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belong to Aaron Sorkin and his wondrous co-workers. "The Best Thing" is
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NOTES: See Part 1
WARNING: This has Danny/CJ in it with tiny tiny traces of CJ/Toby that will
never ever go anywhere cause I really don't see it. I do however respect
other people's opinions and I thought I should warn those who despise the
SUMMARY: Two couples ponder the question of "Why can't we?" and come up with
different results.

DATE: June 9, 2000
TIME: 8:46 pm.
LOCATION: The West Wing, White House, Washington D.C.

CJ Cregg opened the door to her office and sighed. Sitting on her desk,
fingering the glass of her fish bowl, was Danny Concannon. She moved around
the desk without a word and sat down.
"Hi CJ." Danny exclaimed.
"Hi, fish boy." She muttered. "What do you want now?"
"You mean you don't know?" He teased.
"Danny, it's late. You should go home." She said simply.
"Okay. Give me a ride?" He asked.
"You don't have a car?" She asked in surprise.
"No, I do, but I'd prefer a ride from you." He said with a grin. She
rolled her eyes and tried not to laugh. "CJ?"
"Yes, Danny?"
"When are you going to go out with me?"
"I did go out with you, Danny." She pointed out.
"A long time ago. When are you going to go out with me again? Did you not
have a good time last time?" He asked. She paused.
"No, that's not it. It's just that..." She trailed off. Danny frowned.
"What?" He asked, being serious for one of the first times since she'd
known him. She sighed.
"Danny, we just can't do this." She murmured.
"Why can't we??" He asked with an incredulous grin.
"You're a reporter and I'm--" She started.
"Attractive." Danny interrupted. "And from what I hear, I am too." He
added playfully. "The offers are lining up, CJ."
"Danny, I'm sorry, but I can't." She whispered.
"You can't, or you won't? Won't take the chance? Won't accept the
happiness? CJ, you deserve so much more. Being the Press Secretary doesn't
mean you can't have a life, that you can't fall in love. People meet each
other in the workplace all the time and end up living long happy lives
together." Danny said enthusiastically.
CJ sighed. It hurt her to say no to him so many times, but she didn't see
any other way. She couldn't open herself up to him. This wasn't the time or
the place. She wanted to be with him, but the circumstances didn't prevail,
no matter how much sense he made. She took a deep breath.
"Danny, please listen to me. I know that you're attracted to me, and I
know that people meet all the time in the workplace and find romance there,
but I can't. I really can't. I can't just lose control like that--" She
"I'm not asking you to lose control. I'm asking you to go to dinner with
me." Danny interrupted.
"We can't!" CJ cried.
"Why can't we??" Danny retorted. Suddenly he calmed and looked at the
desk. "Listen, CJ, I don't want to pressure you into anything. If you want me
to leave you alone, I will. Just say the word right now, and I'll pull myself
away." He whispered. CJ stared at him. What could she say to him? Here was
her chance to tell him to leave her alone, once and for all. He was standing
here, promising to leaver her alone. Did she want that?
"No." CJ said softly. Danny looked up at her. "No, I don't want that,
Danny." She admitted to him and herself. She moved around the desk and leaned
against it, watching him carefully. "I'm just confused, Danny, and I'm
scared. I'm not used to feeling this way, even though I want to desperately.
I don't know how to react to all this, and the only thing I can think of is
to push you away. I want to be with you, I like being with you, but I don't
know how I can."
"I know how you can." He whispered as he reached up and took her face in
his hands. "Close your eyes, CJ." CJ took a deep breath and closed them. Then
she felt his lips slowly press against hers. He kissed her tentatively, but
then the kiss deepened. CJ found herself slipping her arms around him as he
moved one hand from her face to her waist. He pulled her closer, kissing her
deeply. CJ held him tightly and kissed him back, reciprocating move for move.
Finally, they pulled apart and leaned foreheads against each other.
"Is it that easy?" She whispered.
"Yes, it can be." Danny whispered back. "Come to dinner with me. A late
dinner, but a dinner?" He asked softly. CJ hesitated and closed her eyes. She
felt his breath moving slowly against her cheek, felt his heartbeat racing in
his chest which was pressed against hers.
"Yes." She whispered. "Just let me get my jacket." Danny nodded and let
go of her reluctantly as she moved away to get her jacket. Then they left
together, to spend an evening together and just forget about whether or not
it was right to be together.

Never want to fly
Never wanna leave
Never wanna say what you mean to me
Never want to run
Frightened to believe
You're the best thing all about me

TBC... .

Why Can't We? - 3



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