RATING: PG-13 (in the last part, STRONG language)
ARCHIVE: Yeah, go ahead.
SUMMARY: The past comes back to haunt several key staff members when an
unexpected visitor comes along.
SERIES: The KD Brody Universe
DISCLAIMER: I do not own "The West Wing" or its characters, but I do own KD
Brody and David Beckwith, and a few other characters who are emerging in this
story, namely Carolyn Kent. Sammy belongs to Dallas. All hail Aaron Sorkin
for inventing these characters.
NOTES: Uh... . When it comes time ~~~~ denotes a flashback ~~~~ and
*denotes italics* for emphasis.

"Who's Carolyn Kent?" Josh asked as he moved into KD's office. KD sighed
painfully and looked at him.
"Goddamn it, you are direct, aren't you?" She retorted sharply. "I don't
have time for this." She added.
"Toby says he doesn't know." Josh exclaimed. "I think he's lying."
"Yes, he is. And now I will too. I don't know anyone named Carolyn Kent.
Get the hell out of my office." KD retorted. "Josh, just trust me for now.
I'll tell you everything later, but I can't deal with this right now, okay?"
"You called me Josh." He replied in mock hurt.
"Yes, I'm deeply sorry." She proclaimed sarcastically. Josh sighed and
backed out of her office. KD returned to work, not the least bit sorry for
any bitterness she may have shown towards him. Josh moved to his office, a
confused and somewhat hurt look on his face as he walked around his desk and
collapsed into his chair. Donna walked in and frowned to see his expression.
"Are you okay, babe?" She asked softly as she walked over to him. Josh
shrugged, not really sure. He and KD often interacted playfully or
professionally, no other way. It felt weird to be shut out this way.
"Something's wrong with KD. I don't know what it is, and she won't talk
to me." He replied. "I guess I'm just worried about her." He admitted looking
up at her with a weak smile before pulling her into his lap and kissing her
gently. She giggled gently and kissed him back.
"I'm glad that you're such a caring man, Josh. I'm sure she'll tell you
eventually, and in the meantime, you've got a nice full workday ahead of you
to keep you otherwise preoccupied." She said with a playful smirk. He grinned
and kissed her again, wrapping his arms around her. She laughed as he tickled
her gently, and then pushed him away. "This is not the work you're supposed
to be doing." She corrected him and pulled herself away from his touch. He
groaned and rested his head on his desk with a loud thunk. Donna laughed
again and walked out.

"Rob, where are you? Goddamn it, where are you?" Carolyn's voice cried.
KD looked up from her jigsaw puzzle to see her mother stumble into the room.
The child could tell from her mother's bleary eyes and unsteady wobble that
she'd been drinking again. She resisted the urge to scream and shook her
head. Carolyn sighed and looked around drunkenly before down at the child's
puzzle. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked softly, not really caring.
"It's a puzzle. Dad got it for me." The six-year-old replied as she
watched her mother uncertainly.
"He bought you a puzzle? That's a good one. He's never around when I need
him, and yet he buys you a fucking puzzle. That's a riot." Carolyn exclaimed
with a bitter laugh. KD shrugged and returned to concentrating on the puzzle.
It was supposed to be a forest scene with a pack of wolves standing on some
rocks, a forest of trees behind them as they stared forward into the unknown.
"Dad's at work. That's where he normally is at three o'clock in the
afternoon." KD exclaimed bitterly.
"Don't talk to me like that.." Carolyn snapped. KD sighed and shook her
head. Carolyn muttered and stumbled out of the room. The young girl waited
until she heard the bedroom door slam down the hall before getting up and
walking out of her own room, locking the door and then moving swiftly out of
the house to go see Abbey or Leo or someone, as she often did when she didn't
want to be alone with her mother.

KD sighed and tried to concentrate. The country was still functioning and
Joss still needed her to concentrate. She never expected to see Carolyn Kent
again. She was the first to admit that it was more than a heavy shock to her
system. Toby had been wonderfully sweet about learning about the visit but
now there was nothing to do. She had seen the woman, the woman had left and
the woman would not be allowed back. Josh was being nosy, but there was
nothing that could be done about that either. So why did she feel so
affected, KD wondered. Why couldn't she think straight anymore? She tried to
stare at the computer screen in front of her and let the words flow out of
her brain but all she could think about was her mother and father. There was
a soft knock at the door, pulling KD's attention away.
"Come in." She called cautiously. Leo moved into the office and shut the
door behind him.
"How are you doing?" He asked softly.
"Don't baby me, dad. I'm handling it. You've still got a country to run."
KD insisted softly. Leo nodded and stood where he was. She looked at him and
smiled weakly. "Thank you, dad. I'll be fine, and the moment I need to, I'll
come." She promised him. Leo nodded and moved back towards the door.
"As long as you promise." He called as he left the room, closing the door
behind him. KD sighed and glanced at the clock. Lunch was approaching, and
that meant she could see Toby alone again. She looked forward to the time she
got with him, which sometimes seemed non-existent.

"Josh, what are you doing?" Toby asked as he leaned into the deputy chief
of staff's office. Josh looked up and sighed.
"I'm... reading?" Josh tried. Toby shook his head angrily and moved
on. Josh sighed and looked again at the political schedule that was lined up
for the White House staff. Re-election was starting to creep into the scene
as their third year began slowly. Donna moved into the room and handed him a
"Here's what you asked for." She said softly. He looked at her and shook
his head.
"Don't look at me like that." He insisted. "I know what I'm doing, and
I'm doing it because I care." He added. She shrugged weakly and walked out of
the room. Josh sighed, glanced at the note, then grabbed his phone and began
to dial.

"Hello?" KD exclaimed as she pulled the phone receiver to her ear. "Yes,
this is Dr. Brody. Hey, Max. How are you? What'd you say? Are you sure?
Lyman? No, authorization is denied. Thanks. Okay, I'll see you." KD said
finally before hanging up the phone again. She stared at it for a moment,
silently scanning all the thoughts that were running through her head at the
speed of sound. It was almost deafening. Suddenly, she darted out of her
chair, burst out into the bullpen, and stormed into Josh's office, slamming
the door behind her. Josh looked up from his report and opened his mouth to
say something but never got the chance.
"Don't you dare do that ever again, Lyman. Ever." She proclaimed angrily.
"If you ever go behind my back like that again, the White House will be
shopping for a new Deputy Chief of Staff." She snapped.
"Well, maybe if you told me these things, I wouldn't need to go 'behind
your back' as you so eloquently put it." Josh retorted fiercely as he rose to
his feet.
"Oh, please. I will determine what you need to know and what you do not
need to know about me or my past. If you needed to know something, you'd know
it. If you truly think you need to know something, ask me directly and if I
agree, I'll tell you. Don't go sneaking around, contacting the FBI. You
should know by now that they call me when someone asks for my file." She
added sharply. Josh sighed.
"I just wanted to know if things were okay, KD. I did it because I care."
He insisted sharply but softly.
"I don't care if you care. That's not a good reason to invade my privacy,
Josh. I mean..." KD paused, taking a breath. "I do care that you care, but
don't do that again. I swear to God, if there are things you need to know,
anything in that dumb file, I'd have told you, or I will tell you when the
time is right." She added forcefully. Josh nodded and looked guiltily down at
his desk.
"I'm sorry." He said sincerely.
"I don't know what to say, Josh. I thought I knew you better than this.
You know how I feel about my past." She replied softly. "I thought you were a
better person than one who pries." She added. Josh nodded and finally looked
up at her.
"I care about you, Kody. I just wish you could feel comfortable talking
to me about this kind of stuff." He exclaimed quietly.
"Don't pry, Josh. Don't pry." She said finally and walked slowly out of
his office. Josh sighed and collapsed into his chair, muttering to himself,
cursing himself for messing up.

Toby opened his eyes and glanced around. He felt KD on his arm, snuggled
against his chest. He glanced at the clock, then at the window and then at
her sleeping face. He smiled weakly and brushed the hair out of her eyes. He
was happy. He had done the right thing. Two days ago, his ex-wife had made a
proposition that he'd seriously thought about accepting. Now, with KD in his
arms, he realized that he had been afraid, afraid of a new life. When he'd
knocked on her door, and she opened it, he rested his eyes on her beautiful
frame and realized that she was the one he wanted. Not Andy. Not Andy ever
again. The morning light streamed in, lightly accentuating her tender beauty,
and making him love her all the more. She groaned a little as sleep began to
leave her body. He smiled and looked into her opening eyes.
"Hello there." He whispered, gently stroking her figure with his fingers.
She smiled and snuggled closer to him.
"Hi." She replied. "I take it you're feeling better." She added. He
nodded, kissed her gently and pulled his arms around her.
"Yeah, I've had a lot to think about. But in the meantime, I had a
sensationally wonderful night." He whispered, kissing her again. She smiled
and slipped a hand around his face.
"I dare say, I did too." She replied before kissing him gently. He
grinned and kissed her back, and then kissed her again. And then again. She
giggled as he continued to kiss her and then glanced at the clock. "Eeeh, we
have to go to work, you know?" She whispered.
"Don't spoil the mood." He retorted wryly and kissed her again. She
laughed as he tickled her and then she wrapped her arms around his neck.
"I wouldn't dream of it, but what do you plan on telling the President of
the United States when he asks us why we're late to work at the most powerful
office in the country, or even the world?" She replied softly.
"I plan on telling him that if he would stop rewriting my speeches on his
feet, I would feel the need to come in and in the meantime, I'm in love so I
plan on having a little fun." He whispered back. She grinned.
"Sounds good to me." She affirmed before he silenced her with a tender

Toby stared at the wall. He didn't know what to say. He had finished the
most recent draft of the President's medical research statement, so now he
had to wait until he got the commented draft back from the President, Sam,
Leo and KD. Apparently the opinions of the first three were supposed matter
to him, but he wanted so much to hear from KD. He was worried about her. He
could admit it. With a sigh he stood up and walked out of his office towards
her bullpen. It was almost lunch time and he knew that he was spending it
with her. He smiled and nodded to David and then stepped into her office to
find her on the phone.
"Listen to me, Kip, I don't really care if... No, listen, I don't care
how you feel about it. This is what the President is going to do. We're
getting the votes. No, Jones is on board and you know it. Bye, Kip. Be
careful with the phone book." She said finally and slammed the receiver down.
"I don't think you should make a habit out of scolding US senators." Toby
exclaimed playfully as he walked around her desk to take her hands and pull
her up into a gentle hug. She laughed weakly and hugged him back.
"Senator Kipley is an idiot. He deserves to be taken out and shot, and
he's a member of our own party." She murmured back, her voice soft and less
energetic than her usual tone. Toby frowned and leaned back, taking her face
in his hands and staring gently into her eyes.
"Are you okay, Katy?" He asked softly. She sighed and shook her head.
"No, I'm not." She admitted before burying her head in his shoulder. "Why
did she have to do this to me, Toby? Why did she come back after all this
time?" She asked weakly, her voice cracking. Toby held her close and sighed.
"I don't know. The only person who does is her." He whispered.
"Josh tried to get a hold of my FBI file because I wouldn't tell him who
she was." KD said softly as she lost herself in the touch of the man she
loved. Toby repressed a growl and moved over to sit down on the couch,
pulling her with him. She snuggled into his side as he stroked her hair
"Is that a bad thing or a bad thing?" He asked darkly.
"It's a bad thing. I yelled at him. He said he was sorry, but it didn't
feel like enough. I'm so angry right now, and the thing is that I don't know
if I'm angry at him, or Carolyn or myself even." She admitted. He frowned and
looked her in the eye.
"You have no reason to be angry at yourself. You're a strong, good person
who has done right by everyone who's known you. Don't ever think otherwise."
He insisted. She smiled weakly as he stroked her cheek with his thumb. She
kissed his thumb and nodded meekly.
"I wish I knew how to believe that." She replied softly.
"I wish you did too." He replied and kissed her gently.

To Be Continued... .





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