DISCLAIMER: I don't own the West Wing or related characters/stuff. I own KD
Brody and David Beckwith, but seeing as how I'm not paid, I like to let them
run free. The title comes from Elton John's lovable song "Blessed" and does
not belong to me.
NOTES: This takes place about a week after "Aftermath" left off. I know you
all know where that was. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ denotes flashbacks or memories, same thing
SUMMARY: KD and Toby deal with possibilities, Leo finds that he has to start
taking steps to stay happy and keep the women he loves happy at the same time.

"David, I've got a doctor's appointment at two o'clock. It should be
about an hour and a half." KD exclaimed as she walked up to her assistant's
desk. David looked at her and nodded.
"Welcome back. Is everything okay?" He asked in concern. KD nodded and
took another bite of the tomato in her hand.
"Yeah, everything's fine." She assured him with a smile and patted him on
the shoulder. "Just clear my schedule from one thirty to four." She added as
she moved into her office.
"You're eating a tomato." He called.
"I noticed." She retorted as she walked back out with her agenda.
"You hate tomatoes." David explained. She paused.
"Very good point. I'm going to talk to Leo." She exclaimed as she threw
the remainder of the tomato into the trash and moved on. "Make the changes!"
She called. David nodded and watched her go, then looked at his desk.
"Hope you had a nice honeymoon. Me, oh, I'm fine. Yeah, great. And you?
Wonderful. Let me get on that for you." He muttered to himself as he sorted
through the papers on his desk and grabbed the phone to call a senator and
reschedule KD's appointments.
Down the hall, KD smiled and talked to the few people she had time to
chat with, but her mind was elsewhere. She didn't know what she was going to
say to Leo; she didn't know what she was going to say to the others; she
didn't even know what to say to herself. The news was startling to Toby and
it was startling to her, but she was showing quite a few of the signs; the
same signs she had... last time. Still, she couldn't get Toby's reaction
out of her head. It was both funny and scary at the same time.

"Toby, I think I'm pregnant." KD whispered to him, staring into his eyes.
Toby stared back, his eyebrows slowly rising. He opened his mouth to say
something and then paused.
"How?" He asked. KD stared at him blankly.
"Toby, you're a very intelligent soul. I don't think I need to explain to
you the dynamics of where children come from, Mr.
Seven-Is-My-New-Lucky-Number." She retorted playfully. "You know how."
"Yes, I know how. I know... how." He said slowly. "Wow. This is...
an amazing wedding present, I tell you." He said with a smirk. KD laughed and
"Does that mean you're okay with the idea? I mean we never really talked
about it." She said softly. He smiled and kissed her gently.
"I'm more than okay with it." He assured her.

"Hey, Margaret." KD exclaimed with a smile. Margaret smiled back. "Is he
in? In and free?" She added. Margaret nodded.
"Go on in, after you tell me about your trip." The secretary said with a
grin. KD laughed and wagged her finger.
"Nothing for the gossip group today, I'm afraid. I'll tell you later."
She added with a smile as she went into Leo's office. "Hey, daddy-o." She
said as she closed the door and plopped down in a chair.
"Hey, kid. Welcome back to the land of the living. Did you have a good
time?" Leo asked.
"First few days were kind of weird because Toby was being ultra cautious
about everything, but then I finally managed to get him to relax and then we
had a jolly good time." KD said with a grin.
"Why was he cautious? Was he afraid that the boat was going to sink?" Leo
asked playfully. KD laughed and shook her head.
"No, but there was one channel on the ship's TV system that just showed
the movie *Titanic* over and over and over again. I thought that was pretty
interesting." She said with a grin. Leo laughed and shook his head.
"That is just frightening, is what it is." He retorted. "So, after all
that relaxing and doing things with Toby that I don't want to know about, you
think you're ready to come back to work?" He teased.
"Oh, I think I'll manage." KD retorted playfully as she realized she was
going to chicken out. She couldn't tell him. She couldn't tell anyone until
she was sure. She wouldn't.
"And Toby? Did you leave him basically intact or is he no good to us
anymore?" Leo asked.
"Oh, he's mine anyway. I'll tell you what you can and can't use him for."
She retorted as she got to her feet. "Listen, when's staff today?" She asked.
Leo checked his papers.
"Four." He exclaimed.
"Um, Toby and I might be a little late." She said.
"Why?" Leo asked in concern.
"Doctor's appointment." She replied. "Don't worry. No biggie." She
assured him and smiled weakly. "We'll try to get back on time." She added
before moving out of the room. Leo watched her leave with a frown and then
looked around his office with a sigh.
"Well, she's back."

TBC... .


Blessed - 2



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