NOTES: See Part 1
SUMMARY: Rade finds herself in another bad situation and the West Wing is
left feeling helpless as they have to deal.

"Now I still say--" Rade started as she moved out of the building with
Ellis and a classmate named Kyle Ginsberg.
"She has a personality, Rade." Kyle exclaimed. "She just doesn't show it
to us."
"Why not?" Rade wondered.
"Because we're just lowly Juniors." Kyle answered. The three chuckled as
they made their way down the stairs.
"Maybe I can get Granddad to write out some presidential order making her
show us her personality. Can I do that?" She asked.
"Sure." Kyle replied.
"Good." Rade murmured. "What are we doing, Ellis?" She asked suddenly.
"I see my brother. I'll see you later." Kyle called as he ran off.
"Bye." Rade called back. "Ellllllllis?" She whined. "Where are we going?
Where's the car?" She asked, looking around.
"You told us to have it waiting down the block so that you wouldn't look
'too spiffy' or something like that." Ellis reminded her.
"And you actually listened to me? Tsk, tsk." Rade teased and started
walking down the sidewalk through the threads of high school students.
"You would prefer me never to listen to you?" Ellis asked before talking
into his wrist. "Survivor is on her way."
"Survivor." She muttered as they turned a corner and walked along the
empty street. "You make me sound like a tv show. A crappy one too."
"Hey, next time we'll call you Rugrat. How's that?" Ellis asked. Rade
"I'd rather die." She retorted. Ellis opened his mouth to reply but the
sound of a gunshot ringing through the air interrupted him. A piece of lead
clipped his shoulder, sending him to the ground into an instant puddle of
Rade's first instinct wasn't to scream but to drop her stuff and run. A
hand reached out of nowhere and grabbed her arm, pulling her to the ground.
She struggled against the two hands that held her down and then felt
something slam against her head, sending her into darkness.

"Ginger?" Toby called. Immediately, his assistant got to her feet and
leaned in his office door.
"Yes?" She asked.
"Have you seen Rade?" He asked. "She should have been here a half an hour
ago." Ginger paused.
"No, I haven't seen her. Do you want me to try and find her?" She
"See if you can, yeah." Toby nodded. Ginger moved back to her desk and
grabbed the phone. She dialed the secret service extension and waited. After
two minutes of listening to it ring, she hung up and tried the residence. No
answer there either. Finally, she dialed Mrs. Landingham.
"Hello?" Mrs. Landingham's voice rang in her sweet, kind tone.
"Hi, Mrs. Landingham. It's me, Ginger. I've been trying to find Rade and
I was wondering if she was up there with the President or something." Ginger
"No, dearie, I haven't seen her. The President is with the department
heads right now. Did you try the secret service extension?" Mrs. L asked.
"Yeah, but there was no answer." Ginger replied uncertainly, starting to
get a little worried. Mrs. L paused.
"They always answer the phone unless they get busy. I'll check into it."
She said softly. She switched lines and dialed the SS extension. As she hit
the last key, Ron Butterfield appeared. She hung up and got to her feet.
"Mr. Butterfield, I was just about to call you. Do you know where Rade
is?" She asked politely. Ron paused uncertainly.
"Where's the President? We need to speak to him." He said, avoiding the
question quite obviously.
"He's meeting with the department heads. What's going on?" Mrs. L
"He'll be here soon." An agent whispered to Ron.
"At this point, I'm going to recommend that you call the senior staff to
the Oval office." Ron said softly but sternly. Mrs. Landingham eyed him for a
second and then nodded as she grabbed the phone.
"Ginger, dear, have Toby and Sam come down here please."

"I see what you're saying, but you're not giving us what we need from an
economic standpoint." Jed exclaimed as he leaned back in his chair. "What
you're proposing is not entirely out of line, but the fact that you're
avoiding the naming of a specific number tells me that this conversation
could very well be a waste of time. Now--" He leaned forward again and
prepared to make up some numbers when he was interrupted by a small note from
his secret service agent. He read it and then handed the note to Leo as he
got to his feet with a grave look.
"I'm sorry. Something has come up. We'll have to continue this later." He
said softly before moving for the door. Leo read the note and then
immediately began to follow his president.
The note read: 'Survivor kidnapped'

TBC... .


Everything That Changes - 3



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