NOTES: See Part 1
SUMMARY: Rade finds herself in another bad situation and the West Wing is
left feeling helpless as they have to deal.

"Check out these names." Ron called. "Find out how they're connected." He
ordered an agent as he handed his own scribbled list to an assistant. Jed
stared at the list on his desk in amazement. Someone was holding his
granddaughter captive for ten million dollars, a stupid little plane, nine
prisoners and a piece of paper.
"What do we do, sir?" Josh asked softly. Leo looked at his best friend
and sighed. The United States did not negotiate with terrorists, but did this
Cougar guy constitute a terrorist? Or was he simply a homicidal maniac?
"The moment I say anything, I'm a family man and not a president." Jed
said softly. "What do you think we should do, Josh?"
"We can't release nine people just like that, sir. Our policies say we
can't give in to the demands, and besides, you don't have ten million
dollars." Josh summarized. "There's nothing we can do, except try."
"We have to get her back. We don't know what kind of guy we're dealing
with here." Toby exclaimed softly. "Let's see who the other eight are, find
out who Cougar is and in the meantime, we'll make some plans, try and find
him, and maybe we should prepare to give in. Depend on who the eight guys
are, his demands might not be so unreasonable."
"Toby, are you saying we should give in to a terrorist?" Josh asked
"We do and everyone will think any crazy with a gun can walk all over
us." CJ exclaimed.
"Not to mention the 25th amendment can get called against us." Sam added.
"We're not making any decisions until we know who the eight are, why
they're in prison and what they have in common." Jed interrupted them all.
"Josh, you work on that. CJ and Sam, deal with the issue of the press. I want
to control the cycle." He ordered.
"Yes, sir." The staff murmured.
"Toby, we will get her back, but I'm not ready to believe that giving in
is the only answer." Jed continued. "I'm going to the residence to talk to my
"Yes, sir." Came the scattered responses.

"Okay, thank you." Josh exclaimed before hanging up the phone and picking
up another one of the eight files on his desk. "Boonridge is in for
manslaughter and Foster for multiple counts of grand theft auto. Both of them
hail from New Hamspire." He dictated to no one in particular. Donna moved
into the room with the secret service report and handed it to him.
"They also went to the same college. All of them." She said as he flipped
through the pages.
"They were all members of the same fraternity." Josh mumured.
"Which means that whoever Cougar is, he was probably a member of that
same fraternity." Donna added.
"Exactly. Is there a list of people within these graduating classes who
were in that fraternity?" Josh asked.
"Secret service is getting it." Donna replied.
"31 hours left until this guy expects his friends to be released." Josh
muttered. "What is the President going to do?"
"The right thing."
"And what is that?"
"Whatever gets her back alive." Toby exclaimed from the doorway. There
was an uncomfortable silence in the room. "The fraternity was Alpha Delta
Phi. and all of the convicts graduated between 82' and 88'. Most of them were
in the fraternity together between 84' and 88', which means that our guy was
probably there too in that time frame." Toby started as he moved in a few
steps. "There were 372 people in that fraternity throughout the passage of
those four years."
"Okay." Josh started.
"Rade's father was one of them." Toby said ominously. Silence filled the
room again. "The President wants us back in the Oval office in five minutes.
Liz might be there." Toby added and left quickly. Donna looked at Josh.
"Rade's father?" She asked.
"I don't know. I just know her father isn't Eric Knox." Josh murmured
before grabbing his jacket and heading for the door.

TBC . .


Everything That Changes - 6



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