RATING: PG-13, strong language (not *that* strong) ARCHIVE: Ja, sure. Go Ahead. Let me know where. SPOILER: KD is released from the hospital and allowed to come back to work but ends up taking a trip of her own, leaving the west wing in anguish. DISCLAIMER: I don't own the West Wing characters, I don't own the show. I'm only borrowing them. Thank you Aaron Sorkin for inventing them and for letting us use them. Fan Fiction writers like myself love you for it, and fans like myself just love you anyway. 

"Did I guess right, George?" Josh probed. Rueben didn't answer. His 
lawyer groaned. Josh was getting sick of the groaning thing. All it seemed 
Rueben's lawyer could do was groan. He groaned about everything. Josh wasn't 
even sure why he'd asked for the lawyer to come, but then he remembered that 
what he had to say to Rueben should be said in the presence of a lawyer. A 
lawyer other than him, a lawyer who had Rueben's interests at heart, and at 
checkbook. To be honest, by this time, Josh wanted to sock both these guys, 
but it was hardly worth the legal hassle.
"Whatever I say, I'm going to prison for years." Rueben murmured. Josh 
"You should have thought of that before you pulled the trigger." He 
retorted sharply. 
"Josh." A soft voice exclaimed. All eyes turned and rest on Leo McGarry 
as he stepped into the room. Rueben gulped. "Don't worry, I'm not here with a 
vengeance. Though I should be." Leo added as he moved further into the room 
and stood next to Josh who had stood up.
"Mr. McGarry, I sincerely think-" The lawyer started. 
"Shut up." Leo interrupted and looked the prisoner in the eye. "Listen to 
me, Hallowell. You're going to prison. You're going to prison for a very long 
time. I'm not going to pretend I'm not pissed as hell at you. I am angry, but 
not because you tried to kill me. Not because you took money for trying to 
kill me. But because you shot a young woman who is about as close to me as my 
own daughter. I could kill you right now with my bare hands, but I'm not 
going to even try. So you listen to me, and you listen well.
"Tell us the truth. Tell us who put you up to this. Tell us and then go 
serve your sentence. You've already been to court, you've already gotten your 
twenty years. But for some reason, you've begged to be brought to the White 
House to talk to me about the true circumstances surrounding your actions. 
For nearly three days you've been annoying the hell out of my deputy chief of 
staff, so now I'm stepping in. Tell us the truth, once and for all, or get to 
the prison cell where you belong and let us go back to the jobs that we're 
paid for. You can live with your knowledge for the rest of your life, the 
next twenty years out of your prime, knowing that the person who let you rot 
there is never going to suffer for his crimes. That's your choice. Decide 
now." Leo finished fiercely. Rueben stared at the table for another fifteen 
seconds and then lifted his eyes to meet the steel gaze of an angry white 
house chief of staff.
"Mr. Lyman did guess correctly. Mr. Lillienfield's personal aide 
contacted me a week before the EPA ceremony. I talked to the senator the day 
following the call, we met, he offered me five hundred thousand dollars and a 
car that I could get away in. Two hundred up front to the account I told Mr. 
Lyman about and then three hundred after. I haven't heard from anyone since." 
Rueben exclaimed slowly. Josh smiled weakly and moved to fish out a piece of 
paper. "You've got your information. What happens to me now?" Rueben asked. 
The lawyer at his side waited expectantly for an answer. 
"Sign this." Josh exclaimed as he slapped the paper down in front of him. 
"What is it?" Rueben asked as his lawyer took the paper and perused it 
carefully. Leo glanced at Josh. 
"It's basically a kind of confession. It's a statement saying that Peter 
Lillienfield hired you and that you took money from him." Josh replied. 
"What does this mean for me?" Rueben asked warily. 
"It means that you'll be eligible for parole a little sooner, but it 
doesn't get you into any more trouble. You'll never be able to purchase a gun 
again, but that was already determined anyway." Josh replied. Rueben looked 
at his lawyer who nodded and handed over the paper and a pen. Rueben signed 
it and handed it back to Josh. 
"Thank you for your help, Mr. Hallowell." Leo said softly. 
"I'm sorry, Mr. McGarry. I truly am." Rueben exclaimed.
"Good-bye, Mr. Hallowell." Leo replied before nodding to the guard. The 
guard took a hold of Rueben's shoulder and escorted him out of the room. The 
lawyer smiled and walked out after his client.
"Leo, do you know what this means?" Josh asked as he looked at the signed 
"It means that this whole thing has become a giant shitstorm." Leo 
replied as he walked out the door he came in. Josh nodded and followed his 
boss, silently agreeing.

"Hey, David. How ya feeling?" Ginger asked as she walked over to David's 
desk with a packet of papers in hand. She frowned as she saw the vacant 
expression on his face. "David, look at me." She insisted as she traced a 
finger alone his jawline and brought his gaze up to focus on her.
"He wants me to sway a vote. That's all he wanted." David said softly. 
"He thinks that all I'm good for now is making sure the politics work his 
way." He added. Ginger sighed. 
"He's an asshole, David. Maybe things would just be better if you cut him 
out of your life." She whispered.
"He's my father. I can't do that." David insisted. "I know he loves me. I 
just, I just have to find away to make him realize it." 
"You can't force him to love you. He does love you, but in a way that is 
not going to do you any good. You've gone four years without talking to him, 
David. You can go a lifetime by showing him the mistake he's making by 
pushing you away." Ginger retorted. David shook his head and sighed, reaching 
forward to grab his agenda. 
"What did you come over for, Ginger?" He asked softly.
"Toby found KD. He's on his way over to see her. So far, she's okay. I 
just thought you'd want to know." She replied softly before placing a memo on 
his desk and walking away. 

Jones stared out the window as the moon rose a little further into the 
sky. He knew that he'd promised to go home and see his family, but something 
held him back and he stayed in the hospital room in case KD woke up. He 
didn't want her to be alone when she did. There was a soft click behind him, 
causing Jones to spin around and see a middle-aged man lean in the door with 
a worried look on his face. 
"Who are you?" Jones asked harshly.
"Senator Jones, I'm Toby Ziegler. We talked on the phone." Toby replied 
softly before glancing at KD's sleeping form. Jones could see the strong face 
of the new visitor weaken a little. 
"I remember." Jones murmured. "Come on in. I don't bite." He said with a 
chuckle. Toby smiled and moved into the room. "Doctor says she's gonna be 
fine. I didn't want to leave her alone though. Now that you're here, I'm 
going to go home." Jones exclaimed. Toby nodded again. "Well. Then... I'll 
leave you two alone." He added before walking out and going home. Toby 
watched the aged senator leave and then looked at KD again. He moved over to 
a chair and dragged it over to her bedside where he sat down and took her 
hand in his. 
"So why'd you do this to me, Katy?" He whispered as he gazed at her 
closed eyes. "This is far too familiar for my tastes. Why'd you have to just 
up and leave like that? You had everybody worried." He murmured as he stroked 
her cheek gently with his free hand. "I don't know whether to be extremely 
angry at you for leaving or elated that you're all right." He added. He 
glanced down at the hand he held in his own and didn't notice as KD opened 
her eyes a little and glanced at him. 
"I'm just so mixed up here. You know, I'm going to take you home, and 
then I'm going to chain you to the... I dunno, something." He exclaimed.
"You almost said 'bed' you sly dog." KD murmured playfully. Toby looked 
at her abruptly and then sighed. 
"I should have known you were listening." He proclaimed sharply. Then his 
features softened and he leaned forward until he was about an inch away from 
her face. "I'm having déjà vu and I don't like it." He murmured. KD smiled 
and moved her head forward to nudge his nose before leaning back.
"Sorry. There was just something I had to do." She replied softly. Toby 
sighed and kissed her forehead.
"Next time, answer the damn phone, will ya?" He teased. She grinned. 
"I'm too stubborn to do that." She replied before reaching forward and 
pulling him into a tender kiss. 
"I know. It stinks." He agreed before kissing her again.
"Nah, it's why you love me. Admit it." She retorted. 
"Next time could you let me know? I like seeing you in the hospital just 
about as much as you like being in the hospital, which we both know is not at 
all." He pointed out. 
"You've made your point. But where would the fun be in letting you know?" 
She retorted with a playful grin. He groaned and kissed her again. When they 
parted, he rested his forehead against hers.
"I'm never letting you go again." He whispered. 
"That's good to hear." She replied. 

"Come on in." Jed called as he glanced through the papers that described 
what his day was going to be like tomorrow. Leo and CJ walked in and closed 
the door behind him. "Great. Where's everyone else?" He muttered. As soon as 
the words escaped his lips, Josh and Sam moved in another door. "Where's 
Toby?" Jed asked. 
"Uh, Cambridge." Josh replied. 
"Cambridge? Why?" Leo asked. 
"He's visiting KD in the hospital." Josh replied. Everyone stifled groans 
and found seats. "She's okay. They're releasing her tomorrow morning and 
they'll both be back in their offices... If we don't murder her first, of 
course." Josh added with a grin.
"At least that's taken care of. What's next?" Jed asked. 
"Sir, we have a press conference in twenty minutes, and we'll be making 
an announcement endorsed by White House counsel. Sir, Senator Lillienfield 
has been arrested." CJ exclaimed. 
"Arrested? What for? What's going on?" Jed exclaimed.
"Sir, we have a signed confession from George Hallowell that Lillienfield 
hired him to assassinate Leo." Josh chimed in. Jed stared at him 
incredulously. Leo stepped forward. 
"It's been confirmed, sir. Lillienfield had two hundred thousand dollars 
transferred to Hallowell's account. The evidence is becoming insurmountable. 
We've even got one of his aides stepping forward to admit his part in the 
whole thing." Leo said solemnly. 
"Are you telling me that Senator Lillienfield tried to have you killed, 
Leo?" Jed asked softly. 
"It seems that way, sir." Josh replied. 
"See that he gets the electric chair, will someone?" Jed snapped. 
"Sir-" Leo started.
"I know. I know. I was just .. . Goddamn. What does he say?" The 
President asked. Sam stepped forward.
"So far, all we've gotten is that he won't say anything. It seems he's 
meeting with his lawyers right now in the lockup." He answered. 
"Okay. To the Press, we'll simply say that he's been arrested. Answer the 
questions. Don't state opinions. We can't come off as too personal." Jed 
exclaimed. CJ nodded and glanced at Leo. He gave a curt nod and she left the 
room. Josh and Sam settled a few more things and then left the two gentlemen 
"He wanted you dead, Leo. Why? What does this guy have against you?" Jed 
murmured angrily. Leo shrugged as he watched his friend lean against the 
presidential desk. Then the weary chief of staff sighed and leaned against 
the wooden furniture, taking his place by his friend's side. The two just 
stood there together in silence.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We're going to keep this short tonight, so listen up." CJ exclaimed as she took her standard position by the 
podium in the press room. "First off, one week from this Friday, the President will be holding a press conference on bill 174, the Nuclear testing ban legislature. The White House has been informed that Senator Jones of Massachusetts has altered his vote to an aye vote, an event that will more than likely swing the majority vote in a different direction." CJ finished exclaiming when voices cried out her name. "Jack?" 
"What changed the Senator's mind?" He called. 
"Apparently he was persuaded by Dr. KD Brody who went to Cambridge yesterday to discuss the issue with him. Katie?" CJ called. 

"What does the White House have to say about the arrest of Senator Peter Lillienfield?" A female reporter called. 

"The White House is saddened by the information uncovered implicating that the senator had hand in some wrongdoing regarding the attempted 
assassination of Chief of Staff Leo McGarry, but an insurmountable amount of evidence was uncovered as well as several confessions by a member of the senator's staff and the would-be assassin himself. Danny?" 
"Is it true that KD Brody is currently in the hospital?" Danny asked. CJ took a deep breath, not surprised that the question came from him. 

"Yes, it is true. In going to Cambridge, Dr. Brody endangered her health. After fainting in Senator Jones's office, she was taken to the Harvard 
medical center where she was put under close watch. Her symptoms were a high fever, shortness of breath, low blood cell count and moderate dehydration. She's currently in stable condition and will be returning to Washington DC tomorrow." She replied. The reporters moved quickly to scramble her every word down on their miniscule pads of paper. 
"Moving on..." 

Josh watched the press conference in his office, as he often did. A soft 
knock came at the door. He looked up and saw David leaning in. He waved the 
young man in and shut off the television.
"Hey, buddy. Come on in. How'd it go?" Josh asked happily. David didn't 
reply but rather shut the door and sat down in a chair, a look of confusion 
contorting his face. Josh sighed and sat down opposite the younger man, 
waiting for him to take his time. 
"He asked me to convince KD to persuade the President to veto the Medical 
research bill because if it passes, his business could go sour." David said 
in a soft passive tone. Josh closed his eyes, processing the pain that he 
knew David must be going through. "That's all he cares about, Josh. His 
business. As soon as he heard I'm working in politics, he started formulating 
how he was going to use it to his advantage."
"He's an asshole, David." Josh murmured.
"I know that in my head, Josh. But I can't accept it in my heart." David 
replied softly. "I don't know what to do."
"You're a part of this family now, David. The West Wing is a family, and 
you're the newest addition. Don't let him make you feel like you deserve 
anything less than respect." Josh assured him, looking the young man straight 
into his sharp blue eyes. He couldn't help but notice that the younger man 
seemed like he was about to cry. 
"Tell me I can live without him." David whispered shakily. "Tell me 
someone can live without a father." 
"David, my father died about two and a half years ago. We're both without 
fathers, but for different reasons. So let us stand together as we are, and 
you and I will be the family we haven't got." Josh exclaimed and held out a 
hand. David bit his lip, fighting back tears, took the hand and shook it 
firmly. Josh smiled, stood up and pulled David into a hug. "You can live 
without him, David. You've got us to take care of you. Lord knows, you've got 
enough people here who see you like a son, and it hurts us to see you hurt. 
So," He paused, pushing back from the young man. "You have to promise us that 
from now on, you're gonna come to us as your family, and not let the asshole 
hurt you anymore."
"I don't know if it's that easy, Josh." David replied honestly.
"Then we'll be here for you anyway. Okay?" Josh retorted. David smiled 
and nodded. "Good. Good." Josh repeated softly as he realized he had nothing 
left to say. Then it struck him. "Hey, we got a poker game tonight but KD and 
Toby checked out on us. You wanna sit in?" He asked. David laughed and looked 
at his feet uncertainly.
"Will the others mind?" He asked timidly, looking back at Josh.
"Nah, are you kidding me?" Josh replied. "They'd love to have ya."

"Come on in." Leo called as he glanced at his schedule for after lunch. 
He looked up as KD leaned into the room with a friendly smile on her face. He 
immediately dropped the papers on to his desk, rose to his feet and met her 
halfway to wrap his arms around her. She hugged him back with a chuckle. 
"Hey, dad. Take it easy." She said softly. He stepped back from her and 
stared her in the eye. 
"Don't you ever do that again. I'm going to sic the secret service on 
your tail for the rest of your goddamn life." He assured her gently. She 
chuckled and nodded, pushing a strand of hair out of her eyes and behind her 
ear. Leo reached up and stroked her head gently before pulling her into 
another hug. "I'm glad you're okay. I was going crazy." 
"You sound about as bad as Toby." She replied. 
"Is that my kid I hear in there?" Jed exclaimed as he walked into the 
room. Leo let go of KD long enough for Joss to pull her into his own arms and 
nearly squeeze the breath out of her.
"Need... Air... Joss." KD murmured weakly. Leo chuckled as Jed 
quickly let go of her and patted her on the back.
"Serves you right. You know, it's a violation of your contract for you to 
go on vacation without telling us. I'm within my right mind to toss you into 
the dungeon." Jed scolded.
"For the last time, you don't have a dungeon. Besides, it was for a good 
cause and you survived pretty well without me." KD retorted.
"Hardly. Just promise us you won't do that again." Leo insisted.
"You guys know I never promise anything." She replied. 
"Promise us this." Jed proclaimed. 
"I promise I will never drive to Cambridge in order to talk to Senator 
Matthew Allan Jones about nuclear weapons legislature bill 174 after having 
been shot three weeks before... again." KD answered with her right hand 
over her heart and her left hand in the air. Jed and Leo laughed, and Jed 
pulled her into another hug. 
"What are you doing now, smart ass?" Leo asked as KD broke away again.
"I'm working on nukes and medical research, like I'm supposed to. Then 
I'm going home with Toby and we're gonna have a nice relaxed evening. Staff 
meeting at three, right?" KD asked as she backed for the door.
"You're not out of the doghouse yet!" Jed insisted. 
"See you at three, guys." KD exclaimed as she stepped out of the office 
and closed the door behind her. 
"I don't think she's ever going to grow up." Jed mused as he watched the 
door close. Leo laughed. 
"We hardly encourage it. At least she's still alive and with us." Leo 
retorted as he moved to sit back down behind his desk. 
"Meeting at three?" Jed asked as he walked back towards the Oval office. 
Leo nodded. 
"We're meeting with the Secretary of defense at two. I'll see you then." 
Leo exclaimed as his boss and best friend disappeared. 

"I go away for two days and you fall asleep on your desk?" KD teased as 
she sprang up behind her assistant. David jumped and then sprang to his feet 
to take his boss into a big hug. She laughed and patted him on the back. They 
stepped back and she looked him over. "You look like hell! What happened to 
you?" She asked seriously. David sighed.
"My dad came to town." He admitted. She sighed and hugged him again. 
"Glad to see you're still alive. I can't stand to lose someone like you." 
She exclaimed as she pushed him back again. She leaned over his drawer and 
pulled out the gold stars. "Here, go fill em out. You made it, kid." She said 
with a smile. David laughed and took the gold stars. 
"Thanks boss." He said softly.
"You deserve it. Now get me back to work." She exclaimed and moved into 
her office. David laughed again and moved in after her. 

The End....


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