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Doctor Dean Crawford was a busy man usually. Tonight, his office was
quiet as he hung up his stethoscope and started to peel off his lab coat. As
he hung that up the phone rang. Outside his office, his assistant Rita, who
was coincidentally his cousin, picked up the phone and said "Hello, Dr.
Crawford's office. How may I help you?" in a voice that would kill a cat. The
things Dean did for his family members. At least she didn't sound like her
mother. She really did kill a cat once. He wasn't sure how, really, but he
didn't really want to know.
"Dean? It's some guy named Leo McGarry?" Rita screeched in her Brooklyn
accent. Dean nodded and grabbed his phone.
"I got it, Rita, thanks." He called before lifting the receiver to his
ear. "Mr. McGarry?"
"Hey, Dean. Listen, would you be willing to see my goddaughter? I know
it's kind of late, but I'm a little worried about this gash on her face."
Leo's voice asked through the line. Dean glanced at the clock and then nodded.
"Sure. Could you tell me what happened to her?" Dean asked.
"Well, I'm on my way now. She's in the car with me, so I don't really
want to go over the details. She got this thing two days ago and I don't like
the looks of it." Leo said, avoiding the question.
"Okay. Bring her in and I'll take a look at it." Dean assured the worried
man. Leo grunted and glanced over at Rade who was staring vacantly out the
window. He'd loaded her stuff into the back of his car and much to her
dismay, elected to leave the bike behind and send someone get it in the
"Okay. I'm about five minutes away, Dean. Bye." Leo said before hanging
up. "You still with me over there?" He asked softly.
"Not because I want to be." She retorted. "What if someone takes my bike,
Leo? I spent a lot of my own money on that and a lot of my time fixing it up.
That's a good bike out there." She exclaimed.
"Which would you prefer, your bike or your health?"
"My bike!"
"Maybe that wasn't such a good question." Leo muttered as he turned his
car down a driveway and pulled into the medical center's parking lot.
"It's been a long time since you've dealt with a teenager, hasn't it?"
Rade teased. Leo rolled his eyes and parked.
"Come on. Let's get that looked at." He exclaimed.
"No, you go ahead. Just leave me the keys, will ya?" Rade called.
"Rade, get out of the car, now." Leo insisted sharply. Rade sighed and
got out of the car. She followed him to the elevator and watched silently as
he hit one of the buttons. "Rade, it's gonna be okay, but first we have to
get that checked out so that it doesn't become infected. If it does, you
could become seriously ill." Leo tried to explain.
"I took Biology, Leo. As a matter of fact, I got an A in it too." Rade
added dryly. Leo sighed. She was having a set of mood swings, and he wasn't
going to even *try* to do anything about it.
"Good for you." He exclaimed as he followed her into the elevator car and
hit the button for the 8th floor. They rode up in silence and then the doors
opened again. Leo walked out, making sure Rade was with him and then led her
to Dean Crawford's door. He walked in and nodded to Rita.
"Hi, Mr. McGarry. You can right on in." She screeched. Rade winced and
stared at the woman like she was insane.
"You know," Rade started in a voice that was mimicking Rita's. "Tawking
like that can be dangerous to yer health."
"Rade!" Leo snapped. Rade smiled and moved on while Rita tried to figure
out what had just been said to her. She gave up a moment later and went back
to painting her nails. Rade followed Leo into a room where a handsome
middle-aged doctor was talking to her godfather.
"Here, my liege." She said and bowed before them. Leo glared at her while
the doctor smirked.
"You must be Rade. Come over and let's take a look at your face." Dean
exclaimed as he gestured to a bed-type seat. Rade took a deep breath and
climbed up on top of the thing and waited for Dean to come and poke her
wound. He came along, putting on a pair of rubber gloves, and gently brushed
the hair out of her face. "Wow. That's a pretty nasty gash there." He
murmured. "I'm gonna have to clean it, Rade. Might hurt."
"Will it hurt as much as getting the gash in the first place?" Rade
"Probably not. Hang on." He replied honestly as he fished out a bottle
and a swab. Gently he dipped the swab into the bottle and cleaned out the
wound. She winced every once in a while, but didn't make a sound. When he was
done, Dean threw out the swab and put the bottle back before getting a piece
of sterile gauze and gently pressing it to the wound. "Hold that there a few
minutes while I go talk to Leo, okay?" He said. She nodded, her eyes showing
him how bored she was, and leaned back against the seat. Dean moved outside
the room with Leo and closed the door. "Leo, how did she get that?"
"She says her father hit her with a chair." Leo replied softly.
"She says? You don't believe her? I've never seen that kind of bruising
before. Whatever did cause it was moving, from the direction of the gash.
There was a lot of force behind what did that to her." Dean said sternly. "If
her father did that to her, with a chair or whatever, I'm going to have to
call the CPS."
"Dean, she's with me. Her father is in Virginia. I'm the White House
Chief of Staff, a few steps higher than the CPS. I'm gonna keep her at my
house tonight and tomorrow we're going to talk and sort this out. You don't
need to call anybody. Just help her so that that thing doesn't get infected."
Leo ordered softly. Dean nodded and reached into his lab coat to pull out his
prescription pad.
"Okay. I'm gonna give her some scripts for some antibiotics and some
painkillers. You still get your stuff from Vermillion's pharm?" The younger
man asked as he grabbed his pen. Leo nodded. "The wound is in such a place
that I can't really bandage it well without wrapping her head, and I don't
want to do that. If she wants to keep wearing her hair in front of it, I'd
understand, but she needs to wash her hair regularly. Keep her indoors and
away from dusty areas. I don't want to get anything in there. She takes the
antibiotics four times a day and the painkillers whenever she feels she needs
to. I want to see her again in a week."
"All right. I got it." Leo replied. Dean nodded and opened the door again
to find Rade standing on the bedseat, still holding the gauze to her face
with one hand while trying to examine the light fixture. "Rade, what are you
doing?" Leo asked calmly. Dean couldn't help but chuckle. This was one
eccentric kid.
"I'm trying to figure out if the speed of light applies to this
particular fixture." Rade replied before tossing a piece of paper at the
light switch. The lights went off immediately. "See? It does."

"I can't believe you did that!" Leo laughed as he unlocked his apartment
door and led the way inside. Rade shrugged with a smirk and moved into the
living room where she dropped her guitar case and backpack on the ground.
"Hey, he was asking for it, okay?" Rade retorted as she looked around the
place. "If a guy comes up to you and asks for money and he's wearing fairly
new reebox, I'm not gonna entertain him. I'm gonna do what I did."
"You acted like you were blind!!" Leo exclaimed.
"I was there." Rade reminded him. "But the look on his face was worth it.
He's not gonna try that again." She added.
"You're right. He'd be too scared!" Leo retorted.
"Good." Rade muttered as she collapsed on to the couch. "So these are
your digs, huh?" She asked as she looked around.
"No, I picked the lock. This place belongs to that receptionist." Leo
retorted dryly. Rade chuckled.
"I hope not."
"You should have been nice to her."
"No one talks like that, Leo. Come on, no one."
"I agree, but you should have been nicer."
"She didn't even realize I was being mean."
"Anything to do around here besides argue about a receptionist with the
IQ of 12?" Rade interrupted. Leo shrugged and looked around.
"You hungry?" He asked.
"Ate." She replied.
"I don't have a lot of movies."
"I figured."
"We'll find something."
"Want to hear some rock music?"
"Not particularly."
"Okay. You come up with something."
"This is gonna be a loooong night."

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