TITLE: Something Funny Happened On The Way To The White House
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them. Just borrowing. Aaron Sorkin is God.
NOTES: See Part 1
SUMMARY: Just a really strange day in the West Wing.

"Josh!" Toby called as he stormed down the hallway. "Josh, you ran out on
the thing!" He exclaimed. Josh looked away from his argument with Donna and
looked at Toby who had stopped dead in his tracks. "What the hell are you
"She poured punch on my shirt." Josh exclaimed.
"Josh, what the *hell* are you wearing??" Toby cried.
"Calm down, Toby. It's just a t-shirt." Josh said weakly.
"It's a t-shirt with a *Furby* on it!" Toby exclaimed.
"You should see the back." Donna interjected. "It's for my cousin's
little girl. I had it made specially; It's reversible."
"God, do I even want to know?" Toby asked.
"Just be glad I chose the Furby side." Josh muttered.
"I happen to think that Pikachu is very cute." Donna pointed out. Toby
rolled his eyes and put up his hands as a sort of defensive barrier.
"I'm getting out of here... as fast... as... I can..." He said
simply before hurrying away. Josh looked pointedly at his assistant.
"Well, this day has just gone splendidly." He growled.
"I didn't spill coffee in your lap, so don't look at me." Donna replied
before walking away. Josh grumbled and went back into his office.

"Mallory, what happened to your hand?" Leo cried as his daughter walked
into his office. Mallory waved her hands about and collapsed on his couch.
"Did you *hit* Senator Cartwell?"
"No, I didn't get that far. I got to my car and then for some reason the
window wouldn't work right and it closed on my hand." Mallory grumbled. "I
went to Dr. Pickering, and he wrapped it up. I was too tired by then to go
beat the crap out of her, but I will tomorrow, I swear."
"Mal." Leo said suddenly.
"Yeah, dad?" She slurred.
"Did he give you any meds?" He asked.
"Well, he gave me this teeny, tiny little white thing to take if it hurt
an' it hurt so I took and so I guess the answer would be yes, sir." Mal
replied with a happy grin. Leo sighed.
"I hope you took a cab." He murmured.
"Yes, sir!" She declared.
"Margaret!" Leo called. "I've got a staff meeting, so you have to wait
here. Margaret, make sure she doesn't leave."
"How am I supposed to do that?" Margaret asked.
"I don't know. Call Rodney the marine or something." Leo replied and
headed for the Oval office. As soon as he stepped through the door, he found
the senior staff looking at him helplessly. He didn't know why until Jed
Bartlet turned around and spoke.
"Leo, Leo, Leo... Such a nice name, don't you think?" He cooed. "Now,
Leo, I've been trying to talk to these guys about... Guys, what was I
talking about?" The President asked as he faced the others again. Leo sighed
and pressed his fingertips to his eyelids. Behind him the door opened and
Mallory stumbled in.
"Hey everyone!" She exclaimed happily. Jed faced her.
"Hi Mallory!" Jed chorused.
"Hey, Uncle Jed! How you feeling?" She asked as she groped her way to
him. He hung an arm around her shoulder.
"I'm doing mighty fine, mighty fine. How about you?" He asked drunkenly.
"Just dandy!" Mal slurred. Everyone just looked at Leo for guidance. Leo
looked at Josh in his red pants and Furby shirt; Toby with his bandaged
fingers; a bewildered-looking Sam in his rumpled suit and CJ who was confused
by every single aspect of the day.
"So..." He said with a pause. "What's on the agenda for today?" He
asked moving to sit on the couch.
"Goooood question!" Jed exclaimed. "I think we should talk about my
getting a dog." He added as he moved to sit next to Leo.
"Ooooh, cool!" Mal exclaimed.
And so the meeting began.





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