Okay. This is my very first fanfic, so please be gentle with me. I have added a 
character, like KD or Caitlin or Sammy, and this deals mostly with her, for the time 
being. It's the first part of what I hope to be a series, if everyone likes it. If anyone has 
suggestions for titles, please feel free to let me know. Here goes. 
Y'all know the drill - the West Wing regulars are all property of Aaron Sorkin and NBC, 
and I'm not out to make any profit or anything from it, just practicing my creative 
writing skills and having fun. 
One could tell the photograph was only a few years old. It had 
taken at
Candi's high school graduation party. Josh and Candi were sitting on 
swing on his
parents' front porch. Josh's arm was slung over Candi's shoulder, and 
was leaning
her head on Josh's shoulder. Both were happy, smiling. Candi looked 
next to the
much older Josh. She had graduated two years ahead of her classmates, 
because of
Josh's pushing Candi to use her full potential. He was an older 
brother to 
her, a surrogate
for the twin brothers she had lost as a young child, just as his 
became her parents. 
A few years before her graduation, there had some debate in the family 
as to 
whether or
not the Lymans should adopt Candi before she reached legal age. Josh 
arguing that doing so could almost be considered a sacrilege to her 
The Lymans had left the final decision to her, and after three days of 
pondering, she had
decided that Josh was right, and turned down his parents' offer.
As part of her birthday present the following year, Josh had had 
photo matted
and framed for her. In the card included with the picture, he had 
written "I 
forgotten you, Candi Cane. I'm only a phone call away. Love, Josh". 
He had 
been so
busy working that he hadn't talked to Candi in months. She cherished 
the photo and
the card, attaching the latter to the back of the former. Now, she was 
staring at the photo,
running her fingers across the glass covering it. She was unpacking, 
into her new
apartment, and had come upon the small box where she had packed away 
the name she had given to any items reminding her of the man who had 
dashing her hopes and dreams by denying her his blessing to go to the 
to do
research for a story. His opinion mattered so much to her, and him not 
approving of her
trip hurt her deeply, and she had let him know the last night she had 
to him, two
days before she had left.
Josh had taken time out of his busy schedule to meet her for a 
lunch. He
had already spoken to her on the phone, and she knew that all this 
get-together was going
to turn into was a disagreement, and he was going to try to talk her 
out of 
it for the five
millionth time. But she wanted to say goodbye.
"It's stupid, Candace," he said between bites of his favorite meal, 
meatballs, made from scratch by Candi. She had even added some 
on the
side. It was one of his favorite meals, and she was hoping it might 
help him 
change his
mind about not wanting her to leave. "You could stay here, go to 
Mom and Dad
are willing to send you to whatever college you choose, though you know 
partial to
Harvard or Yale, of course. You're way too young to be out there all 
out of touch
with civilization for what could turn out to be years."
"It's not going to take me years to do research for one story, 
Josh. And 
I'm not
ready for college. I really feel that going into the field is a better 
to learn than being
imprisoned on a college campus for four years," she said testily. The 
argument had
ensued for almost an hour, Candi matching Josh reason for reason. A 
times they
raised their voices, and Candi had lost her appetite early in the meal. 
Josh's opinion
mattered so much to her, yet this was so important to her and she 
wanted to 
go so bad. 
And he knew that. Yet he still fought against her.
After an hour, she knew it was going nowhere, and she was not going 
let Josh
take this opportunity away from her.
"Forget it, Josh. I'm going, and that's final," Candi said 
She started
gathering up the dishes and putting them in the picnic basket she had 
brought. Josh
helped her.
"Oh, please, Candi, you're not going to go. You'll change your 
mind as 
soon as
you hit the airport. I know you too well," Josh smiled. He was 
this argument. 
His smile and manner enraged her. They both stood up, and she yanked 
blanket up
off the ground from under him, almost causing him to fall.
"I have had it with you, Joshua. I'm going, whether you like it or 
screamed as she started to walk away. His smile had faded, and he 
after her,
stunned. This was the first time she had ever stood up to him. She 
then turned. 
She wasn't going to let this happen again. She turned around, glaring 
him. "And as
far as I'm concerned, you are dead to me. Don't call me, don't write 
don't ask your
mom how to reach me. If you can't support me and what I want to do 
with my 
life, I
don't ever want to see your face again, jerk." Then she marched off, 
looking back,
and never giving him a chance to change his mind, or Candi a chance to 




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