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NOTES: I still don't know if this is gonna become a series or not. Depends on
how y'all react to it.
ALSO: "Run" Is a song of Collective Soul, it is not mine. "Lay Down Beside
Me" is a Backstreet Boys song, please don't shoot me, and also does not
belong to me.

Rade kicked a rock as she walked around the perimeter of the White House.
It was seven o'clock, by her watch and she was starting to get a little
hungry. No one was surprised when she didn't show up for dinner, so no one
called Thickneck to check on her. She didn't care. She was the forgotten
child anyway and she was so angry at her father that she knew she couldn't
sit still at a dinner table for too long before yelling at him for some
stupid reason like his not passing the salt or something. She looked around
the place, at ease in the outdoors of Washington D.C. Thickneck followed her
from a short distance, but at least he gave her more space than anyone else
"Hey, thickneck, what's your name?" She asked as she faced the agent. He
paused and stared at her blankly.
"I do not have a thick neck." He retorted. "Do I?"
"No, I guess not. I think it's just my word for bodyguard or something.
Do you even have a name?" She asked again.
"My name is Ellis." The man replied stiffly.
"Right. Ellis Thickneck. Got it." She murmured before looking back to her
walk. Ellis followed her, shaking his head at her eccentricities. She sighed
and began to hum softly as she looked around, trying to gather her thoughts
and realize what it was that she wanted from the world. She hummed a little
louder trying to remember the words of the song that was stuck in her head.
*Are these times contagious?*
*I've never been this bored before*
*Is this the prize I've waited for?*
The words began to ring in her head as she remembered. She stepped out on
to the lawn a little further, tempted to get away from the White House and
reassured and annoyed by the fact that Ellis Thickneck was right behind her.
*Now as the hours passing*
*There's nothing left here to insure*
*I long to find a messenger*
*Have I got a long way to run?*
*Yeah, I run*
"Miss Knox, I don't think we should go too far away from the White
House." Ellis called. Rade waved him off and kept walking.
"I want to get as far away from it as I can, and since I can't do that,
I'm gonna walk for a bit. Is that okay, Ellis?" She called back, not really
expecting an answer. Whatever it was, she was going to ignore it.
*Is there a cure among us*
*From this processed sanity?*
*I weaken with each voice that sings*
*In this world of purchase*
*I'm going to buy back memories*
*To awaken some old qualities*
*Have I got a long way to run?*
*Yeah, I run*

Toby pulled the finished speech out of his printer and looked at it
approvingly. He stepped past Sam's office and saw the younger man still
sprawled out on the couch. He clicked his tongue and moved on, moving briskly
through the hallways with a tune on the tip of his tongue. He didn't know
what it was and he honestly didn't care. It was seven thirty and he wanted to
go home. He turned a corner and slammed into a small person.
"Why does everyone keep doing that to me?" Rade exclaimed bitterly as she
got up and brushed off her dirty khakis. "Do I have a sign over my head that
says 'collide with me around a corner'? Forget about the secret service, I
need a walking stick to wave in front of me so people know I'm coming." She
muttered before looking up at him. She smiled weakly and waved. "Hi Mr.
Ziegler. You finish that speech?" She asked, slowly calming down.
"Yeah, I was just about to drop it off with your grandfather's secretary
and then hightail it away from this place." He replied.
"Lucky you." She muttered. "You couldn't by any chance take me with you,
could you?" She asked with a smirk.
"I don't think so, Miss Knox." He answered her with a weak smile. "I
thought you were at dinner with your family."
"I thought about it, but then it occured to me that it wouldn't be a very
good thing if tomorrow's headlines read 'Bartlet family killed by oldest
granddaughter over roast turkey,' you know what I mean?" Rade replied weakly.
"You're right. That would have made my job a lot harder." Toby admitted.
"I can't say I haven't wanted to do the same thing myself from time to time,
however." He added reassuringly.
"Thanks, but I'm sure your beef was extended to the President only. I've
got my parents to deal with too." Rade reminded him. He nodded.
"Okay. Point taken." He retorted. "If you'll excuse me."
"Of course. Wouldn't want to hold up your escape." Rade exclaimed and
moved out of his way. Toby started down the hall and then stopped. He looked
back to see Rade talking to her secret service agent and then looked towards
the Oval office, and then back again.
"Miss Knox." He called, walking back towards her. She looked at him and
smirked a little.

Eric kicked his shoes off and then looked at his beautiful wife as she
closed the curtains in their room. Their daughter didn't show up for dinner,
and no one was surprised. The way she'd been acting lately, Eric was actually
pleased. Things were a little uncomfortable at first, but the conversation
got started and soon it was as if they'd planned Rade's absence. Liz and
Zoey's sister wasn't going to arrive until the next day, if she arrived all
given some of the trouble she was going through with her small business in
New Hampshire. She was something of a workaholic, like her father, and didn't
believe in holidays, unlike her family.
But now Eric really didn't care about Liz's sister. He was concerned
about Rade. It was hard enough to have your father-in-law be the President of
the United States. It meant having to be careful what happens in your life so
that things don't go wrong for him. With Rade, it seemed she didn't care what
the consequences of her actions were. He sighed and lay backwards down on the
bed, just staring at the ceiling much the same way he'd found Rade earlier
that day.
"Sweetie, you need to relax. This is a vacation, not a political
campaign." Liz said softly as she sat down on the bed next to him. He sat up
and slipped his arms around her.
"I know. I just wish it wasn't such a struggle. I wish kids would just
say 'yes, daddy' and that's the end of it." He muttered. She smiled and moved
behind him to massage his shoulders. He groaned a little and relaxed into her.
"That would be way too easy, now wouldn't it?" Liz said softly as she
pressed into his taut muscles.
"Yes, but easy isn't always bad." He muttered. She laughed and got up,
causing him to whimper. "I liked that." He said with a puppy dog pout. She
laughed again and moved to press play on their stereo.
"Come dance with me, sexy." She murmured as she stood before him in her
silk white nightgown. He grinned and moved to dance with her, taking her in
his arms and swaying to the music.
*Something about the way you move*
*That caught my eye*
*I really did have to try it*
*I can't deny it*
*The way your body swings*
*As I watched you from behind*
*Got me so excited*
*How could I fight it?*
*Baby let me be the one to hold you*
*To give you the things I know you miss*
*You know that we could wait another lifetime*
*We could never find a love just like this*

"You know, I'm a little worried." Abbey exclaimed as she walked out of
the bathroom towards her husband. Jed looked at her in confusion. "About
Rade. She didn't come to dinner tonight and Eric really didn't seem to care.
Do you think they're having trouble?"
"Rade? Having trouble with someone? God forbid." Jed said dryly as he
pulled back the covers and then moved to take his wife in his arms. She
smiled at him as she slipped her arms around his neck and let him hold her.
"You really have to give that girl a break." She murmured as he kissed
her neck gently. "After all, we know she gets those genes from you." She
added. Jed looked her in the eye and grinned.
"You're asking for it, Dr. Bartlet." He whispered before kissing her
fiercely. To his joy, she kissed him back as he pulled her back towards the
*If you lay down
*Lay down beside me*
*You might wake up beside me*
*Forever and ever*

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