DISCLAIMER: I don't own them. I don't even own myself. It's kind of sad that way. The system! Blah blah blah, they're Aaron Sorkin's beautiful creations. I thank him for helping to bring Toby Ziegler into my life. Hehe. Can anyone tell what my obsession is? I'll behave... . ::runs and jumps off a building:: I AM BATMAN!!!!!.... uh oh. ::splat::
SUMMARY: A "normal" day at the West Wing through the points of view of the staff we all know and love.

For some reason I don't appreciate that look on Margaret's face. What's going to happen next, she's gonna beg me to check into the dental records of her neighbor's cat. Why does she care so much about a siamese with a broken leg? No, go away. I have a meeting. God, some women I'll never understand. She's a good kid though. She tries so hard. The stupid joke about eggs a while back wasn't so bad once I found out what the heck she was talking about. Not everyone knows that 'oeuf' is the french word for 'egg', right? Maybe I just wasn't thinking about it hard enough. But why the hell should I think about a joke? Okay, never mind. She's a good kid, and I like her, even if she does worry a little too much... and whine .. . and persist... Yah, she's a good kid.

I got a damn security meeting after lunch. The routine around here is getting so menial. The staff meeting was as usual, so I've got everything to go on, but I'd still rather be somewhere else. I wonder if Mallory has plans for lunch today. I know Jed doesn't, so he'll probably insist on me coming to have it with him, unless I can get Mal to save me. Hell, that's right. She's at that damn teacher's convention.

I don't understand this job sometimes. We're up here trying to make the world a better place and yet we're always met by people who are trying to bring us down or people that are so convinced that we're wrong they're ready to destroy the foundation of a nation. I've got leeches all over me, trying to bring me down. I got reporters digging to uncover every last speck of dirt on any worker in this house, even the mailman and I've got politicians running around to bring down anybody on my major staff because they have to win. I just want to make the world a better place! What the hell is wrong with that??

Ow. Note to self: Do not kick big potted plants. It hurts. Holy cow, Sam, slow down. You were about to crash into me. Yeah, I was just about to have lunch. What? What do you mean? Hit by a car? Is he okay? Where is he? Well, find out! Goddamn it, that boy is clueless sometimes. What did he think I could do? Wave some wand and make Toby all right? I'm tired of carrying these people. No, wait. They're good people. I just think that they sometimes look to me for a father figure that I don't feel like providing. I've already got a kid, I don't need seven more. Besides, the way I'm feeling lately, it's like I've recently acquired 275 million new children. And in the process, I lost my wife. Goddamn it.

CJ, where's Josh? Yeah, I know. Okay, listen, Toby got hit by a car. Yeah, I know. Sam's finding out. Okay. Tell Josh if you see him. I'm gonna see what needs to be done. Okay. Yeah. CJ, you okay? Yeah, okay. Going, going. God, that woman needs . .. never mind what she needs. I wonder where the President is. God, this day just keeps getting better and better.





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