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SUMMARY: Whole lot of shaking going on

"Rade, you have to go." Toby said as he got his jacket on.
"The doctor said you can't travel for a while, so that means you can't
go, and if you're not going, I'm not going." Rade retorted.
"Rade, I'll be with you in spirit." Toby tried.
"Spirit isn't enough, Toby. We made a deal. I'm not mad at you because
the circumstances have changed. You can't keep your end so I don't have to
keep mine." Rade insisted.
"Yes, you do. You signed for the supoena. You have to go, Rade. If you
want, I will go with you." Toby said before groaning a little.
"Nu uh. Doctor's orders. I'm not gonna have you endanger your health. I
can't lose you, Toby." Rade said as she helped him get his jacket on. He
watched her silently.
"You won't lose me, Rade." He said softly. "I'm not going anywhere."
"That's right. You're not." She replied. "Neither am I." He sighed and
took her into a gentle hug.
"You're going to be fine." He whispered. "No matter what." Rade buried
her face into his chest and nodded slowly.

"I talked to Liz." Abbey exclaimed as she looked through the closet for
another shirt to take. One could never be too prepared.
"Damn it, I meant to." Jed muttered. "What did she say?"
"A lot of things, Jed. I never imagined how this would come back to haunt
her. I thought that seeing Rade everyday, having that reminder, she'd moved
on from the pain. I don't think she has." Abbey said sadly as she walked back
out into the bedroom and threw the shirt into the suitcase. Jed shook his
"It's a horrible thing to move on from." He said softly. "I wish it had
never happened. I wish I had been there to stop that damn little prick. I
wish someone had been there to stop him."
"But no one was." Abbey said sternly as she forced him to look her in the
eye. "And we've all got to realize it. Rade exists because it happened, and
we all love her. Something good came out of it, and we all have to realize
"You're right. Rade's a good kid." He said softly.
"Maybe you should tell her that when she comes back." Abbey pointed out
as she zipped up the case.
"She's never coming back here, damn it." He cursed.
"Oh, of course she is. She's with Toby, so everything's fine." She
retorted as she handed her suitcase to the secret service agent. "We'll go
pick her up and she'll come. Liz packed a bag for her."
"Of course. When she's with Toby, everything's okay." Jed muttered.
"Oh, stop it." Abbey interrupted.
"The man has two cracked ribs and still she'd prefer to be with him. What
good can he do her with two cracked ribs?"
"I cannot believe I'm hearing this. Grow up, Jed."
"I'd rather not, but thanks for the offer." He retorted. Suddenly there
was a knock at the door. "What??" He snapped.
"Jed!" Abbey scolded. They looked at the door which flung open.
"Let's go to Virginia." Rade said simply before turning away again and
disappearing down the hall.




Jury Of Your Peers - 10



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