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SUMMARY: Whole lot of shaking going on

"And did you know that the largest body of water in--" Jed started on a
"Okay, okay, okay, shut up already! I'm done!" Rade whined as she emerged
into view. Jed stopped his trivia reciting and looked at her. She was wearing
dark, dark, dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt along with a dark green
overshirt. He could see it was the same one she'd worn to the college talk
but he also knew that it had since been cleaned. What was it with this style
of hers that she always had an overshirt on? She seemed to have an unending
supply of overshirts. A whole rainbow, just of overshirts.
"You look great. We're going to be late again, you know that right?" He
"Only because of you, Wink Martindale." Rade retorted playfully.
"You hang around Toby too much." Jed muttered.
"Yeah, I heard grandmom say you were jealous of him." Rade said with a
"I am not jealous!" Jed protested.
"Sure. Let's go before we're even more late." She retorted. "Did you ever
stop to think that if you just sent one of your lackeys to get me, I might
move a little faster. Why are you always the one to come and get me?" She
asked as they moved into the hallway and headed for the stairs.
"Well, a) because I love you so much, I just wanna run and getcha;" Jed
teased. "b) I love to think up excuses with you; c) I love to torture you
with trivia and d) because it always just seems to work out that way. It's a
mystery." He finished with a grin. Rade laughed and nodded.
Jed laughed too. It felt good to see her laugh again. A week had gone by
and she was laughing. It felt good. She was talking to someone too. She and
Toby talked all the time but there was also a guy named Stanley who Rade said
she talked to every once in a while. Jed had asked her how she met Stanley
but she wouldn't say. She said she had to keep at least a *few* secrets from
him at all times. She said she liked Stanley and it was a good arrangement.
Jed had the man checked out
thoroughly and decided to live with it.
The courts moved at an interesting pace. They had stayed in Virginia for
two more days as the Juvenile courts started dealing with the process of
removing Rade and Annie from Eric Knox's testimony after he was found guilty
of mayheim and intentional harm of a child. Judge Hastings had waited two
hours before reconvening to sentence Eric Knox to four years in the Virginia
state prison. When Rade heard, she said nothing. Instead she looked at her
mother and simply nodded before moving on to another subject. Now she walked
with her grandfather in the hallways of the White House, the place that had
become home.
"What are we doing anyway?" Rade asked.
"I don't even know. I've stopped asking." Jed exclaimed as he walked down
the hall with her. They turned down the stairs.
"That's really not a good thing to do." Rade teased.
"Yeah, next thing you know I'll be addressing the organization of the
united brotherhood of Snot-Nosed Airheads." He retorted. Rade looked at him
with a funny face and paused.
"Where'd you get that from?" She asked.
"Snot-Nosed Airheads."
"I dunno. I just pulled it out of nowhere." He paused. "Don't tell me
there really is an organization of --"
"No, there isn't. But Toby said something like that a while ago." She
murmured. "Weird." She added and then brightened. "Oh! That's what we're
doing!" She said with a grin. "Come on!"
"What? What are we doing?" Jed asked as he followed her down to the Oval
office. There he found Leo, Josh and Toby waiting for him. "Leo, what are we
doing that I don't know about and she does?"
"Rade didn't tell you, sir?" Toby asked with a mischievous grin.
"No." Jed replied warily.
"Granddad, come on! We're going horseback riding!" Rade called as she
headed for the motorpool entrance. Jed groaned and looked at Leo who was
grinning like an idiot.
"Wonderful event. Looks great for the press, sir." Leo said happily.
"Shut up." Jed muttered.
"Come on, sir. Lighten up. If Toby can do it, you can do it." Josh said
"Oh, Josh, don't you know? You're going too." Toby said with a smile.
"I am?" Josh whimpered.
"Come on, Josh." Jed said with a grin as he put an arm around the younger
man's shoulder. "Let's go ride some horses."
"I really don't want to, sir." Josh whined.
"Neither do I." Jed retorted.
"Toby, you've got the video camera, right?" Leo called.
"Right here, Leo." Toby said before smiling deviously at Jed and Josh.
"All charged up and ready to go."
"Give me that." Jed ordered.
"With all due respect, no, sir." Toby retorted and followed Rade out to
the car.
"This is gonna be fun." Jed muttered.
"I think that's drastically optimistic, sir." Josh exclaimed.
"Oh, you two, relax. Enjoy your fun while it lasts." Leo said.
"Get out of here. Someone throw this man out of the building!" Jed
"You've tried that before." Leo pointed out. "By the way, I think we
might get CJ to do the Jackal after the screening."
"That's great... What screening?" Josh asked.
"Of you two on horses." Leo replied evenly.
"Oh, crud." Josh whined.
"I'm gonna bash that camera." Jed growled.
"After what you did to my bike, no, sir." Leo said sharply. Jed winced.
"Your camera?"
"Yes, sir."
"Goddamn it, let's get this over with." Jed muttered as he dragged Josh
into the limo. As the door closed, Jed found himself being handed some carrot
sticks. "Oh, good. I can feed the horses carrots."
"No, those are for you. Mrs. Landingham said I had to watch you eat em
all." Rade replied with a grin. Jed groaned.
"This is going to be a long day." He muttered.






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