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SUMMARY: Whole lot of shaking going on

The car ride home was a quiet one. Rade stared out the window silently as
her family glanced at each other uncertainly. Liz had taken the supoena and
immediately run to Rade who had signed for the supoena and then given the
process server something remember with a knee to his groin and a nearby book
to his forehead. Jed managed to calm her down and get her to her grandmother
before going back and apologizing to the server who had an ice pack to his
Finally, around twenty minutes later, they were on their way back to the
White House. Annie was sleeping against her mother, completely unaware of the
actions her sister had taken. In fact she was completely unaware of the
supoenas and the situation with her father. Liz just stroked her younger
daughter's hair and looked at her father. Jed looked at her, then his wife
and then finally his granddaughter. Rade was staring out the window, the slip
of paper sitting on the black leather seat next to her, not being touched by
The limo pulled in next to the White house and slowly everyone move to
get out. Except Rade. Jed nodded to his family before climbing into the limo
and facing his granddaughter.
"We're here." He said softly.
"I noticed." She retorted somberly.
"Normally when a car arrives, that's your cue to get out of it." Jed
tried to be playful. Rade didn't respond. He sighed. "You knew it was going
to happen, Rade. You're smart that way."
"I'm smart in a lot of ways, granddad, but I'm still not going." She
whispered. "I'm never going back to Virginia, and I am *never* looking at
that miserable excuse for a father again."
"You have to." Jed said softly. "That's the thing about supoenas, you
can't refuse them. They're legally binding."
"I know!" Rade interrupted harshly and looked at him with tear-filled
eyes. "But I don't care! I'm not going!" She snapped before bursting out of
the limo and running for the lawn. Jed got out to see the secret service
struggling to keep up with her as she ran for some sort of escape from the
world that just wouldn't leave her alone. Jed sighed and looked at the
entrance to the building where he saw his wife and daughter watching him
mournfully. He moved up the stairs and took his wife in his arms. He didn't
know what to do.
"She says she's not going." He said softly.
"She's not." Liz exclaimed. Her parents looked at her. "She's not going
to go through that. I won't let it happen." She said softly before moving
into the building. Jed sighed.
"Neither of them are thinking straight." He murmured. Abbey looked at him.
"Would you?" She dared before following her daughter into the building.
Jed paused and looked around. He glanced at his secret service agent and
smiled weakly.
"And what have *you* got to say about it all?" He asked playfully.
"I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about, sir." The man replied.
"Right." Jed muttered before going inside.

"Leo, all I'm saying is that we could try a little harder." Toby
"Toby." Leo started.
"What?" Toby paused.
"Shut up." Leo ordered.
"I'm going back to my office."
"Fine, but this isn't over."
"It never is. Unfortunately." Leo muttered as he walked to his office.
"Margaret, is the President back yet?"
"Yes, he is." Jed answered as he walked up behind his best friend.
"What he said." Margaret added.
"Mr. President, we need to go over the Economics pact." Leo started but
then he saw the look in his friend's eyes. "Sir, what happened?"
"Rade and Liz were served with supoenas to testify at Eric Knox's trial
in Virginia." Jed said softly as they entered the Oval office. Leo shut the
door with a heavy heart.
"Uh oh." He muttered.
"After signing for the paper, Rade practically beat up the process server
and then didn't say a word for nearly forty minutes. Then she insisted to me
that she would not be going to the trial and ran out of the car." Jed
recapped softly.
"She has to go." Leo said softly.
"I know." Jed muttered.
"Sir?" Charlie Young exclaimed as he leaned into the room. He really
didn't like the day so far. He kept having to deliver bad news to the leader
of the free world and sooner or later, Jed Bartlet was going to explode.
"What now, Charlie?" Jed called.
"Sir, the secret service wanted me to inform you that Rade has left White
House grounds." Charlie exclaimed as he stood in the doorway.

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Jury Of Your Peers - 4



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