NOTES: So far so good, in regards to the responses. :) Just to remind people, writing and clicking send. Bored so I'm writing. When I'm bored I write. I also ramble, can't you tell?
DISCLAIMER: Okay, here we go again. They're not mine. I wish Toby was, or even Leo or Josh... My, there's a nice lineup on this show. THANK YOU AARON SORKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SUMMARY: A "normal" day at the West Wing through the points of view of the staff we all know and love.

Okay, okay. I'm feeling good today. Too bad it's lunchtime. I guess I'll just eat in again. There's Cathy. Saying hellloooo and she's disappearing into the hallway. Okay, that's okay. Anyway. I wonder if I'll have turkey or fish. I wonder if there's chicken today. I like chicken. It's got a nice leathery flavor to it. Everyone thinks I'm nuts when I say stuff like that. Everyone treats me like a little kid. What is so childish about saying chicken tastes leathery?

Okay, I'd better drop this off at Leo's. He's been bugging me all day about it. Where'd Toby go? God, he's been in a bad mood today. What was that muttering about a baseball bat anyway... Oh well. Okay, now then. Hey Margaret. Leo in? Okay then. Give this to him when he gets back. Back to my office then. I wonder who I call to get food. Is that Margaret and Cathy? Wait, why are... Okay, Donna and Carol . . Ginger? Oh, God, Cathy better not tell them about my... Okay, they're laughing. She must have told. I'm gonna kill her later.

No. I'm not. I can't kill people. I guess Toby and Josh were right. I am an simple person. Those damn people are right. Man, to think I got so upset when that article came out saying I was "an innocent little lamb". No wonder no one ever takes me seriously. I can't change policy, I can't stand up to anyone, I can't face Toby, I can't even plot innocent revenge against one of my assistants for gossiping with her friends about a simple health problem. I'm so tired of this whole mess sometimes. Why did I end up like this? What road leads from Princeton to being a pushover for the White House staff? It's kind of infuriating.

But innocent little lambs don't get infuriated, do we? How long is it gonna be before Hannibal Lecter comes along to silence me? Sometimes I hate politics. Good, the safety of my office. Nice comfy chair... silence . . .silence for the lamb. God, scary thought. And of course, the phone rings.

Hello? Yes, this is Sam Seaborn. What? When? Where is he? Oh, God, Toby. Oh, God, oh god oh god. Yes, thank you. Bye bye. Hang up, run through the halls. Where do I go? To the car? To Josh, CJ, Leo? Leo, have to tell Leo. He'll know what to do. God, Toby had better be all right.





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