NOTES: See Part 1
SUMMARY: KD and Toby deal with possibilities, Leo finds that he has to start
taking steps to stay happy and keep the women he loves happy at the same time.

"Hello? Is there anyone in here?" KD called as she leaned against the
open doorframe. Toby looked at her and smiled as she walked over to the pile
of books that he was sorting through. "What are you up to?" She asked.
"I'm looking through these things to try and find a book that my father
gave to me once. He said I would need it one day, hopefully some day far in
the future, but still that I would need it." Toby replied.
"What's the book?" She asked.
"It's a book of names." He said with a grin. She smiled and slipped her
arms around him. He returned the favor and gazed into her eyes. "I never
thought I could be this happy. I've spent my life in this dark cave of
cynicism and seclusion, and now I find that I'm a married man, soon to be a
father, and I'm happy. I'm happy, Katy." He whispered.
"Who'd have thought, Toby Ziegler, happy?" She whispered back. He smiled
and held her close. "You make me happy too, Toby. My life I've been wandering
from place to place, trying to find out what my life was for. I came here
thinking that the search would never end. Then I felt you kiss me, and I
heard your voice, felt your presence, and I know that I had found where I
belonged. Thank you for that, Toby." She whispered as she buried her face in
his shoulder. He smiled and hugged her tighter.
"We're going to do this, Katy, and not only are we going to do it, but
we're going to do it so well." He whispered. "I honestly believe that you and
I could be the best parents. The past doesn't matter any more. From now on,
with you and me, the only thing that matters is the future."
"Doesn't the past repeat itself?" She whispered.
"No, it doesn't." He assured her and looked into her eyes. "Listen to me.
For more than thirty years, you did this wandering. You're not going to do it
any more and you know what? Life is good now, for both of us. What we bring
to each other, what we get from each other, that's what will make this so
beautiful, Katy. This child," He paused as he moved his hand under her shirt
to rest gently on her stomach. "Is going to live to be a wonderful person,
because of me and because of you. Because of you, Katy." He whispered. She
smiled at him with tears in her eyes and then pulled him into a gentle kiss.
The kiss grew stronger as his hand slipped around to her back and pulled her
close against his body. She slipped her arms around his neck and leaned
against him. As he began to press her back against the wall, the phone rang.
"Let it ring." KD murmured softly before kissing him again. He nodded and
moved his fingers to remove her shirt. The phone rang four more times before
their answering machine picked up.
"KD? KD, it's me, Mal. Listen, um, I kind of need your help. I mean...
If you're home, please pick up. I really need you." Mallory's voice came
through the line in a shaky cry. KD pulled away from Toby and reluctantly
grabbed the phone, only because she heard the pain in her friend's voice.
"Mal? It's me. What's wrong?" She asked as Toby stood behind her, a
worried look on his face as he slipped his hands around her waist and waited
to hear more.
"KD, I need your help. I mean... I can't call dad or Sam. I can't call
them." Mallory said quickly.
"Mal, slow down, take a breath." KD encouraged.
"I need you to come pick me up." Mallory said softly.
"Okay. Where?" KD asked.
"1782 Delaware." Mallory exclaimed hesitantly.
"Isn't that the police... station?" KD paused. Toby's eyes widened.
"KD, please. Just come and get me out of here." Mallory pleaded.
"I'm on my way, but you owe me a lot of answers, Mal." KD exclaimed.
"I know. I'll tell you, don't worry." Mal said with a sigh of relief.
"Okay. I'll be there in about twenty minutes." KD said and hung up.
"She was arrested?" Toby asked.
"I don't know. I guess so." KD murmured as she buttoned her shirt back
up. Toby frowned playfully.
"Shame to watch you do that." He said softly as he leaned forward to kiss
her neck. KD laughed.
"I have to go pick Mal up, then as soon as I'm done with her, I'll come
back here and we'll see if we can't pick up where we left off." She whispered
before kissing him gently. He grinned and nodded.
"I'm sure we can." He replied softly before kissing her again. She
laughed and moved for the door. Toby just smiled and tried to find where
she'd thrown his tie. Eventually, he gave up and starting looking for the
book again.

"All right, out you go." The police officer exclaimed as he opened the
door for Mallory. KD finished signing one last paper and then turning to her
friend and raising an eyebrow. Mallory looked a little rumpled and her eyes
were red.
"Drunk driving and disorderly conduct, Mal?" KD asked as they stepped out
into the cool air. Mallory sighed and strapped her jacket close around her
body. "I don't need to say that's not like you. They're not giving your car
back for a while. You have a court date, you know that?"
"Yeah, they told me all of that, Katy." Mallory said softly as they
walked to the jeep. "And you're right, I'm sorry. It was a mistake. I just
got so frustrated that I couldn't really resist getting one drink, just to
tide me over. But the one drink turned into several more. It won't happen
again. I swear." She whispered as she climbed into the passenger seat and
fastened her seatbelt. KD turned on the car and pulled out of the parking lot.
"You're gonna have to call dad and Sam-" KD started.
"Sam and I broke up." Mallory interrupted. KD paused and stopped at a red
"Why?" She asked softly.
"Because." Mal retorted harshly. "And he isn't your dad, he's mine." She
added quietly. KD nearly dropped her jaw.
"Mal, I didn't mean-" KD started.
"All this time, you call him dad, and he's not your father." Mal said
again. "He's mine."
"I know he's your father, Mal, but-" KD tried again.
"No. No buts. It's about biology, Katy. Your father is dead. My father is
alive and he's my father." Mal interrupted again. KD bit her lip and pulled
the car over to the side of the street.
"Where is this coming from, Mal? Are you angry at me for the relationship
that I have with Leo? I mean, you've never said anything like this before,
and to be perfectly honest, I'm more than a little offended by this." She
said softly. "I know Leo's not my father and I goddamn very well know that my
father is dead. So you tell me. Where is this coming from?" She asked, her
voice soft and as hard as stone. Mallory paused.
"I'm sorry, Katy. You're right. I shouldn't have said that." She said
softly. "I just feel so lost these days. I look at Leo and all I see is the
man who loves me and I realize that all I see is KD's father. I look at him
and I see your father, not mine. He told me that I'm wrong; he told me that
I'm his daughter and he loves me, but I can't find a way to believe him." She
admitted as tears threatened to fall down her face. "And I'm messing
everything up, Katy. I have to get out of here. I have to find my own life
and I can't do that if I'm so close to dad and I really can't do that if I'm
with Sam." She added. KD listened silently, still a little hurt and suddenly
realizing how much she'd impeded on Leo and Mallory's relationship. For
twenty-five years, she'd monopolized Leo's attention and love because she was
so thirsty for a parent, and now she could see that Mallory was left behind.
Had she really caused Mal so much pain?
"I'm sorry. I never thought about how I interacted with him affected you
and I honestly should have." She said softly.
"No, I'm sorry. Katy, in all respects that matter, he is our father. I
never should have said otherwise. We grew up as sisters, and we are sisters
in the way that counts." Mal replied insistently. KD nodded and hugged her.
"You bet." She whispered.
"Take me home, please." Mal whispered back. KD nodded and pulled the car
back into traffic, her mind racing. She was trying to think of all the things
that had happened in the past that could have been warning signs for this
night. She couldn't find any. Mallory never drank much, but now she was being
arrested for DUI and disorderly conduct. What did that mean? How could this
happen? Now Mallory was running away. No. Mallory couldn't be allowed to run
away. She looked at Mal and saw her staring out the window.
"You can't run away from it all, Mal. I've spent the last fifteen years
of my life trying to find some answer, something worth it all, and this is
where I found it. You've already got it, Mal. You can't just walk away from
it. Leo loves you. Sam loves you. I love you. Your kids, in your class." She
said softly. "I can't stand in your way, but I have to tell you, I don't
think it's the best thing you could do at this point in time. Getting drunk
isn't either."
"I really don't need a lecture, Katy. I just want to go home." Mallory
said softly. KD hesitated and then nodded, pulling up in front of Mallory's
apartment building. Mallory got out before another word could be spoken. She
climbed the stairs, not noticing as KD lingered a moment before roaring off.
Mallory slipped the key into the door and walked into the hallway. So many
thoughts were racing through her mind too. As she climbed the stairs towards
her floor, she took a deep breath and tried to figure out how things had
gotten to be the way they were. She stepped up and turned a corner to see her
father standing in front of her door, waiting impatiently for her to come



Blessed - 10



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