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SUMMARY: What happened to Levi?

Leo tapped his pen on his desk, his thoughts racing through the
confines of his brain. The police still had very few details to give him, and
there was no suspect to beat the crap out of. Levi had apparently stopped by
a convenience store to get some snacks for the party, and some non-alcoholic
drinks for her to enjoy, when a masked gunman decided that the store would
have a better loot than the bank two blocks down the street. Levi had seen
the gun and then decided to be her noble, stupid self, talking to the guy.
Something went wrong, he aimed at another customer, and Levi took the hits.
Now she was in surgery, fighting for her life and giving déjà vu to
every single senior staff member in the West Wing. Everyone except Josh who
had been on the other side of the knife last time around.
Josh. Josh had reacted so angrily to the news. He and Toby looked so
angry, as if they were going to take on the world. Josh, he was hurt. He was
now on the outside looking in. The shooting had been a traumatic experience
for them all, but Josh had been the one in the hospital bed. There was
something different about Josh with this. He seemed to need to be at the
hospital. He seemed to actually *need* it when he asked to, or rather
insisted that he go to the hospital to see Levi. He had yet to call though.
Leo couldn't help but wonder what was going on, how Levi was right now.
As if on cue, the phone rang.
"This is Leo." He said quickly.
"She's still in surgery." Josh said through the line, his voice
cracking with pressure.
"I'm not surprised." Leo replied, stopping himself before mentioning
the fact that Josh's own surgery was well over fourteen hours. "Have you
talked to anyone yet?" He asked.
"No. There's no one really to talk to. A nurse told me that her heart
stopped once, but that they got her back. Other than that, it's only a matter
of time." Josh said as he stared towards the doors to the OR hallway. The
nurse had told him he could go through the doors and look through a small
window and watch them operate on Levi, but he wasn't about to do that. He
"It stopped?" Leo asked weakly.
"Yeah. Heck, so did mine, right?" Josh asked weakly. Leo paused. It
was the first time that Josh had made a deliberate connection between his own
wound and Levi's.
"Twice, I heard." Leo admitted. Josh chuckled softly.
"She'll pull though. She has to. She has to wake up and see the looks
on the faces of all those Republicans who said that passing this bill was
going to be impossible." He insisted softly.
"Yeah, she can wake up and tell them that it was only 'highly
improbable' while Toby fumes about not getting credit for the saying." Leo
"I think the saying existed before Toby." Josh retorted with a weak
"Probably, but he'd take credit anyway." Leo replied. There was a
"What have you found out about the shooting itself?" Josh asked.
"Well," Leo started. "Apparently, she stopped off at the Quik-E-Mart
over on 17th to pick up some non-alcoholic drinks and some chips, these were
things she had in her basket along with some beef jerky, undoubtably for
Dante. Some guy, witnesses say he had a young voice and a scrawny frame,
which in addition to the security videos implies that he was a sixteen or
seventeen year old boy, came into the store masked with a gun. Levi tried to
play hero, probably because she saw the gun and freaked, like she always does
when she sees guns; another hostage screamed or something, the guy freaked
and turned to shoot the woman but Levi got in the way. That's what they've
managed to extrapolate."
"She had to play hero, huh?" Josh asked softly.
"Just like the rest of us, Josh." Leo retorted.
"When does the President speak?" Josh asked, changing the subject
"In about five minutes." Leo answered, glancing at the clock. Across
the room, he could see commentators talking to the television, but thankfully
they were muted. It was only a matter of time.

"Mr. President, are you ready?" Toby asked as he stood before his boss
who was perusing the quickly written speech. Jed finished reading and then
looked at his communications director.
"Toby, I think you and I are going to have to talk when I get a free
minute." He said softly. Toby raised an eyebrow. "There are few questions I
want to ask you about where the heart of this came from. Later though." He
"Yes, sir." Toby said, slightly confused.
"CJ's out there, sir. It's time to go." Sam said as he leaned into the
"Okay, Sam. I"m coming." The President said before patting Toby on the
arm and heading for the press room.
"The President is going to make a brief statement and then I'll take a
few questions, and by a couple, I mean two minutes, so talk fast." CJ
announced. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States." She
added before stepping aside and allowing the President to take her place. Jed
paused at the podium and blinked slightly as the cameras started going off.
He raised his hands to calm the active press members.
"Good evening. Earlier today, a comprehensive gun safety legislative
package was sent to Congress for consideration. Roughly an hour and a half
ago, it passed through the House and the Senate with votes to spare. This
adminstration has been granted permission to take on the daunting task of
finally fixing some of the gun violence problems in this country." He said,
his eyes floating from the teleprompter to the press crowd and back.
"Coincidentally, at the same time, one of the principal lobbyists of this
legislation was standing in a nearby convienence store being shot while
acting in the defense of one this nation's citizens. Miss Sarah Levi McClane
was admitted to George Washington Hospital tonight with multiple life
threatening gunshot wounds." Jed said, his voice weakening. There were
murmurs in the crowd as pens began to scribble.
"This night is a testament. It is a message. On the one night that the
leaders of this country banded together to fight against gun violence, one of
this country's principal thinkers was taken down by a firearm. This is the
proclamation: It is not enough simply to pass a bill. We are going to enact
it. Right now, here, tonight. Let this night be a testament to all the ones
who have perished, to all the ones who have watched family and friends
perish, to all the ones who have had to suffer the wounds of arrogance of the
firearm. Tonight is the night that we are going to stand up and say 'no
more'. Tonight, of all nights, is the night that we decided to act, and by
God, we're going to act." Jed declared before giving a curt nod to the
cameras and then headed for the door. The press was on their feet, caught
between asking questions and scribbling words. CJ took back her place and the
media mania began again. She just didn't have the heart to deal with it.
"CJ, what is McClane's condition?" Someone called.
"Most recent updates list her as in critical condition." CJ replied.
"What's the name of the place where she was shot at?" Arthur called.
"Is there a suspect in custody?" Steven asked.
"I can't divulge that information at this time. Make it fast. You have
75 seconds." CJ exclaimed.
"What was the general reaction of the White House staff to the news of
this shooting?" Someone called.
"I have no real comment on that except to say that the White House
staff is currently in a state of grief and anticipation. We're currently
getting regular updates from the hospital on her condition. Last question."
CJ called.
"How does this recent event influence the President's policy?" A voice
asked. CJ paused.
"I believe the President himself just told you. Good night everyone."
CJ said before leaving the room.

To Be Continued...

~ D.C.


Of All Nights - 3




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