RATING: PG-15 (to tell you why would spoil the story, *strong* themes)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own em. The West Wing and it's characters belong to Aaron
Sorkin and the distributors. Rade Bartlet Knox would probably belong to me
NOTES: This doesn't mean Rade's a series. I just got this idea for her and
I'm writing it. :) I'm getting carried away with this character. After this,
comes another KD story, but in the meantime, let's rock and roll.

Danny Concannon released a sigh of contentment as he leaned back in the
booth and let the aroma of the after-dinner coffee fill his nose. It had been
a long day and the nice smell of decaffinated mocha was relaxing to the
reporter. He'd never been in this coffee shop before. It was nice. There was
a wholesome feel to the room. It was definitely a family place. He saw that
in the kids that were running around, happily screaming with their siblings.
He shook his head and smirked as he watched parents try to calm their
children down.
Finally they did, but not in the way that was intended. Someone called
out to the kids and gathered them on the other side of the partition. Danny
couldn't see what was happening, even by leaning over as far as he could, but
seeing the smiles on the parents' faces, he knew that something good was
happening. He suddenly heard the kids laughing and the parents chuckling. He
decided to casually get up and get some more napkins from the counter so that
he could see. He moved out of his seat and walked to the counter before
glancing towards the crowd of kids. In the center of them was a teenage girl
with dark brown hair cut short raggedly. Some of the hair was strewn over the
right side of her face, hiding that part of her identity. She wore dark blue
jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Danny smiled as he
realized she was telling a story to the little kids to calm them down. He sat
at the counter and watched before realizing who it was that sitting before
him and he frowned.
"What do you think happened next?" Rade Bartlet Knox asked as she pointed
to a young boy. He grinned and shook his head. "You don't know? Aww, you
wanna guess?" She asked playfully. "Well, then the cocky prince stood up in
front of all the scribes and started to do what he thought he was supposed
to. But the cocky prince wasn't prepared for the experienced knights in the
crowd. One raised his hand as far up as the eye could see so that the prince
could see he had a question. The prince called on him and waited. The knight
asked his question, but it was very long and the prince didn't fully
understand it, so he said what he thought he should say. The knight said
'That doesn't answer my question!'" Rade said in a mockingly teasing voice.
Danny smirked a little as he recognized the story.
"So what did the pwince do?" A young girl asked. Rade smiled and tapped
the girl on the nose.
"That is a very good question. The prince then tried to make up an
answer, but the other knights and scribes were starting to get the idea that
this was the weakness in the prince they were waiting for. Here was their
chance to prove to him that they weren't so stupid after all. They started
asking him many different questions, all of them about the one question that
the first knight had asked. The prince was so confused, he started answering
as he thought he should, but the scribes decided that they couldn't let him
get away that easy and started mixing his words around just to show him who
was boss." Rade exclaimed with a flourish. The kids giggled, the parents
chuckled and Danny just shook his head while he listened. "So one scribe
stood up and said 'Does the king have a secret plan to fight the thieves in
our land?' The prince scoffed and said 'Yeah, he has a secret plan to fight
robberies' in good kidding. But he had just opened himself up for more
playful probing by the knights and scribes who were having the time of their
life showing this prince that they were not little kids to be bossed around."
"So what happened next?" The first little boy asked.
"Well, what happened was that the prince decided he had to get out of
there!" Rade exclaimed with a grin. The kids laughed again. "So he told the
knights and scribes that he had to go tend to the Royal horses. He got out of
there so fast that the scribes were laughing themselves out of their chairs.
Then he went back to the throne room of the castle and there he found the
king waiting for him with all of the kings servants standing by. The king
said 'a secret plan to fight robberies'? What were you thinking? The prince
replied 'they tricked me, sir! I was kidding! Of there isn't a stupid secret
plan to fight the thieves.' The king stared at him and said 'not only did you
create this plan to fight the thieves, but now you don't support it?'" The
kids laughed and giggled.
"What happened to the knight?" Danny called out. All eyes in the room
redirected to him as Rade looked at him. The look that crossed her face told
him what he suspected. She wasn't supposed to be here."The first knight? That
asked the question?"
"Well, he went on to pursue the damsel that the prince was replacing. She
always said no to him, but this knight didn't know the meaning of the word."
Rade said with a weak smile.
"I wanna know your sources." Danny teased.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you that very knight." Rade exclaimed
as she pointed to Danny. "Do you still carry all that candy around with you,
Danny?" She asked loudly. The kids all looked at him expectantly with big
grins on their faces. Danny grimaced a little.
"No, I'm afraid I don't. Sorry, kids." He said with a smile.
"Okay, guys, storytime's over. I got to go fight the valiant knight now."
Rade said with a smile as the kids got up and returned to their parents to
gaggle about the story they'd heard. Danny overheard some of them whisper
about having a great knight right in front of their eyes. A little boy walked
up to him and smied.
"I don't have any candy. I'm sorry." Danny told the boy.
"I know. Where's your horse?" The boy asked innocently.
"My what?" Danny asked.
"Your horse. All knights have horses, don't they?"
"His was repossessed by the Federal government." Rade exclaimed as she
walked up to them. "Go on back to your mommy and daddy, okay?" She
encouraged. The boy nodded and ran off. "I didn't know you frequented coffee
shops, reporter." She said softly.
"Funny. I didn't know you were in Washington. I usually know these
things." Danny retorted.
"So I did some traveling. It's not a headliner."
"Where are your parents?"
"Is this an interview? Cause if it is, I demand a hundred bucks up front
or no deal." Rade said with a smirk. The smirk faded as Danny stared at her
with a concerned look on his face.
"What's going on here?" He asked softly.
"Listen, I'd just as soon not tell you, Mr. Washington Post or whatever
it is you write for." Rade replied as she moved for the cashier with her
check in hand. Danny sighed and did the same. The coffee didn't smell as good
"Fine. Make it off the record. What's going on? Rade, you're only sixteen
years old. Are you telling me that you came to DC on your own?" He asked as
he handed forward his money.
"Why is it not okay for a sixteen year old to do whatever she wants and
then two years later, she's free as a bird?" Rade retorted.
"So that's a yes." Danny said softly.
"It's not a yes or a no. It's a simple question. What changes in two
years that says 'now you can't do it' and 'now you can'?" Rade pointed out.
"Rade, I'm calling the White House." Danny exclaimed.
"Don't. Please." Rade said with puppy dog eyes. "I'm not gonna be here
long. Just in and out."
"Do your parents know you're here?"
"Ask me if they care, Danny."
"I'm calling."
"My grandparents are out of town, remember? They took the weekend to go
to London. They'll be back day after tomorrow." Rade pointed out.
"Then I'll call Leo." Danny retorted as he fished out his cell phone.
"Then I'll get on my bike and get as far away as possible."
"You will not."
"You're not my father, Danny. You can't tell me what to do."
"I'm no one's father, but I'm not about to let you go off on your own.
Now sit down while I call Leo and --"
"This is none of your business, Danny." Rade snapped and headed for the
door. Danny sighed and followed.
"Don't do this, Rade. It's dangerous out there. I don't know how you got
away from your secret service agent, but it's not safe out there. I know you
trust Leo, even if you don't trust me. Let me call him out here, you can talk
to him and the two of you can decide what happens next, okay?" He pleaded as
Rade leaned against her midnight blue fixed up motorcycle. She looked at him,
half her face still covered by a ragged shaft of dirty brown hair. "Just let
me do this, Rade. Make an old Knight happy." Danny asked.
"Fine. Fine." Rade muttered and went back inside the shop while Danny

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