RATING: PG-13, strong language (not *that* strong)
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SPOILER: KD is released from the hospital and allowed to come back to work 
but ends up taking a trip of her own, leaving the west wing in anguish.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the West Wing characters, I don't own the show. I'm 
only borrowing them. Thank you Aaron Sorkin for inventing them and for 
letting us use them. Fan Fiction writers like myself love you for it, and 
fans like myself just love you anyway. 

"He wanted to see Leo?" Josh asked as he stared through the one way 
window. Gary Stanton nodded as he gazed at the would be assassin in the other 
room. George Rueben Hallowell, age 37 and attempted assassin of White House 
Chief of Staff Leo McGarry, was sitting at a small white table in a dark 
room. Three days before he'd been convicted by a court of law for attempted 
murder, assault with a deadly weapon and several other counts like resisting 
arrest and petty matters in comparison with the heart of the matter. Josh put 
the cup of coffee down and then moved through one door and then another, 
putting him in the room with the raven-haired, dark-eyed would-be assassin. 
Rueben looked at Josh with squinted eyes and shook his head.
"No, I said I wanted to see McGarry. I will not talk to this man." He 
announced angrily. Josh sighed. He did not want to be here, in this room, but 
Leo had asked him as a favor to go.
"Listen, we're not just gonna shove a guy that you tried to kill into the 
same room as you. Whatever you've got to say, Leo would tell me anyway. Think 
of me as a messenger and get over it." He exclaimed sharply. Rueben stared at 
Josh as the deputy chief of staff took a seat across the small white table. 
He pondered what Josh had said and sighed. 
"I've got important information. I've got twenty years of my life signed 
away in a prison sentence. I'm not going to sit back and let the truth remain 
in the shadows for ages." He said suddenly. Josh raised an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?" He asked.
"I need assurances. What I've got to say could very likely get me 
killed." Rueben retorted.
"You should have mentioned this before your trial. You have told your 
lawyer. I can't promise you anything but if you're saying what I think you're 
saying, I might be able to get you something. It may not be a knock-off on 
your sentence but maybe you'll get flowers in your cell." Josh proclaimed. 
Rueben rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair. "George, did someone 
hire you to kill Leo McGarry?" Josh asked sharply. Rueben glanced at the 
other man with a mischievous glint in his eye. 
"I want to go back to my cell now. I get transferred to the prison in 
three days, so I want to get comfortable where I'm at." He said suddenly. 
Josh sighed and pounded the table.
"Fine. Don't say you have something to say if you're not gonna say it." 
He exclaimed as he stood up and began to walk away.
"Wait." Rueben exclaimed, standing up. Josh turned back and looked at 
him. "Listen, I do have something to say. But I'm standing in the middle 
of a field where I'm surrounded by people who could have me killed for the 
things I know. Check out the history of an account under the name of Michael 
Peterson at the Washington National on Conn avenue Northwest." He said softly 
before backing towards the prisoner exit. Josh watched as the man move out of 
the room and then he glanced at the mirror in the wall. Quickly, he moved out 
of the room and dashed out his office where he got Donna to get him the phone 
number of the bank on Connecticut avenue.

"Tracy, what does my schedule look like today?" Matthew Allan Jones asked 
as he stepped into his secretary's office. Tracy McGovern looked up and 
smiled to see her boss approach.
"Bout time you got here. It looks packed." She replied. 
"In other words, it's normal?" Jones exclaimed.
"Yep. There's a woman waiting to see you in your office. She says she's 
from the White House." Tracy added as she handed him his messages. Jones 
smiled and shrugged.
"Really? I feel so honored." He retorted and moved for the door. As he 
stepped into his office, he noticed a woman sitting on his mahogany leather 
couch. She had shoulder length brown hair and eyes that seemed to be staring 
into oblivion. "Sorry to keep you waiting miss... uh, do I know you?" He 
asked with a chuckle.
"Brody. Dr. Kathryn Brody. People call me KD. I believe you knew my 
uncle, Travis Brody?" the woman exclaimed, rising to her feet. Jones smiled 
in recognition. 
"Oh, Travis. The military man. He was a great guy. You say he's your 
uncle?" He asked as he moved to his desk.
"Yes, sir, he was. Unfortunately he passed away six years ago." KD 
replied softly. Jones frowned and shook his head. 
"I'm sorry. He was a good man." He assured her. She nodded. "What was it 
that I could do for you, Miss Brody?" He asked as he flipped through the wad 
of messages. 
"I'm here to discuss bill 174, the nuclear testing legislature." She 
replied, getting right to the point. Jones looked at her, more than a little 
surprised. She stared at him resolutely.
"What about it?" He asked.
"The majority vote's going negative, and as far as I hear, you're the 
leader of the New England pack and even some of the Southern states. The 
senators of these states are listening to you." She explained. 
"Yes, I guess you could say that. It's their decision to do that though, 
not mine." He pointed out. 
"But still, they decide to vote whichever way you vote, correct?" 
"Yes, I suppose so."
"Sir, I'm here to persuade you to vote positive on this bill." KD 
admitted. Jones stared at her incredulously. "Hopefully, if I'm successful, 
you can persuade the others for me."
"You can't be serious." He said with a laugh. KD raised an eyebrow, a 
dark smirk on her face.
"Dead serious, senator." She replied.
"Let me get this straight: The White House sent someone all the way to 
Cambridge just to change my vote?" Jones confirmed.
"Well, technically the White House does not know that I'm here. You could 
sort of say that I'm away without leave." KD replied with a smirk.
"You went AWOL just to get me to change my vote? Why?" Jones asked. 
"I happen to have a very strong idea in regards to the Nuclear tests. I'm 
worried about the future of this planet." She replied.
"You sound like an environmentalist." Jones commented.
"Even if I were such a thing, I can assure you that has nothing to do 
with my motive for standing here." She retorted before coughing lightly. 
Jones raised an eyebrow and sighed.
"I've got a long day ahead of me. I don't have time for this."
"I've got all the time in the world, sir."
"What does that mean?" Jones asked. KD smiled slyly and coughed again.
"It means that I have the time to follow you wherever you go and present 
my arguments in your down time." She admitted.
"You're crazy." Jones exclaimed.
"I know, sir." She replied with a nod. Jones paused and then smiled.
"Just like your uncle." He said. 
"Yes, sir." KD replied with a smile.
"And if you're as much like him as I predict, you're also very stubborn."
"I prefer the word 'persistent'." She replied with a weak smile.
"You're not going to convince me. I don't decide these things without 
thinking it through." Jones insisted.
"Would you permit me to try, sir?" KD replied wryly.
"Do I have a choice?"
"Just barely, sir."
"You don't mind town cars, do you?"
"Not at all, sir."
"You've got my car rides to talk in. The minute you get in the way is the 
minute I kick your butt all the way back to D.C."
"Yes, sir."
"May as well call me Matt, if we're going to spend this much time 
"The sooner you see it my way, the sooner I leave you alone, Matt." KD 
assured him. 
"Why do I doubt that?" He asked with a grin. "Tracy! Where am I going?" 
He called as he rose out of his chair and headed for the door, KD right on 
his heels with a grin plastered to her face.

"Where the hell is she?" Toby snapped as he kicked over one of the chairs 
in his office. Ginger shrugged as she brought in his latest agenda and put it 
on his desk. He grumbled and faced the wall while she picked the chair back 
up and set it right. 
"She's doing what she thinks she's supposed to be doing, whatever it is." 
She replied as she moved back out of the room.
"She was shot! She's not supposed to be doing that. She's supposed to be 
... She's supposed to be... um, she's supposed to be here! With me." 
Toby finally admitted. 
"Aha, the truth comes out." Ginger replied as she walked back in to sift 
through the files on his desk.
"She's not supposed to be driving." Toby murmured.
"She drove to work, didn't she?" Ginger pointed out.
"No. I drove her in the jeep. I had to take a cab home yesterday. The 
Dart didn't start this morning so I had to take one to get here today." Toby 
"Are you more upset about her being gone or about having to take a cab?" 
Ginger teased.
"Haha." Toby retorted sarcastically.
"Tell you what. I'll give you a ride home tonight." Ginger exclaimed as 
she walked out of the room. "Josh wants to see you."
"And he will." Josh added as he walked into Toby's office. 
"What now?" Toby grunted.
"I think I know who hired Rueben." Josh replied. Toby looked at him, a 
shocked but expectant look on his face. "You have to promise me you're gonna 
stay calm, Toby."
"Who was it?" Toby asked fiercely.
"I'm not positive." Josh replied.
"WHO IS IT?????" Toby snapped.
"I think, I'm not sure, but I think it may be Lillienfield." Josh 
admitted. Toby stared at him blankly.
"That's a hell of an accusation." He murmured.
"Lillienfield's organization has mysteriously lost several large sums of 
money during the week preceding the shooting, sums that add up to nearly two 
hundred grand. The funds may have been transferred to various accounts and 
then transferred again into one account, the one that Rueben's pay originated 
from." Josh explained.
"How do you know all this?" Toby inquired. Josh shrugged.
"I have people." He murmured.
"I'm gonna kill that rat-faced son of a bitch." Toby said after a pause. 
Josh raised his hands in protest.
"You can't kill a United States Senator, Toby." He insisted.
"Like hell, I can't. He tried to kill my girlfriend." Toby snapped.
"Technically, that's not true. There's a strong possibility that he hired 
someone to shoot Leo but KD stepped in the way. No one tried to kill your 
girlfriend." Josh pointed out.
"I'm still gonna kill that rat-faced son of a bitch." Toby retorted. Josh 
rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"I'm fairly sure murder is still illegal in this country." He said softly.
"I'm temporarily insane, it's ok." Toby assured him. Josh smirked.
"We don't know it's him, Toby. We don't even know someone hired Rueben. 
We're just making educated guesses at this point." He replied, trying to calm 
his friend.
"Nice repetitive use of the word 'we' but I'm telling you that I am going 
to kill him. We are not." Toby pointed out.
"He's got lots of security, Toby." Josh exclaimed.
"I'll kill them too. Rat-faced son of a bitch." Toby exclaimed as he 
collapsed into his desk chair. 
"Do you understand what this means?" Josh snapped. "This means that a 
United States Senator tried to have the White House chief of staff 
assassinated. This is beyond anything we've ever dealt with before. This is 
like... Mafia material, not politics." He added. "This is going to rock 
the country. It's disastrous." Toby nodded in agreement and sighed.
"We need to verify this. Find that lawyer in you, Josh, and get some 
proof or something. Call that friend of yours and make sure this is true. If 
it is, and we the proof, we can take this rat-faced-" 
"Toby, that's getting repetitive. Call him something else, would you 
please?" Josh interrupted.
"Okay, he's a reptilian weasel, and he's gonna die. Do what I tell you to 
and follow up on this." Toby retorted. Josh smiled and nodded.
"I'm gonna leave now before you decide to kill me." He exclaimed and 
moved out of the office.

"I don't understand why she'd leave like that." Josh murmured. David 
nodded his agreement and sighed. An hour had passed since Josh's meeting with 
Toby and the day was starting to slow. Suddenly the phone rang, and both men 
dove for the receiver. David snatched up.
"KD?" He asked hopefully.
"No." A familiar voice replied. "It's me." David paled and leaned back 
into his chair.
"Dad?" He whispered. Josh got the clue and moved away from the young man 
to sit on Donna's desk and watch him carefully. Donna had also heard the 
exclamation and was now standing, leaning against Josh with an interested 
"I got a very interesting letter in the mail, signed by someone named KD 
Brody. A doctor, no less." Nathaniel Beckwith exclaimed. 
"Yeah, she's my boss. I'm her assistant. She wrote you?" David asked in 
shock. His father was calling him, talking to him.
"So you really do work at the white house?" Nathan asked softly.
"Yes, sir." David replied weakly.
"I'm proud of you, son." The older man exclaimed.
"Thank you, sir." David said with a smile. 
"Listen, you know I have a lot busy days, lots of business deals and 
such." Nathan started.
"Yes, sir." David affirmed apprehensively.
"I'm coming to DC tomorrow. I would very much like to get together with 
you. Maybe we could have lunch or something." 
"That would be great, dad." David replied.
"Meet me at this place called, uh, let's see, there's some place called 
the Georgetown deli?" Nathan asked.
"Yeah, it's a great place. I'll meet you there. When?" David asked 
"Tomorrow at twelve thirty. I'll see you then." Nathan exclaimed. 
"Okay, bye." David said as the line went dead. He sighed, hung up the 
phone and then glanced at his friends. "He's coming to town. He wants to meet 
me for lunch tomorrow." 
"Hey, that sounds good. A nice start, right?" Donna asked. David nodded 
uncertainly and glanced back at the phone. Josh sighed, smiled and got up to 
pat the young man on the back.
"No matter what happens, you've always got us, Dave." He assured the 
young man. David smiled and nodded, his face showing all nervousness he felt. 
Josh smiled and squeezed the young man's shoulder before moving away, back to 
his own office. Donna smiled at David warmly and then followed Josh into his 
office. David just smiled weakly and stared at the phone.

To Be Continued... .





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