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Jed Bartlet walked through the hallways quickly, hurrying towards Leo's
office. He hadn't gotten any phone calls from the crew in Dallas and he
figured that his chief of staff had an answer for him. Last time he checked,
KD was supposed to be in Oklahoma, not Texas. But there she was on the TV
screen as he and Abbey were eating lunch.
"Leo?" He asked as he stepped in. He looked apologetic as he saw Leo was
on the phone.
"Yeah, okay. I'll see you tonight." Leo started to finish up. "Okay.
Seven o'clock. I'll see you then, Jeri." He finished and then hung up. He
looked at the President and sighed. "What can I do for you, sir?"
"Who's Jeri? Never mind. Didn't Katy say she was going to be in Oklahoma
City this week?" Jed asked.
"Yeah, well, apparently she changed flight plans." Leo muttered.
"You heard from any of the guys down there?" Jed asked.
"No, sir. They haven't seen fit to call in. I don't think there's much to
report anyway." Leo said with a weak smile.
"I wonder if Toby's having a breakdown." Jed muttered.
"I don't know. I can imagine." Leo whispered.
"Who's Jeri?"
"Someone I met."
"A woman?"
"Mr. President, please."
"Have fun, Leo."
"I intend to, sir."
"I'm going back to work."
"Thank God, sir."
"Very funny."
"I try."
"I'm leaving now."
"Good bye, sir."
"Good bye, Leo."

"Toby?" Josh's voice exclaimed. Toby looked at the clock and groaned.
What the hell was Josh up to at this time in the morning? He stumbled out of
bed and ripped over the door.
"What the hell do you want?" He slurred.
"Wake up, Toby. Get dressed, come on." Josh urged as he moved into his
friend's hotel room and looked around.
"I see no reason why I should." Toby retorted as he closed the door and
clambered back towards his bed. Josh grabbed him and turned him towards his
"Because I told you too. Come on. Get dressed. Put on something decent.
You and I got a meeting." Josh answered.
"A meeting? It's not even eight in the morning. I want to sleep. I never
get to sleep anymore." Toby whined as he stumbled towards the closet and
looked for some pants.
"I know, but this is an important meeting." Josh said as he sat on Toby's
bed and waited patiently.
"Who's it with?" Toby murmured as he scrounged through his suitcase.
"Uh, a guy." Josh replied. Toby looked at him incredulously.
"A guy? Josh, you woke me up to take me to meet with some guy who you
don't even know his name? I'm going back to sleep." Toby muttered as he
dropped the suitcase and started walking back to the bed.
"Toby, all I know is this guy has a good key vote on the bill and we
really need to go talk to him. He could be the sway vote." Josh said quickly.
Toby stopped and sighed.
"You got to start telling me these things all at once so I don't start
looking like an idiot walking back and forth." He grumbled as he did another
about face and went to get some clothes. Josh smiled and nodded.
"Right. I'll remember that." He replied as Toby disappeared into the

KD groaned and looked at the clock. She rolled over in the bed and
rested her head against the pillow as the radio continued to blare. She
thought about all the things that had happened to her the day before and the
dreams that plagued her not only last night, but also every night for the
past three months. She didn't want to think about all the things that she'd
done wrong but she couldn't help it. This whole thing was like one big
reminder of how she'd failed at everything she'd done. She could hear Ross
Gavin's voice telling her that she could never let herself be happy. She
heard his words: "Don't give up so easily. You deserve what you get, kid."
But that Ross Gavin was a dream, a literal ghost of the past. Ross was
dead now and so were so many other things. Who was she to challenge the way
things were? She looked at the clock again and sighed, deciding that she'd
better get a move on if she wanted to beat the traffic. As she sat up in the
bed, a new song started to play.
You're all I ever wanted
You're all I ever needed, yeah
So tell me what to do now
Cause I, I, I, I, I want you back
KD slammed her fist down on the alarm and bit her lip. She brushed away
the tears that had not yet fallen from her eyes and got to her feet. Her silk
pajamas swayed as she crossed the room to grab a robe and head for the
bathroom. A soft knock at the door surprised her. She tied the robe around
her and then opened the door cautiously. She stepped back as Josh moved in
quickly, pushing a cart with food on it.
"Josh, what are you doing?" She asked, caught halfway between the pain of
seeing him again and the laughter of what he was doing.
"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Josh declared as he
faced her. KD chuckled and walked towards the cart, leaving the door hanging
"You planning on joining me?" She asked playfully as she pointed to the
second plate on the cart. Josh shook his head.
"No, but he is." He replied softly. KD turned white and bit her lip.
"Josh, please tell me..." She started but Josh was moving past her for
the door. KD turned around to see him push Toby into the room and hold him
there with a tight squeeze on the shoulder. KD looked at Toby and for the
first time in so long, their eyes met and locked and she knew she'd been
right all along. She couldn't look him in the eye and not want to run back to
"You two need to talk." Josh declared. "You want to go on pretending that
you believe the other doesn't love you anymore, well, that doesn't work for
me or anyone else. This arrangement isn't working out, so you guys have to
make it right. I'm gonna be outside reading and I'm not letting you past me
until I know that things are the way they should be."
"Josh..." KD said weakly, her tear-filled eyes not leaving Toby's.
"Just tell him what you told me the other day and you'll be fine." Josh
told her and then left the room, closing the door behind him. KD stood there
silently, caught up in all the emotions of seeing him so close again. Toby
hesitated, looked back at the door and then back at her.
"He didn't tell me what he was planning to do. He said we were meeting a
sway vote." He said softly as he watched her. "Once I figured it out, once he
told me, well I just wanted to see you again." He admitted weakly. KD shook
her head weakly.
"Toby, I'm so sorry." She whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek. Toby
stepped forward to wipe it away with his thumb. Was she crying because she
still cared, he wondered.
"Does this mean I still have a chance?" He whispered. KD bit her lip and
forced herself to turn away.
"Do you want some of this? It's probably good food. It'd be a shame to
let it go to waste." She murmured. Toby sighed and let his hands drop to his
sides before shaking his head.
"No, thanks. I ate." He lied. KD closed her eyes, sensing all the
emotions whirling through his voice and turned back to him. He stepped
forward, moving closer to her.
"Toby." She said softly. He smiled weakly and reached up to cup her face
in his hands. "I'm so sorry." She repeated as the tears began to stream down
her face. He leaned forward and kissed them off of her cheeks. She closed her
eyes at the touch and gently placed her hands on his chest, clutching the
edges of his jacket tentatively.
"I love you." He whispered in her ear. "I missed you, Katy." KD inhaled
sharply and nodded.
"I missed you too." She admitted in a whisper. "I love you so much,
Toby." She murmured.
"Then what happened? What went wrong?" He asked her as he slipped his
hand around her head and held her close against his chest. KD buried her face
into his shoulder and tried to breathe. "Josh said you told him something.
What did you tell him?"
"Someone gave me a choice." She started softly, taking a deep breath. "I
either had to leave Washington or they'd destroy everything we'd worked for.
They would have used me, my past, to hurt the President and the
administration. There's so much no one knows, I couldn't..." KD trailed
off and tried not to sob. "I couldn't let her destroy everything that Joss
and Leo and you and the others have worked so hard for."
"Her?" Toby caught. "Who, Katy? Who gave you the choice?" He asked
weakly, sure that he already knew the answer. KD shook her head and tried to
pull away, but he only tightened his grasp around her, holding her close and
feeling her body against his. "I'm not going to let anyone take you away from
me, Katy. I shouldn't have the first time but I was too confused to
understand. You know where you belong is with me. Tell me, please, who was
it?" He pleaded as he rested his chin on her head.
"Andrea Wyatt." KD whispered hesitantly as she clung to him. Toby closed
his eyes and hugged her tighter. "I'm sorry, Toby, I'm so sorry." KD
whimpered as she cried into his chest. He shook his head and pulled her eyes
on to his, locking his gaze with hers.
"It's not your fault." He said softly as he stared into her eyes. "Come
home, Katy. Come home and be with me again, where you belong." He whispered
before pulling her lips to his. She closed her eyes as they kissed for the
first time in months. Slowly she slipped her arms around his neck as he held
her closer, taking in the sensation joyfully. A moment later, he pulled away
from her and leaned his forehead against hers. "Is that a yes?" He asked
playfully with a weak smile. More tears had fallen down her face and he wiped
them away. KD smiled at him and kissed the palm of his hand.
"Yeah. Yes, it is." She whispered before he kissed her again.
"What are you wearing under this?" He asked playfully as he kissed her
neck. She smiled and closed her eyes.
"Pajamas." She murmured.
"The way you always wear em?" He asked hopefully. She laughed and nodded.
He smiled and began to untie the robe as he pressed his lips to hers and
pushed her back towards the bed.

Josh stood in the hallway and paced while glancing at his watch every ten
seconds. They'd been in there for nearly four hours now and the plane took
off at three. He was praying that they hadn't killed each other in there. He
knew fights could be bad. His cell phone rang and he was quick to answer.
"Josh Lyman speaking." He said nervously.
"Josh, where are you? CJ's throwing a fit thinking that you and Toby fell
off the face of the earth." Donna's voice said worriedly.
"I'm at the Whitford. I pushed Toby and Katy into a room together and
locked the door. I'm still waiting to see the results." He explained.
"That's really sweet, Josh, but hurry up. Knock on the door or something.
The plane takes off in an hour and a half and you know how those delays can
get. CJ is going nuts." Donna exclaimed. "Plus I miss you." She added softly.
Josh grinned and nodded, forgetting she couldn't see him.
"I'm gonna knock right now and then I'm coming for you." He replied.
"You promise?" Donna teased.
"Absolutely." He assured her. "I'll see you in a bit."
"Bye." She said softly before the line went dead. Josh turned off the
phone and then knocked on the door. No answer came for about a minute so he
knocked again. Another minute later, a fully dressed KD opened the door with
a tired look on her face.
"I was beginning to think you guys had killed each other." Josh admitted
playfully as KD moved back into the room. Josh followed and saw Toby sitting
on the bed looking equally tired. "So did you guys talk? Did you get some
results?" He asked eagerly. KD looked at Toby and then at Josh.
"I think we did." She said coyly.
"You think?" Josh asked playfully. KD opened her mouth to say something
when Toby got to his feet and moved to her. Josh grinned as he watched them
kiss gently.
"Let's just say seven is my new lucky number." Toby said softly as he
looked at Josh. KD turned beet red and buried her face into Toby's neck. Toby
smiled happily and helped her grab her bags. Josh stood where he was,
confused by Toby's statement. "Come on, we've got a plane to catch. Don't
dawdle, Josh." Toby added as he pulled KD out of the room. Josh stood where
he was still as the realization came to him what Toby was talking about. His
mouth dropped open as he looked around the room.
"Jolly, come on!" KD's voice called. Josh moved out of the room and
closed the door behind him.
"You two are animals." He declared as he moved ahead of them for the
elevator. Toby grinned and nuzzled KD's neck.
"You better believe it." He whispered as he followed her.

"Where are they?" CJ asked frantically as her watch moved on to five
minutes to three. Donna placed a calming hand on her colleague's shoulder and
smiled weakly.
"Josh said that he forced KD and Toby into a locked room together and
that he'd be here soon. Just relax." She tried to say soothingly. CJ paused
and looked at Donna.
"He forced them into a room together?" She repeated. Donna nodded. "Thank
God for Josh." CJ murmured and then went back inside the plane to tell the
pilot there might be another slight delay. Donna chuckled and then heard the
roar of an engine as the long missing blood red Jeep Wrangler pulled on lot.
Josh was driving, while KD and Toby talked quietly in the back. They looked
so close now, as if nothing had ever gone wrong. CJ stepped out of the plane
and smiled before moving down the stairs.
"It's about time, you guys." She called as she walked down the steps to
meet them. KD smiled and hopped out of the car only to get hugged by CJ.
"Welcome back." CJ murmured as she flashed a look to Toby. Her friend was
smiling now, almost an opposite of the man she'd talked to yesterday. KD
hugged back and then stepped away.
"Well, sorry for the delay. There were some kinks to work out." She said
playfully. CJ laughed and nodded.
"You coming with us?" She asked hopefully.
"Well, since you invited me." KD retorted before feeling Toby's arms slip
around her waist. "I just wanna know what's going to happen to my car." She
said as she leaned back into him and rested a hand on the vehicle.
"We can get someone to drive it back. I don't know if we can get into the
cargo space." Donna exclaimed as Josh approached her. She smiled at him and
kissed him gently as he slipped his arms around her.
"Maybe we can ask one of those secret service guys." KD suggested and
waved her hand at the group of agents nearby. CJ noticed the hand was
glistening in the sunlight and realized that KD had her ring back on. She
smiled at Toby and nodded. Toby smiled back and then helped KD talk to the
agents about getting her car back to DC. CJ moved back to the plane and
caught Danny's eye. He'd been watching out the window and now he watched her
with a smirk on his face. Things were going to be okay now. They knew it.

The End...
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