NOTES: I know what I'm doing. I just haven't figured it out yet.
DISCLAIMER: Aaron Sorkin owns them, I do not. Good thing too. What'd I do to
them... ::Grins evily:: My, what a lineup.
SUMMARY: Just another "normal" day at the West Wing from the points of view
of the staff we all know and love.

I'm tired of talking on the phone. It gets to be the same. I'm so happy where I am, what with this job and the people I work with. I'm making a life for myself, for Deena, even after everything that has happened. Okay, Toby's at DC General. Now to get the number. More talking on the phone. I'm so happy I could die. I hate phones. No. I don't know. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe it's just been a long day and I don't want to deal with phones right now. There we go. Excuse me, Mr. President. No, I don't mean to interrupt, but you wanted to know about Mr. Ziegler. Wow. Best way to get everyone's attention in the room. CJ seems so worried but everyone else seems preoccupied. Leo looks like he's been hit by a ton of bricks and he's about to bite someone's head off. Josh seems fretful, pensive. Sam is jumpy, almost irritable which is strange cause... cause he's Sam.

What, Mr. President? Oh, sorry. Yes, Mr. Ziegler has a broken wrist, three cracked ribs and a concussion but other than that and a few cuts and bruises, he's fine. The doctor I talked to says that they will be releasing him later tomorrow. No, I did not talk to Mr. Ziegler. I'll try and see what I can do. Yes, if I get a hold of him, I will tell him. Thank you sir. Back to the phone.

I wonder what Zoey is doing tonight. I have to eat dinner one way or another, and I'd very much like to with her. I should tell her that. I enjoy her company so much, and I think I love her. But things are so complicated. I admit, at least to myself, that sometimes I wonder why we try? People meet each other every day, men and women, boys and girls. What decides that they will take an interest in each other and then eventually end up as close friends, or as significant others, or even more? What in fate does it decide this person goes with that one? Why do the people who scream at the top of their lungs saying that everyone has a soulmate also scream that one person doesn't belong with another? Because I'm black, I've got people screaming at me, at Zoey, at the President, all because I want to have something special with a girl that I just happened to have met?

Yes, m'am. This is Charlie Young from the White House. Yes, it's me again. Yes, I was wondering if Mr. Ziegler was available to talk on the phone. Yes, the President would like to speak with him. No, it's not a priority. He'd just like to check in and he doesn't believe that he'll be able to get over there today. Yes, m'am. Thank you for understanding. Oh, he has? Well, we'll wait for his call then. Thank you m'am. Good bye. Definitely don't like phones. They're so unpersonable and you have no idea who you're talking to. I like to see someone's face when I talk to them. It helps me understand who they are. But then again, sometimes people act differently for me than they really are and I have no idea what the truth is. How do I know whether or not the eyes I'm looking into are focusing on my skin color and not my voice? It's kind of frustrating sometimes. I should probably call Zoey. Once more to the phone. I hope she's free tonight. First I'd better tell the President about Toby. He'll want to know about that. It's amazing to me how hard these people work. Makes me proud that I'm somehow a part of the team. Is that being too ambitious? Maybe it is. I'm still proud to know these people.

Yes, Mr. President? I've been told that Mr. Ziegler has been shouting for a phone for nearly ten minutes now. Yes, sir. He'll be calling shortly. Of course, sir. I like having a desk of my own. Leo didn't look too good. Neither did Josh. I guess we're all just tired. Right. I have to call Zoey.




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