NOTES: See Part 1
SUMMARY: KD and Toby deal with possibilities, Leo finds that he has to start
taking steps to stay happy and keep the women he loves happy at the same time.

"Ginger, I'm leaving." Toby announced as he slid his jacket on.
"I know you are, Toby." She replied. Toby smirked and walked past her.
"Good for you, Ginger." He called behind him and headed for KD's office.
Ginger shook her head and then grabbed the phone. She dialed quickly and
waited for the line to pick up.
"KD Ziegler's office." David answered.
"David, he's on his way. Do you know what doctor they're going to?" She
asked softly.
"No, I haven't been able to get it out of her." David admitted.
"I bet I know." Ginger said happily and then felt a tap on her shoulder.
She looked up into Toby's grumpy face. "I'll call you back, David." She said
weakly and hung up. "Toby, you left."
"And you gossiped. No gossiping!" Toby snapped as he moved into his
office to grab a book he left behind. He used the book for emphasis, pointing
it at her as he walked past. "No gossiping."
"No, sir." She promised.
"Or you're fired." He called.
"I know!" She called back as he disappeared again. Toby strolled down the
hall and then walked up to David's desk.
"You don't get to gossip either. You're supposed to stand up for the
man's right to boycott gossiping." Toby exclaimed as he moved for KD's
office. David just put on his best innocent look and shrugged. Toby smiled at
his wife as she stood against her desk, talking on the phone and looking
considerably annoyed. He smiled as she rolled her eyes and made a 'yak, yak,
yak' motion with her free hand.
"Norris, stop talking for a second." She said suddenly. "Now, listen
carefully. I know about your concerns. We are taking them into consideration
despite your insistence that we're not. I assure you that we're doing
everything we can to make sure that this bill benefits everyone. Yes. Yes,
sir." She said before pausing and looking confused. "Congratulations for
what, sir?" She asked nervously. "Oh, right. The medical research. Yes, sir.
I'll tell him you said so, sir. He's standing here. Yes. Goodbye." She said
before hanging up. "I hate that man so much. And he says congratulations on
your marriage, Mr. Ziegler." She added with a weak grin. He grinned and moved
to take her into his arms. She smiled at him as he held her closer and drew
her lips to his. He held her close, his hands pressing against her body as he
kissed her deeply. He pulled away only to begin kissing her neck. "Okay.
Not that I'm complaining." KD started weakly as she closed her eyes. "But
where did this come from?"
"It's been bottled up." Toby murmured before kissing her again. "But we
got to go, so I'll release it later in full blast." He teased before pulling
her for the door. KD laughed and went with him.
"Sometimes it's like you're seventeen years old." She teased as they
walked towards the elevators, arm in arm. He grinned at her and nodded as he
pressed the elevator key.
"You know it." He said softly before kissing her again.
"Appointment." She reminded him and pulled him into the elevator. He
murmured and followed.

"Dad?" Mallory's voice exclaimed as she leaned in the door. Leo looked up
and waved her in.
"Come on in." He called. "Close the door."
"You called me?" She asked as she came in and shut the door. He nodded
and got up to hug her. She hugged back and smiled at him. "Here I am. What
can I do for you?"
"I wanted to talk to you about Jeri. And I wanted to talk to you about
you." He said softly as he sat with her on the couch. "I was hoping you could
have dinner with me. And we could talk about these things."
"Sam said something to you, didn't he?" Mallory said weakly.
"As much as it pains me, I will protect Sam's honor and say no." Leo
replied with a smile. "Mallory, I don't want you to think that I don't love
you or that I'll ever stop. I'm proud of you. You're my daughter and I'll
always love you no matter what happens." He said softly as he cupped her face
in his hand. She smiled at him and nodded.
"I know, dad." She assured him softly.
"Do you? Are you sure?" He asked. She smiled, her eyes slightly wetter
than before she came in, and nodded. "I want you to be happy, Mal, no matter
what. And I want to be able to know that you aren't sure of my feelings for
you." He said softly.
"Dad, I'm so glad that you've found happiness. Yes, I did feel like I was
getting left behind but now I realize that I've grown up." She said softly.
"A lot of things are different now and I don't have to be Daddy's little
girl." She said with a smile. Leo frowned.
"Just because you've gotten older-" He started.
"No, dad, really." She interrupted. "I'm proud of you. I'm happy you're
happy and I'm happy that mom's happy too. You both have moved on and now I
have to." She said quickly.
"What do you want me to do?" Leo asked softly. He was confused by this
reaction. Sam had told him one thing and now Mallory was telling him another.
He wanted to make sure that she was happy but now he wasn't sure if she was
going let him do that.
"I want you to give me some space so I can figure out where I'm going to
go with this." Mallory said softly.
"Okay." Leo said hesitantly. "If that's what you want, Mal."
"It is, dad." She replied softly. He nodded and then watched as she got
up quickly and left the office. Then he leaned back into the couch and
sighed. What was happening to his girls?

"Toby." KD murmured.
"Yes?" Toby asked.
"You're incorrigible." She said softly as he kissed her neck, his hands
moving across her hips. "The doctor's going to walk back in here any minute."
She added.
"He promised to knock first." Toby murmured before kissing down her neck.
"You've been awfully frisky lately." KD exclaimed.
"Any complaints?" Toby asked as he reached along the open seam of the
gown KD was wearing. Before KD could answer there was a knock at the door.
Toby stepped back as KD tried to regain her breath.
"Uh, come in." She said as the redness drained from her face. The doctor
came in and looked from the smirking Toby to the flushing KD and couldn't
resist the urge to grin.
"Sorry to keep you waiting." He exclaimed, still grinning.
"No problem at all." Toby said softly as he stood next to his wife and
held her close by the waist.
"So..." KD said eagerly. "Did you get any results?" She asked softly.
The doctor nodded.
"Yes, the test came back positive." He announced.



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