you could have a seat, we're just waiting for
our last group member." He announced.
"Why isn't he here yet?" Senator Walters asked as he sat down next to
Senators Lecroix and Preston.
"Because the traffic on DuPont circle really stinks." Levi said as she
moved into the room and set down her box on the table before taking her seat.
"Especially on a bike." Toby glanced at Dante who sniffed the communications
director's pant leg and then snorted in disgust before trotting over to the
corner and lying down for a nap. Toby smirked and glanced at Levi who was
rifling through her box.
"A bike?" Lecroix asked.
"What can I say? The porsche is in the shop." Levi replied with a weak
smirk. There were dry chuckles all around as she fished out a thick packet of
papers and a thin one and droped them on the table. "Let's start talking."
She added. Josh nodded and leaned forward, giving his typical introductory
speech about what they were all there for, as if none of them knew.
The meeting slowly got started, with Toby and Josh doing a lot of the
talking and Levi just leaning back and listening. Josh couldn't help but
notice that she seemed a lot tamer today than she had before. Finally there
was a break in the discussion and Levi leaned in for the attack.
"What I have here in my hands, Senators, is a compiled list of all
gun-related injuries that occured in your three states last week between
Monday and Friday." She said as she tossed the thicker of the two packets
into the center of the table and picked up the thinner one. "This is a
compiled list of all the people who died in your three states due to gunshot
wounds or gun-related injuries last week between Monday and Friday. No one
person is on both lists." She said slowly as she let the information sink in.
"You say your constituents don't support gun-control. Look at the
seven thousand names on the injured list and then look at the six hundred
names on the deceased list. Tell me how many votes gun-control just got, if
you count the families of these victims as well." Levi exclaimed.
"In five days, senators, those are the amount of votes that get
changed in a single second." Toby added softly, having found a way to get
into the flow of Levi's talks. She smiled at him appreciatively and then
looked back at the three legislators across the table from them.
"I'd been told you knew how to make a point." Walters exclaimed.
"With all due respect, that's what I was hired for." Levi replied as
she leaned back in her chair.
"It's not that simple with me." Walters declared. "You can't just
waltz in here and intimidate me, Miss McClane."
"If I had a gun right here, right now, I'd intimidate you, Senator
Walters, and you wouldn't appreciate that in the least." Levi replied. "In
fact, you do not appreciate being intimidated at all, which is why you're
suddenly being so hostile now." She added. Josh and Toby had to hide their
smirks. Walters turned a slight shade of pink and looked at the packets of
"I'll talk to my people, but I make no promises now." He said softly.
Lecroix smiled weakly.
"As will I." She said softly. Preston merely nodded, remaining his
same silent self. No one ever heard much out of Senator Alan Preston unless
they'd insulted him to his face. Then he would never shut up until the
offending person was removed from the room and someone else had gotten him a
glass of scotch.
He was well known for such traits.
Levi watched as the three senators left the room and then she looked
around for Dante. Toby wanted to ask her what was wrong, why was she so
quiet, but she seemed to have a 'don't ask' look on her face. Josh didn't see
"Levi, what's up?" The younger man asked. Levi looked at him.
"I have to go." She said softly. "I've got stuff to do."
"Levi, you've been quiet all day. You didn't rip any of these people's
heads off. What's going on?" Toby asked softly. Levi smiled weakly as she
picked up Dante and looked back at the two men.
"I'm doing some soul-searching, so to speak. Just give me some time
here. I can't really... I don't really want to talk about it." She said
finally. Josh opened his mouth but was stopped by a heel kicking his shin
"Okay. We're here if you need us." Toby said as he put his foot back
on the ground. Josh bit his lip to keep from yelping, smiled weakly and
nodded before limping for the door. Levi chuckled, nodded to Toby and then
left through another door. Toby just sighed and went back to his office.

"Soul-searching? That's what she said?" Leo asked as he led Josh into
the Oval Office. Still limping, Josh nodded and shrugged.
"It's so strange to see her quiet." He replied. "I mean, she's been so
*quiet* ever since..." He trailed off. Leo glanced at him.
"Since what?" He asked sharply.
"Since she had her little thing with Ainsley. I mean, I suppose we've
all had our little things with Ainsley, especially Sam, but that's a diff--"
Josh started to ramble when Leo started waving his hands.
"She made a mistake. She's... I don't wanna talk about this." He
said suddenly.
"Talk about what?" Jed Bartlet asked as he walked into the room.
"Nothing, sir." Leo said.
"Levi McClane, sir." Josh said at the same time. Leo flashed him a
"Strange human being, that one." Jed muttered as Charlie closed the
door behind him. "I think she and that dog are two halves of the same brain.
No wonder he bit me." The President added.
"Sir, why does Levi dislike you?" Josh asked suddenly. Leo resisted
the urge to kick Josh in the shin and glowered at him instead.
"That is an excellent question." Jed retorted somberly. Leo rolled his
"Oh, please." He said as he sat down. "You act like the innocent
victim with those two. Face it, you kicked the dog so he bit you. You told
her--" Leo stopped himself suddenly. "So she dislikes you."
"What'd you tell her?" Josh asked. Leo kicked him in the shin. Josh
yelped, still sore in that area. Leo winced as he remembered.
"Sorry about that." He exclaimed.
"Sure you are." Josh retorted through clenched teeth.
"One night, Miss McClane and I were discussing certain political
thoughts and some personal ideas. We talked about guns, family, dogs,
education, all sorts of things." Bartlet started. "I mentioned that I was
disappointed in her for beating up that guy over guns. She agreed that it was
the wrong thing to do, and then... I don't know. The conversation got out
of hand."
"That doesn't sound too bad." Josh said.
"At one point, I told her, in what I thought was a joking manner, that
she should just never take me seriously from now on if she was going to
counter everything I said with nonsense." Jed said somberly.
"And she said 'okay'." Leo replied. "Since then, she's refused to take
him seriously. Needless to say, there were quite a few other things that they
said to each other that night, but these were the last words."
"Wow." Josh muttered. "Were you there?" He asked Leo. Leo nodded.
"Unfortunately." He growled softly.
"Let's talk about something else." Jed said suddenly.
"Amen." Leo exclaimed.
"I think I'm going to have to call a doctor or something." Josh whined
as he sat on the couch, rubbing his shin furiously.
"I'd call my wife if she weren't out of town." Jed replied. "In the
meantime, Charlie, let's get some drinks in here. A pitcher of milk and four
glasses." He exclaimed. Leo couldn't help but smirk.
"I'll stay if you promise National Parks won't come up anywhere in
this conversation." Josh exclaimed.
"Josh, I am the President of the United States and if I want to talk
about National Parks, I will talk about National Parks. Besides, you can't
leave the room until I give you permission to." Jed replied.
"You shouldn't have brought them up." Charlie grumbled after ordering
the milk.
"Don't worry. We'll talk about something else." Leo exclaimed.
"Something we can all discuss."
"Spoil-sport." Jed exclaimed with a smirk.
"Would anybody mind if I had my milk spiked?" Josh whimpered.


~ D.C.

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