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Aaron Sorkin is a genius. blah blah blah. ::Smirks::
SUMMARY: Just Another Day at the West Wing from the points of view of the
staff we all know and love.

Okay, Forbes briefing at two, then the whole press junket at four. I wonder Danny has planned for me today. He looked kind of good today when I passed the press room. Not quite as rumpled as he normally does. Nice tie, I guess. Puce really isn't his color. Damn, I've got to get back to my office and then get out of here. I only get lunch once a day, and I want it to myself today. I need this. Okay, here we go. Carol, I don't want to know . . Oh, hi, Danny. Yes, I do have plans for lunch. What they are, are none of your business. No, Danny, I'm not doing this, not today. I've been so overwhelmed lately, I just need one hour for myself, to myself, okay? Wow. Where'd that come from? It's been a long time since I told the truth to someone exactly when I needed to say it. Just like him to understand. Someone remind me why I don't take him in my arms and tell him to take me away? Yes, I know. The damn conflict of interest crap. God, I'm tired of this job taking me away from being a human being. Why can't I just have a life, a love life even? Is that too much to ask?

God, Leo looks like hell today. Where's he going in such a hurry anyway? Hi Leo. I have no clue where Josh is. I don't have him tailed like you do. Oh my God, is he okay? What? Yeah, I'm fine. Yeah, don't worry about me. Go do whatever it is you were gonna do. I'll tell Josh. God, he'd better be okay. I don't know what I'd .. . What am I saying? It's not like I need him. I'll have to tell Carol. This will have to go into the briefing at four. Toby, what are you doing getting hit by a car? God, I don't know... I'm not used to people I know getting hit by cars, much less people I work with or even like a little bit. True, you're not very civil, you remind me of Oscar the Grouch, and you have a way of caring about nothing but you're work, but you're also intelligent, caring, if only to me (I wonder why sometimes), you're hot when you take charge. And you were so adorable when you talked about Julia Child. Goddamn it you better be all right, Toby, or I swear... God what am I gonna do?

Carol, call Sam and find out what he knows about Toby. He got hit by a car. Yeah, I know. Listen, don't tell anyone. Yeah, I know. You're trustworthy, I just... Yeah, thanks. Okay, I can do this. Safe in my office. The door's closed, no one can get to me. Why do I feel this way? Knock knock, who's here to make me feel even more stressed? Hi Danny. No I didn't get lunch after all. What do you need? No, I'm fine. Danny, I'm fine!! Sigh. No, I'm sorry. It's just... No, I can't tell you. Just let me deal with .. Yes, because it's a potential story. Thank you. God, he can be sweet sometimes. I'm so frustrated. Where, in signing up for this job, did I give up my rights as a human being, I wonder? All these late nights, lonely hours, frustrating arguments and evil politicians climbing all over the administration trying to suck it dry with their little metaphorical teeth. I need a vacation.






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