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They really need to start selling Fresca here. I need that stuff.
It's not quite as hot in my office now that I'm getting used to it,
with the fan being a good nice help and all in that department. I
think I'll survive. If people can survive the Sahara, I can survive
my office.
Lord, how did I get here? I'm a Republican lawyer working in a
Democrat's white house. My parents freaked, my friends freaked, hell,
even I freaked. Never in my life did I realize that I could ever work
for a Democrat. I think what makes me even more surprised is that
they've been listening to me; I actually do make a difference around
here. When I first came here, I thought they only wanted me so that
they could say "We have a Republican working here! We're bi-partisan!"
I'm still not entirely sure.
I do not know what this iambic pentameter talk is about. I speak
the way that I speak. It's not like I'm attempting to speak "in
iambic pentameter" but whatever. I was raised believing that if you
speak with respect, you are paying respect to those who are hearing
you and earning respect from those who are listening. I believe that.
Around here, I need all the respect that I can get.
They're coming around though. I am getting along quite well with
Sam and CJ; Josh I rarely see but we have pleasant encounters when I
do see him; Leo is very kind and the President is a tolerable man;
Mr. Ziegler I also rarely see, nor do I hear from him, but people
tell me that his treatment of me is no different than for other
people, so that's got to be a good thing.
Someone once told me that life is like a river; it's always
twisting around so you never know what's going to happen next until
it's too late, and then every once in a while, you get a waterfall. I
didn't believe that until I saw 456-1414 on that stupid caller ID
screen. Since then, my "river" can't seem to stay straight. I just
keep finding twist after turn after twist after turn.
It's exciting almost.
I've got things to do. It's a strange feeling, being needed,
especially when people you generally disregard as opponents are the
ones who need you. I think I like my life. It surprises me more than
any one, but I like it here. This white house is so much more
tolerable than I thought it could be. It's become my life.
Scary, I know.
My apartment has finally been completely unpacked... except
for the kitchen and my bedroom. Oh, well. I'll get to it soon. I'll
probably find my portable heater just in time for spring. I hope my
office is much more tolerable when the White House heaters aren't in
hyperactive use. It had better be. Otherwise, Tribbey or no Tribbey,
I'm gonna file a complaint or something.
No, I won't. Oh, well. It's not really in me. I don't mind it
that much.
I want to get a cat. I don't have time for a cat, but I still
want one. I just need something furry to cuddle every time I get
frustrated, because that seems to be happening more and more lately,
getting frustrated. Maybe I should ask CJ about it; after all, she's
the one who thinks I kill my pets, right? She should have some good
advice for me.
I'm joking. I'm not bitter.
What does my life consist of? I was born and raised in North
Carolina and I'm proud of my origins. Sometimes I wonder how I got
into politics; I think it came through my love for this country. I
love this country, always have, and I've always wanted to make a
difference in it. That's the driving force in my life: make a
difference or don't bother trying.
I'm gonna spend my life trying, even if it kills me. That's why
I'm here.
When I was ten, I swore that I would work until I had enough
money to see the world, and then I would just go. Today I'm not so
idealistic. I still want to see the world; Italy, France, Japan. I
want to go to all these places and more. Does that seem strange? The
only people that I've ever told that dream to were my parents. My
father said "maybe someday, sunflower." My mother said "How unlike
you, dear."
I miss being a kid. I could run and play and learn and not have
to worry about politics or parties or having to always be right. I
had a dog once. He's dead now, but I still cherish the memories of
running through the fields with him. I miss that sense of freedom. I
miss not having to be cooped up in a hot office all day. I miss those
days when I used to wonder what the future would be like. Now I sit
and wonder about the past. There's a lot of future left to wonder
about, but there's not as much mystery left to it.
The only thing that I know for sure is the past. That's all any
of us could know. That's all anyone can ask me to know.
They're an interesting group of people. I might even go so far as
to say that my dad might like them. Toby Ziegler is an excellent
writer; Josh is a true survivor; CJ is a graceful warrior armed with
words; Leo is a leader and a father all in one; the President
honestly believes in the good of this country; Sam... Well, Sam is
Their view may be more than a little different than mine,
extremely opposite in some cases, but we get along quite well anyway.
I mean, we're not exactly a happy little family... well, they
comprise a happy little family without me, but in the grand scheme of
things, I'm something like a distant cousin or something like that.
That works.
Where am I? Compared to where I was last year? Ten years ago?
Fifteen? How does time move so fast? I never asked for a life like
this. I did well in school, got into Harvard and then Harvard law,
and then that led to politics and then here. How does that work? It
feels like only yesterday I was graduating high school, my bright
future ahead of me, working for... I don't know that I knew where
I'd be working. I wasn't planning then to be a lawyer. I wasn't sure
what the future held, and to be honest, I'm still not.
I believe that this world is a complicated one. It is those
complications that keep us going however. We need challenges; we need
interests; we need to make sure that things don't get boring. Hell,
that's another reason I took this job: It's one heck of a challenge.
Let's think about it for a moment, shall we? I am a young,
blonde, apparently "leggy" Republican woman who works as an assistant
White House counsel for a Democrat's White House. Why? Is it because
I am open to bipartisanism? I'm looking for benefits and good pay?
Yeah, right. I'm here for the challenge, and I'm here to serve my
country the best that I know how.
That's the only thing to do.
My mother would say that it's "unlike" me.
What shall I do today? I'm quite bored right this moment. The
workload seems to have tapered off. Strange how that happens around
here. I'm not sure if people just time it so that we all have a
little off time and then it's right back to work we go, more stray
pieces of paper all over the place. I think that the West Wing is a
machine that's been programmed that way.
I want to talk to my father. I haven't talked to him in such a
long time. We used to talk late into the night about any old thing.
As I grew older though, we just didn't have the time, and then when
my mom got sick and I got this job, time became the least of our
obstacles. I'm just tired of feeling alone. I work in a building with
more than 1,200 other people employed within it, and yet I always
feel so alone. Maybe it's because I'm surrounded by people who seem
to believe that I'm an enemy of some sort.
I really am alone, aren't I?
I suppose I should find some work to do. It's got to be more
constructive than sitting around here and feeling sorry for myself.
If there's anything I hate, It's feeling sorry for myself.
That's the main reason why I always have to try and make a




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