RATING: PG-13, strong language (not *that* strong)
ARCHIVE: Ja, sure. Go Ahead. Let me know where. 
SPOILER: KD is released from the hospital and allowed to come back to work 
but ends up taking a trip of her own, leaving the west wing in anguish.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the West Wing characters, I don't own the show. I'm 
only borrowing them. Thank you Aaron Sorkin for inventing them and for 
letting us use them. Fan Fiction writers like myself love you for it, and 
fans like myself just love you anyway. 

Toby sighed and began to glance over the remarks that he'd just finished. 
He'd made a habit of proofreading, and he had come to realize that calling 
KD's cell phone was quite pointless. He didn't notice when Sam leaned into 
the office and watched him for a moment. 
"Hey, Toby." Sam murmured. 
"Hey, Sam." Toby retorted as he continued to work.
"I'm sure she's fine, Toby." 
"So am I, Sam."
"Do you need anything?"
"For you to go away."
"Okay." Sam replied and disappeared out the door. Toby smiled weakly to 
himself. Sam was a good kid, even if he did get a little annoying sometimes. 
The big brotherly connection never did seem to go away. There was a soft 
knock at the door. Yet another interruption.
"Who is it?" He called.
"It's me." Leo exclaimed as he stepped into the room and closed the door 
behind him. 
"I don't have the nuke remarks yet. Besides, you don't need em until next 
week anyway." Toby said without looking up.
"I'm not here about the nuke stuff. I'm here to make sure you're ok." Leo 
replied. "I had a free minute." 
"I'm honored you're giving it to me, but I hardly need it." Toby retorted.
"She's gonna be ok. She probably just went somewhere to harass a senator 
into voting her way. She loves to argue like that." Leo exclaimed as he 
stepped a pace closer to Toby's desk.
"You're the tenth person to come in here and say that KD is okay. I'd 
give you a prize but I'm all out. No one knows if she's okay, no one knows 
where she is, and no one needs to stop by my office and assure me of 
something that they have no idea whether or not is true." Toby replied 
softly. "With all due respect, and I do appreciate the effort, my time could 
be better spent." 
"I get the point. Again. I'll let you know if I hear anything, if you 
promise to do the same." Leo exclaimed as he started back towards the door. 
Toby grunted his agreement and continued working. Leo sighed and disappeared 
out into the hallway traffic. Toby sighed and glanced at the phone. With a 
determined expression, he reached forward, grabbed the handle and dialed. 
"KD Brody's phone." A strange male voice answered. Toby frowned.
"Who is this? What are you doing with Katy's phone?" He asked harshly.
"Who's this?" The voice returned. 
"I asked first. What's going on here?" Toby snapped.
"This is Senator Matthew Allan Jones of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Your 
turn." Jones retorted. 
"Senator Jones? I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I'm Toby Ziegler. I work at 
the white house with KD-" Toby started.
"Ah, yes. The communications director.. KD has said quite a bit about 
you." Jones said with a smile.
"All good, I doubt. Where is she now? Is she okay?" Toby asked hurriedly, 
glad to finally get some answers. 
"She's in recovery right now. We're at the Harvard Medical center. She 
was suffering from slight dehydration, low red cell count and a bit of fever. 
She showed up in my office this morning and then passed out in my elevator 
about two hours ago." Jones explained. 
"Oh, god. She's been missing since yesterday. I've been calling her cell 
all this time. Is she okay? What have the doctors said?" Toby asked, getting 
a little worried. 
"They say she's relatively stable for now. She's a very stubborn lady, so 
I'll wager she's gonna be more than fine. I think it runs in her family." 
Jones added absentmindedly.
"Sir, if I may ask, what is she doing in Cambridge? How do you know her?" 
Toby asked suddenly.
"She's been persuading me, Mr. Ziegler. Trying her damned best to get me 
to vote her way on 174. I knew her uncle very well." Jones replied. "I must 
say, you've got quite a catch there."
"Yes, sir. I know. I just wish I didn't have to worry about her health so 
much." Toby admitted. "She doesn't seem to care if she lives or dies, and 
there are a lot of people who do." 
"From what I've heard, she was recently shot." Jones pointed out. "Her 
health can't be expected to be in top shape."
"I happen to know that. That's why I'm worried. That's why she shouldn't 
have left the way she did." Toby retorted. 
"Well, I'm sure she'll be glad to see you. She's still asleep now, but 
when she wakes up..." Jones hinted. 
"I'm booking a flight right now." Toby replied. 
"She's in room 417 in the East building of Harvard Medical center. I've 
got to go home to my family so I'm going to leave her to the will of the 
nursing staff. I won't take her phone with me." Jones exclaimed.
"Yes, sir. I understand. Thank you for everything, sir." Toby replied as 
he buzzed for Ginger to come in.
"Okay. And Mr. Ziegler?" Jones added. 
"Yes, sir?" Toby asked as Ginger leaned in the door. 
"If you get a chance, tell the President that he has another ally for 
174." Jones said triumphantly. Toby smiled weakly. 'Leave it to Katy' he 
thought as he nodded absentmindedly.
"I'll be sure and let him know, sir." He replied. 
"Good. Goodbye, Mr. Ziegler." Jones exclaimed. 
"Goodbye Senator." Toby exclaimed and slammed the phone down. "Ginger, 
get me the next flight to Cambridge, or somewhere near it." He ordered as he 
moved to grab his coat.
"What's going on?" Ginger asked.
"KD is in Cambridge. I've got to get there. She's in the hospital." Toby 
replied as he moved for the door.
"I'll have the flight ready by the time you get to the airport." Ginger 
informed him as he moved off down the hallway towards the parking garage. Sam 
leaned out of his own office.
"What's going on?" He asked.
"Toby found KD." Ginger replied as she got on the phone. 

To Be continued...





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