NOTES: Batman shall save the day! Batman has found a way to end the circle. Is this good or bad, good gentle fans?
DISCLAIMER: They're not mine. We all know that.
SUMMARY: Just a "normal" day in the West Wing from inside the heads of the people we all know and love.

What is going on with me?? Of course Josh didn't break Nick's cat's leg. He doesn't even know Nick. What came over me? Maybe I should go find him. No. It has nothing to do with Nick, or Nick's cat, or Margaret or... This is about Josh and me. Oh, wow. Did I just say what I think I did? Is that a misconception, or is there a "Josh and me"... Oh, I'm so confused!! Note to self: Don't kick a wall in a busy hallway. Attracts stares. When he asked me to lunch today, I said yes. Why did I say yes? Because it's lunch. Nothing special about that. Just two people, who work together, leaving the office, where they work together, to have lunch in a nice peaceful restaurant, which is outdoors in the sunlight where there's enough light around to illuminate his smile and the way his eyes twinkle... I've got it bad, don't I? Oh, God, what's going to happen now? What do I do? I have to talk to him. That's what I've got to do. What the devil am I going to say?????

Hey, Cathy. Toby was what? He's okay though, right? Okay. Where's Sam? Again? Didn't they have one this morning? Oh, the Forbes thing. Right, okay. Well, I'm gonna go see Mandy to see if she needed to give Josh anything else on this thing in Arlington next week. Bye Cathy.

Okay. Silence again. Need to think. Thinking hard while walking through a busy hallway might not be a smart thing. Mandy's not in her office. Back to my desk I guess. What was I thinking about? Josh. Oh, wow. Josh. I work in the White House, the busiest, most important office in the country, right after Microsoft, and the only thing I can think about is Joshua Lyman and the fact that I can't stop thinking about him. Shouldn't I be worried about the spotted owls or nuclear weapons or kids getting shot in the streets by their peers? Instead I'm thinking about how the light illuminated Josh's eyes at lunch today, and how he laughs so evenly, so headstrong, and how he looks at me and I want to hug him... and how he needs me and I need him. I need him.

Oh, hey Josh. Yeah, I need to talk to you too. Wow, his grip is so firm. I half wanna smack him for pulling me. I can make into his office under my own momentum. Oh, boy. He's closing the door. He doesn't close the door unless he means business. Josh, look, all I wanted to say is that I'm sorry for blowing up at you. I was confused and not really thinking when I should have been. What changed? Well, I just had to think about it. It? It is... oh, boy. How do I tell him what it is? God, he's looking at me. What gorgeous eyes. I feel like he's staring into me. What do I say?

Okay, this isn't talking, but it does feel good. His mouth is warm, and pressed against mine, and all I can think is that I don't care about anything else right now. I'm kissing him. He's kissing me. Does that mean he feels the same way? Oh, wow. I'm... hot. It's hot in here. Um, Josh? Did what just happen happen? I mean. Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one. Yeah, okay. Dinner sounds good. okay... By the way, um, how's Toby? He's okay? Yeah, okay. Great. Um. Bye. Warm again. He feels good in my arms and it feels good in his.

A lot of people are staring at me. I guess I must be beet red here. I do have work to do, don't I? I have to do... some stuff... To, um, get ready... for that thing. Yeah, in Arlington. Okay, Donna, breathe . . breathe... breathe... Phooooo. Exhaling can be fun. Okay, now I've gone insane. I'd better find something to work on. Something... I need a cold drink... among other things. Where'd I put my purse?

Am I happy with this?... Yes. I am.





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