Part 9

As the hours wore on, the FBI was seemingly at a loss. No one had called requesting a ransom and Agent Forbes reported that no one had come forward to claim responsibility for the alleged kidnapping. Questioning the heads of the local white supremacist cells proved to be futile; they were all wishing they had made such a move and bragged about what they would have done if they had been responsible. All other leads dried up.

On Friday, Agent Forbes reported more bad news. The Atlanta office reported that Charlie’s grandparents were also missing and their house was in shambles. The local police had no leads and the only fingerprints found at the scene were those of the residents of the house.

This news sent Jed reeling and sent Zoey spiraling into a deep depression. She refused to eat and sleep only came by artificial means. Zoey had fought her mother against taking sedatives, but Abby finally put her foot down and insisted that Zoey sleep for a couple of hours. Abby hadn’t realized how deeply attached Zoey had become to Charlie. In many ways, Abby thought it was as deep as her connection to Jed.

Abby found she was less persuasive where Jed and Leo were concerned. Jed only catnapped and Leo wouldn’t leave the White House. Jed refused to leave his office except to check on Zoey. Zoey wouldn’t leave her room except to hang out in the Oval Office. The rest of the senior staff wisely kept their distance, coming only when summoned; they knew their concerns and fears would only add to the burden that their President and Chief of Staff were bearing.

As grand master of this delicate game of protecting the sanity of the people she loved, Abby knew she was slowly losing her battle. When she found herself alone, she silently prayed for some good news - any news - that would bring an end to this saga. The waiting was too much; her family was crumbling right in front of her eyes.



If Anything Ever Happened To You - 10




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