RATING: PG-13 (in the last part, STRONG language)
ARCHIVE: Yeah, go ahead.
SUMMARY: The past comes back to haunt several key staff members when an
unexpected visitor comes along.
SERIES: The KD Brody Universe
DISCLAIMER: I do not own "The West Wing" or its characters, but I do own KD
Brody and David Beckwith, and a few other characters who are emerging in this
story, namely Carolyn Kent. Sammy belongs to Dallas. All hail Aaron Sorkin
for inventing these characters.
NOTES: Uh... . When it comes time ~~~~ denotes a flashback ~~~~ and
*denotes italics* for emphasis.

"You're late today." CJ exclaimed as she emerged into the hallway behind
KD. Her friend smiled and nodded to the various workers that they passed as
they moved quickly through the hallways.
"I slept late today. Some stuff happened last night and I felt I needed
to catch up." KD replied. "It's only twenty minutes anyway." She added as she
looked at her watch and they turned another corner.
"Well, what happened last night?" CJ asked.
"Just some stuff." KD replied innocently as she patted David on the back
while moving into her office.
"Uh, huh. Right. Like what?" CJ probed with a playful grin.
"What was it exactly that you needed, CJ?" KD asked as she sat down
behind her desk. CJ smiled and closed the door behind her.
"I need to talk to you about... Toby." CJ stopped. KD looked up.
"Where? What? Toby?" She repeated.
"Never mind. I just figured out what you had to do last night." CJ
replied with a wry grin. KD rolled her eyes and looked at her computer screen
as it lit up. CJ grinned and plopped down on KD's couch.
"Oh, stop it. What was it you really needed to talk to me about?" KD
asked again with a smile as she sorted through the three short piles of
papers on her desk. She had a long day of nuke meetings and medical research
briefings to get through. CJ sighed and looked at her friend.
"Danny." She admitted. KD looked at CJ, a little surprised.
"Excuse me?" She asked.
"I know you and Danny were once pretty close and-" CJ started.
"His birthday." KD interrupted.
"Bingo. What do I get him?" CJ asked desperately. KD chuckled and shook
her head.
"God, I just remembered. I don't even know what I'm going to get him."
She replied honestly. "Uh, take him to dinner."
"Dinner?" CJ repeated.
"Yeah. Oh, a pocket watch." KD exclaimed. CJ raised an eyebrow and leaned
"What?" She asked.
"I'll get him a pocket watch." KD explained. CJ shook her head.
"Well, one, when we were together he was never on time and two, he likes
em. Good ones. David!" KD called. CJ sighed and leaned back against the couch
again. David leaned in the door.
"Yeah?" He asked with a smile.
"Call Callahan's Jewelers. Tell them you want their silver pocket watch,
model L212. Find my credit card somewhere and charge it to that, okay?" KD
ordered as she snatched her agenda off a stray pile. "Tell them I need it
delivered here as soon as possible, okay?"
"L212?" David repeated.
"Yeah. Solid silver, the strong kind.." She added.
"Anything else?" David asked. KD waved him off.
"For them, they know. For you, nope. Go." She replied. David smiled and
closed the door behind him as he moved to do as she told him to. CJ watched
for another minute while KD tried to collect her thoughts.
"You can afford that?" CJ asked suddenly. KD looked at her and shrugged.
"That's a whole other story. Uh, take him to dinner." She exclaimed.
"You already said that. Help me out here, or I'll start probing you about
Toby." CJ teased.
"You can probe all you want, you won't get anything. Nothing of interest
anyway." KD added.
"So something did happen?" CJ replied playfully.
"Uh, he likes Renoir. Paints and stuff. Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet. Typical
favorites and stuff like that." KD suggested suddenly.
"So, what, I buy him a painting? I need something within a smaller budget
here, KD." CJ replied. "I mean how the hell do I afford that?" KD laughed and
moved to sit down next to her friend.
"Listen. I don't know, CJ. I mean, the thing about gifts and presents is
that they come from the heart of the giver. You have to search your heart and
find something that you really want him to have, something you think he needs
or not, something that you want him to know came from you. Find something for
him that he can look at years from now and say 'CJ gave me that. CJ gave me
that because she loves me and because she wanted to.'" KD exclaimed softly
but wildly as she gazed absentmindedly at the papers in her lap while she
shifted them about. After a moment she glanced at CJ who seemed to be staring
at her with a pensive expression, somewhat tinted with awe.
"After hearing that, I wonder why you're not writing speeches with Toby
and Sam." CJ finally admitted. KD laughed.
"I do a lot of things with Toby. Speech writing is not one of them." She
replied as she got to her feet and walked around to her chair again. CJ
grinned and leaned forward.
"I knew it! You lucky fools." CJ exclaimed. KD laughed again as she sat
down and began to open a program on her computer.
"Whatever. Go on and get out of here." She replied. CJ laughed too, got
to her feet and left her friend alone to her work. She walked out of the
office and passed David who was on the phone with Callahan Jewelers, talking
quietly about silver watches. She moved into the hallway, said hello to a few
employees and staff members and then turned into her own familiar section and
walked to her office where Carol was waiting.

"Is that that same suit you wore yesterday?" Sam asked as he stepped into
Toby Ziegler's office to deliver a couple pages for the communication
director's perusal. Toby hummed as he typed and didn't look at his deputy.
"Any other questions?" The older man asked without looking away from his
work. Sam smiled.
"You been here all night?" He asked playfully.
"Nope. Any important questions?" Toby retorted.
"You're feeling better. What changed?" Sam asked.
"I got a good night's sleep." Toby replied, still not looking at his
"Sleep? You don't look like you got any sleep." Sam teased.
"Shut up." Toby retorted.
"Shut up."
"You dog."
"You die. Any other questions?"
"What are we doing today?"
"We're starting on medical research. KD and I have got a meeting later
today with Shane and Adams." Toby replied, finally looking at Sam as the
conversation suddenly became business related.
"Good luck." Sam exclaimed sympathetically.
"You, however, are meeting with Gunther and McLean, on your own." Toby
added with a smile. He enjoyed the grimace that immediately crossed Sam's
young face.
"No." Sam whined.
"Have fun." Toby replied, his smile spreading.
"Toby, no." Sam pleaded.
"Tell them I said hi, will you?"
"They'll crush me, Toby. I'm just lunch meat to them."
"You're ready for them, Sam. You are."
"I am not."
"Have fun."
"You're enjoying this. I hate you, you know that? I really do."
"About as much as I've hated you in past moments?"
"You know, I've got to say, you've got this air about you today that is
so similar to the time that I -"
"You can get out now, Sam." Toby said, turning back to his computer
"You animal." Sam teased.
"I said get out." Toby retorted.
"Glad you're feeling better, Toby."
"Sam, I'm warning you."
"What it is exactly that you're feeling is more comp-"
"You have ten seconds, then I'm going to stand up and kill you."
"You know I'm just kidding. It's kind of like locker talk." Sam said with
a smile.
"Nine, eight." Toby counted off.
"You are kidding, right, Toby?" Sam said with a more serious look. Toby
stood up and unbuttoned his jacket.
"Seven, six." Toby continued calmly as he moved around his desk.
"Okay, I'm going to my own office now." Sam exclaimed before standing up
and darting out of the room. Toby smiled, buttoned his jacket and returned to
his seat to continue typing.

"Hey, Kody." Josh exclaimed as he walked up to KD in the hallway between
the communications bullpen and the Oval office. She smiled as she looked
through her papers.
"Hey there, Jolly." She replied. "How are you today?" She asked.
"I'm good. You know medical research is going to come up in the meeting
today." Josh reminded her. She nodded.
"I know. I'm gonna have what you need by the time the meeting starts."
She assured him.
"It starts in ten minutes." He retorted.
"Trust me here, Jolly." She replied with a laugh. He grinned sheepishly
and nodded as they turned into their bullpen. "I'm going to check with David
and then we can go to the damn meeting." She added as they separated. Josh
laughed and moved to his office, grabbing Donna by the elbow and pulling her
in. She smiled at him as he closed the door and pulled her into a warm
"Hey, time to wake up." KD exclaimed as she whacked David on the head
gently with the papers in her hand. "Where's my report thingy?" She asked as
she handed the papers to him.
"Uh, right here." David replied as he took the papers and exchanged them
for a thin file which he handed her. "Your staff meeting is in eight minutes.
You have lunch scheduled with Mr. Ziegler. You're seeing congress-people
Shane and Adams with Toby at two today to talk about medical research. Right
now there's a lady in your office who insisted on seeing you." He added,
pointing to her office. She nodded, looking through the file he'd given her
and then smiled at him.
"Okay, then." She replied and looked back towards Josh's office where she
saw Josh approaching, slightly happier than before and Donna going to her
desk a slightly darker shade of red. "Jolly, I've just got to check in with a
visitor here and then we'll go, okay?" She announced. Josh nodded as she
moved into her office. KD stopped short as she saw a gray-haired woman
flipping through the pages of a recent report KD had read about the needs for
more funding to medical research. The woman seemed to be in her mid-sixties,
with dark brown eyes and a small mouth that seemed to hide in the creases of
her chin. KD stared at the woman for a second before the woman looked up and
smiled in recognition.
"Kathryn, dear. There you are." The woman exclaimed happily. KD opened
her mouth as if to say something and then closed it again, walking out of the
office and closing the door behind her.
"David, if you ever see that woman again, call security." KD exclaimed
before smiling at Josh and starting the walk towards Leo's office. Josh
frowned in confusion and followed her as KD's office door opened and the
woman emerged behind them. Josh hurried to catch up with his friend.
"Who was that?" He asked. KD shrugged.
"Hmm? No one." She replied as she ducked into Margaret's office. "Is he
in?" She asked. Margaret nodded.
"Kathryn Dylan Brody, don't you dare walk away from me like that again."
The woman declared as she entered the office. KD laughed.
"Me walk away from you? That's a riot. Margaret, could you call security
and have them escort this woman off grounds?" KD asked as she glanced at her
boss's assistant. Margaret nodded as she grabbed the phone, a similar look of
confusion on her face to the one that Josh wore.
"What's going on?" Leo asked as he leaned out of his office. KD turned to
reply but was interrupted.
"Leo McGarry! Oh, my God, it's been so long! You look great!" The woman
exclaimed, stepping towards him. Leo looked at her and backed away in disgust
before nodding to his assistant.
"Never mind." The chief of staff remarked. "Go ahead, Margaret." He
added. The woman pouted angrily.
"Now don't tell me you're encouraging her behavior? Honestly, Leo, I
thought we were all adults here." She snapped. KD moved past the woman into
Leo's office. Leo glanced at Josh and gestured for him to follow suit. Josh
did so, still very confused, and very curious.
"We are mature adults, Carolyn. You, however, do not fall into that
category." Leo retorted before stepping into his office and shutting the door
into the woman's face. Inside his office, Leo glanced at KD with a reassuring
yet weak smile. "You okay, kid?" He asked softly. She smiled back weakly and
"Yeah, I'm fine, dad." She replied weakly.
"What's going on here?" Josh asked feebly. Leo waved his hand and
"Doesn't matter. It's been taken care of. Let's go to our meeting." He
replied and lead the way into the Oval Office. KD was quick on his heels and
so was Josh, but he was still not satisfied. As they moved into the room, he
stared at the back of Leo's head as if he could read the man's mind to get
the answer. KD sat down on the couch next to Toby, who subsequently put his
arm around her and pulled her a little closer while reading his agenda
absentmindedly. She smiled and looked at her own papers.
"It's about time you guys got here. What was the holdup?" Jed asked as he
saw the approach of his best friend. KD looked at him and then at Leo, an
almost desperate look on her face, a look that scared Toby a little bit.
"We had an unexpected, and unwelcome, visitor." Leo exclaimed.
"Who?" Jed asked as he looked down at his schedule. Leo sighed and
glanced at KD who nodded weakly.
"Carolyn Kent." The Chief of staff replied. Jed looked at Leo abruptly
and then at KD who glanced at him and then away. Toby pulled her a little
closer and stroked her arm gently.
"Who's Carolyn Kent?" Sam asked in his own innocent tone.
"I was wondering the same thing." Josh admitted. Jed paused and glanced
at Leo. KD snuggled further into Toby's side, much to everyone's attention.
It was obvious that the whole thing was making her uncomfortable.
"It doesn't matter for now. Let's just get this meeting started." The
President exclaimed as he moved to sit in one of the armchairs. CJ kept her
eyes on KD for a moment as the meeting began, more than a little worried.
Josh sat next to her, the same expression on his face.
"So, KD, what's the word on Medical research?" Leo asked loudly, bringing
both CJ and Josh's attentions back to the room. They smiled sheepishly and
listened as KD replied softly, slowly rebuilding her confidence.

To Be Continued....





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