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SUMMARY: Whole lot of shaking going on

Toby glanced uncertainly at the secret service who was standing at his
front door before closing it. Rade absentmindedly moved through the front
room and collapsed in the living room. He dropped his briefcase by the door
and hung up his coat before following.
"You want something to drink?" He asked softly as he ruffled her hair
gently. She smiled at him and nodded. "Okay. OJ okay?"
"No way. OJ'll kill ya." She said playfully.
"Oh, haha." He retorted with a smirk before moving for the kitchen. He
got a couple glasses out and filled them with orange juice. He added soda
water which he knew she liked and brought the glasses out. She was leaning
into the couch, her knees brought up to her face and her arms wrapped around
as she stared blankly at the coffee table. He put the glasses on the table
and then sat next to her. Without a word, he pulled her against him and
kissed her head. "Tell me what happened." He said softly.
"Some guy gave me papers that say I have to go back to Virginia and
testify against my father." She said softly. There was a pause. "I beat him
up." She added. Toby raised an eyebrow.
"Your father?"
"The server."
"Oy vey."
"Sorry. Might be a problem tomorrow."
"Might." Toby grumbled.
"Sorry." Rade said softly. Toby sighed and hugged her close.
"It's okay. It's better than a President crashing into a tree."
"Or a secret plan to fight inflation?"
"Exactly." Toby agreed. There was another silence.
"I'm not going, Toby." Rade whispered.
"You have to, Rade." Toby said softly.
"I won't. I can't be in the same room as him. I can't do it." She
whispered. Toby sighed and leaned forward to pick up a glass. He handed it to
her and stroked her hair gently as she took a sip.
"Don't you want to see him pay for what he did to you? The guy deserves
to be locked away so he can't hurt anyone else and you're the one who can do
that." He said softly.
"Toby, I spent a long time wondering why my father was always so harsh
with me and why he loved Annie so much." Rade said softly. "And it occured to
me that my parents have been married a long time, but I was conceived before
they were married. The nine months subtraction and all figures as such.." She
said softly. Toby listened carefully.
"What are you saying?" He asked softly as he took a sip from his own
"I don't think Eric Knox is my real father." Rade said softly. "And I
think he knows it. And my mother too."

"Jed?" Abbey said softly. "Have they heard from her yet?"
"No, but I think there's a pretty safe bet where she went." Jed murmured
as he closed the door of their bedroom. "She goes where she feels safe and we
both know where that seems to be."
"Toby's?" Abbey asked.
"I still want to know why." Jed admitted. "Something doesn't feel right
about their relationship." He muttered.
"Jed, don't tell me you're thinking that Toby would do such--" Abbey
started, aghast.
"No, no, no, no, of course not." Jed interrupted. "No, I don't think Toby
would even think of doing that. I just don't understand how she could get so
close to him so fast and yet she has trouble opening up to you or me."
"It's easier with someone you don't know as well. She and Toby have a lot
in common, the same sense of wit and knowledge." Abbey murmured
absentmindedly as she sat on the edge of the bed. Jed sat next to her and
"Still, I wish she didn't make such a habit of running away all the
time." He murmured. "I like it better when she's here, safe and sound."
"I think she feels safer when she's not here, Jed." Abbey said softly. He
nodded again and looked at her with a smile.
"How'd you get to be so wise?" He asked her playfully.
"Certainly didn't rub off of you." She teased.
"Hey, be nice." He whined. She laughed and kissed him gently.
"Never." She cooed.

TBC... .



Jury Of Your Peers - 6



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