TITLE: Something Funny Happened On The Way To The White House
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them. Just borrowing. Aaron Sorkin is God.
NOTES: See Part 1
SUMMARY: Just a really strange day in the West Wing.

"Yes, Danny?"
"I have a question."
"I got that impression."
"Who's that girl?"
"I honestly don't know. She's just one of the students."
"Toby seems very fascinated in talking to her."
"I really hadn't noticed."
"I mean, they were arguing earlier, but now they seem to be having fun."
"I really hadn't noticed."
"You said that already."
"Danny, I answered your question."
"I have another one."
"What's that?"
"Will you go to dinner with me tonight?"
"I have to go talk to the President now."

"You got to admit, the P-51's kick butt." Dylan challenged.
"Yes, the Mustangs kick butt." Toby replied with a laugh.
"I have a question." Dylan said suddenly.
"Why is the Deputy Chief of Staff wearing glittery red leather pants?"
"I'm not sure, but I think it had something to do with spilt coffee."
Toby replied. Dylan paused and then looked at Toby, eyeing him up and down.
Toby looked at her and frowned. "What the hell are you doing?"
"Wondering what you'd looked like if you had an incident with spilt
coffee." She admitted with a grin.
"Don't do that again."
"Think about that again."
"You know, my foster mother is single."
"Don't do *that* again, either."
"It was just a thought."
"Don't think like that."
"You can't control the way I think."
"I don't like the way you think."
"You should." Dylan said with a grin. "Josh Lyman may have a fan club
that screams his name, but you, sir, do not go unnoticed." She added before
looking back at Josh.
"Did I just hear what I thought I heard?" Toby asked as he looked at her.
"Nope. You should get your ears fixed."

"My shirt is sticky."
"Too bad."
"You should wash it."
"You should watch your mouth."
"I would, but I can't get my eyes to the right angle."
"Get a mirror."
"Are you being ornery?"
"No. This is ornery."

"Leo?" Sam asked as he stepped into his boss's office. Leo looked up and
waved his young coworker in.
"What's up?" Leo asked.
"Mallory is on the rampage." Sam exclaimed. Leo scowled.
"Didn't I tell you not to tell her that you saw Cartwell?" He snapped.
"I know!" Sam replied. "I don't even remember telling her though. I think
she guessed."
"She put you in the doghouse?"
"No, I think she's going to try to kill Cartwell. See, there was this
little thing where Cartwell was kind of... flattering?"
"Cartwell hit on you?"
"What do you mean?"
"We can use that."
"I'm just saying..."
"Sam, do you need anything else?"
"What about Mal?"
"Don't worry about it." Leo replied with a grin.
"Leo, don't even think about it." Sam exclaimed.
"Bye, Sam." Leo said with a bigger grin.
"Leo!" Sam cried.
"Bye, Sam!" Leo replied as he moved out of his own office for another

"Well, Dylan, it was nice meeting you." Jed Bartlet exclaimed as the
other kids disappeared down the hallway towards the exit. Dylan glanced after
her classmates and then nodded at the President.
"It was an honor, sir. I mean the part after we each offended each
other." She replied with a smirk. "And you, Mr. Ziegler."
"It was certainly very interesting." Toby conceded.
"If you see leather boy, tell him that it was very fascinating watching
him flirt with Miralson, especially since she's taken." Dylan pointed out.
"He'll be sorry to hear that." Toby said with a grin.
"I didn't see a ring." Jed said with a frown.
"Well, that's because it's not legal for Miralson to marry her
significant other." Dylan remarked dryly. "Unlike politicians, we don't
really care if someone is gay or straight at my school." Silence permeated
the air between them. "Something else for you to mention to leather boy."
"That conversation should be an interesting one." Jed said absentmindedly.
"I'll say. And then grass or moss or whatever she was, she can rest easy
knowing that he was flirting with a no-winner anyway." Dylan added. Toby
chuckled. "So, Toby, you got the thing still?"
"I got it." Toby assured her, holding up a piece of paper.
"What's that?" Jed asked.
"Email address." Dylan answered. "Toby's gonna try and get me on the
Dallas." Jed grinned and looked at Toby, who seemed to have become incredibly
fascinated with his shoes.
"I'm glad to see that you two have learned to get along." Jed said with a
"Well, I better 'get along' or I'll miss the damn bus. I have no doubts
that those people would leave me behind in a second." Dylan muttered with a
smirk. Toby and Jed nodded and then watched as she hurried down the hallway.
"Still say she's nothing like you?" Jed asked.
"Yes, sir." Toby replied. "She's actually likable after a certain period
of time."
"Amen to that." Jed said with a grin, earning him a quick glare from his
friend and colleague.

TBC... .


Something Funny Happened On The Way To The White House - 6



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