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SUMMARY: When Eric Knox goes to trial, there's a whole lot shaking going on.

"Granddad, what do you say? Does this look okay?" Rade asked as she
stepped out into view. Jed looked at her and gazed over her frighteningly
trim figure as she showed off her latest outfit. She had on her khakis, as
usual, a black t-shirt that was frighteningly form-fitting and a dark forest
green linen overshirt stretched over her arms and flowed over her body to
hide her figure from the world. Jed still thought the outfit was too
revealing, but then he realized that he was just reacting the way a
protective grandfather should.
"Looks great." He said with a grin. "Now, come on. We're gonna be late
and you know they'll all blame me and not you." He teased. Rade grinned and
nodded, slipping her sandals on and following him.
"But I like it when they blame you. It's more fun that way." She said as
she followed him into the hall. Jed laughed and pulled Rade close against him
as they walked down the hall. It had been two weeks since she and her family
had started staying at the White House, and things were starting to go at a
leisurely pace. Jed knew it couldn't last forever, there were things that had
to be done, but he could at least hold on to the moments for as long as they
"Yeah, but you see, you don't have to deal with your grandmother the way
I do." He retorted. Rade made a funny face.
"Spare me the details. Please." She added forcefully. Jed laughed.
"Without those details--" He started.
"I know, I know. I wouldn't exist. That doesn't mean I want to hear about
them." She interrupted playfully.
"Okay, now, when we go in there, what are you going to say?" He asked.
"It's all grandpa's fault." Rade said happily. Jed scowled playfully.
"Noooo." He started.
"I know, I know. Don't worry, granddad. I got your story down. Which one
are we going for again? Excuse #2 or excuse #5?" She asked.
"Better go with 4." He muttered. She frowned.
"You ran your bike into a tree?" She asked.
"Hey, that's not 4." He snapped. She giggled and ran away from him down
the hall. Jed laughed and hurried after her. It felt good to see her laugh
again. The scar on her wrist was often hidden by the overflowing overshirts,
and there was a small scar by her eye where the gash was still healing, but
the scars inside were healing much faster, he thought. Hopefully they'd go
away soon enough.

"There she is! Where have you been? Did your granddad keep you again?"
Abbey exclaimed as Rade burst into the room with a grin on her face. Rade
smiled and shook her head as Jed walked into the room.
"Nah, I was getting changed and then some stupid senator called to whine
about trees." She replied evenly. Jed smiled. That a girl.
"That sounds like number... four, right?" Abbey asked. Rade grinned
and looked at her grandfather, who's smile had faded. "Nice try, honey."
Abbey added to her husband. "Come on, let's go. Your mom's waiting."
"Um, Mr. President?" Charlie Young's voice exclaimed through the door.
Jed turned and looked at the young man as he leaned his head in.
"What is it, Charlie?" He asked.
"Sir, can I talk to you out here?" Charlie asked nervously. Jed paused
and then nodded to his wife and granddaughter.
"I'll be right there, you two." He assured them and then stepped back
into the hallway with Charlie. "What is it, Charlie?" Jed asked softly.
"Sir, there's a man waiting down in the front lobby. He says he's here to
serve Rade and Liz with supoenas." Charlie said softly. "They're from the
District Attornery in Virginia who's trying Eric Knox."
"You mean..." Jed started.
"Sir, they're requiring Rade and her mother come and testify." Charlie
said uncertainly.

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Jury Of Your Peers - 2



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